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10 Benefits of Using Tubular Inverter Battery for Home Use and More

Posted by Sumit Goyal on

If you are browsing the market for a good battery for your inverter, or what inverter to go with depending on the battery, then Tubular Batteries might be just the thing you need. They are called ‘Tubular’ because the chemical compounds used in the battery are sealed in polyester tubes. This opens up a range of benefits that one can receive by using a Tubular Battery for their inverters at home or when getting a new one. These benefits are more than enough to persuade anyone to give up buying the cheaper but lower quality batteries of different variants from the market.

Here are 10 Great Benefits that you can get by using Tubular Battery for Inverter back Home:

  1. The way the Tubular battery is designed, the polyester tubes leads to highly reduced amounts of corrosion and shedding of the plate. As a result, these batteries have a longer average life than other inverter batteries.
  2. It is due to this design and that the polyester tubes are on the battery plate’s surface, they can operate at extreme temperatures. This means that high temperatures won’t affect or harm them in any way.
  3. Due to such properties, one would find that using them as inverter battery for home, they can be used during long periods of load shedding. They can withstand high loads without faltering or failing.
  4. You would not need to maintain the battery as much as other average batteries. This is because of the fact that a tubular battery loses very low amounts of water and you don’t have to periodically fill them up.
  5. In case you use all kinds of high-end technology and devices at home, there is no better battery for it than the Tubular variant. This is because it can handle high-cyclic devices and applications easily.
  6. A tubular battery charges much faster as compared to the normal variant. This is due to the way tubular batteries are structured, and how it stores energy in the tube’s compound.
  7. A high pressure ‘HADI’ casting method makes it so that the spine of the battery is long-lasting. This also prolongs the life of the battery even if it is roughly used for long periods of time.
  8. It has a long life expectancy of around 5 to 7 years though some brands like Luminous offer a longer guarantee. These, as opposed to 3 year guarantee batteries that are not a tubular battery for inverter.
  9. Any person can use tubular batteries, in any environment or place because it can adapt to usage in any place, from high-demanding houses to low-demanding apartments.
  10. A high cyclic life means more use in otherwise inoperable conditions as compared to normal, flat-plate batteries.

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Though Tubular batteries costs slightly more than the average inverter batteries, their vast number of benefits such as these make up for the price. You can say that the price is justified for these reasons, and start using them as inverter battery for home use and more.  

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