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Effectual Tips to Increase Life of Inverter Battery

Posted by Sumit Goyal on

When it comes to the inverter, batter plays a vital role in the performance of inverter. Since the backup of the inverter depends on the health of the battery, therefore, it is crucial to take care of the battery. But do you know how to take care of battery or how to increase the lifespan of battery? Nobody wants to compromise with the battery especially if your area faces long power cuts. Follow the right and effectual tips that would enhance the lifespan of a battery. Make sure to maintain the batteries on a regular basis to keep it protected and effective for a long period of time. Read this blog to learn the effectual tips to increase the life of inverter battery.

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Following are some of the effectual tips for increasing the life of inverter battery:

i) Checking its water level:

It is really essential to check the water level in a battery after every two months. Make sure that the water level remains maintained in the battery. Whenever you find the water level below the limit, make sure to fill the water level in the battery using distilled water. Many people prefer using rain water, but using rain water can affect the performance as well as the life of the battery. So, remember to make use of only distilled water in the battery.

ii) Install inverter in a well-ventilated area:

Since the inverter battery is likely to get heated up during charging and operation, therefore, make sure to install the inverter in a well-ventilated area. Keeping an inverter and its battery in an airy space could reduce the problem of heated up battery. Doing so would also reduce the need for water topping again and again.

iii) Rust and corrosion free battery terminals:

If the terminals of the inverter battery are corroded, then pouring baking soda and hot water can help in recovering the corrosive area. Make sure to make use of a tooth brush for applying this mixture to the corrosive area. Once you find that the terminals are free from corrosion, either apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly to terminals so as to keep it protected from further corrosion. There is a need to take care of the rusting and corrosion because it can lower down the speed of charging of a battery thereby reducing the battery life.

iv) Use battery on a regular basis:

No matter whether the power cut occurs or not, make sure to use the battery on the regular basis. For example, if the power cut does not occur, you have to discharge the battery every month and charge it again to keep it maintained.

Don’t forget to follow the effectual tips discussed above for increasing and maintaining the life of inverter battery. Get the best-priced inverter batteries at Luminous Eshop that comes with the efficient Luminous Inverter Battery Installation Guide.

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