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5 Important Things To Consider Before Purchasing LED For Homes

Posted by Sumit Goyal on

Today, it’s really good to install LED lights at your home due to several benefits that come along with the light. Their durability and impressive lifespan are something that allures everyone. Moreover, the lights require very less voltage to work.  Led technology has made a significant place in every household. But, do you know what are things should be considered while buying LED lights? Here are some guidelines to help you buy LED for homes:

1. Look for Lumens instead of watts

LED glow on very less voltage and also comes in low watt. People often look for watts when buying LED which is completely wrong. LED lights are very different from the incandescent bulbs and hence while buying LED bulbs one should not look for the Watts. Instead, we recommend you to look for lumens.  Lumens are the factor that helps you to know the brightness of the lights and not the watts. For example, 450 lumens LED bulb offers the brightness of the 40-watt incandescent bulb, 800 lumen offers a brightness of 80 watts’ incandescent bulb.

2. LED bulbs are costlier than incandescent upfront

Though LED bulbs are costlier at upfront they are quite durable and long lasting, unlike incandescent bulbs. This feature of LED makes them cheaper than incandescent bulb that often blows up. Hence, while buying LED lights, be sure you will have to pay a little more for LED bulb price. If the LED bulb is cheap then the quality of LED might be meagre.

3. Choose the right colour

While buying LED for home its essential to choose the right light colour depending on the requirement. If using LED lights for decoration purpose you can use the colourful LED bulbs but if you are looking for illuminating your room, it’s recommended to use white Led light. Some white colours available in LED are warm white, bright white, and soft white. Warm white and soft white gives a yellow colour light just like the incandescent bulb. LED bulbs come in various shape and sizes and fulfil your decoration motto also. But first, it’s essential to understand the colour requirement according to the purpose.

4. Consider the Light Fixtures for LED

It’s popular about LEDs that they are cooler as compared to the incandescent bulbs. But it’s not that LEDs doesn’t generate heat. LED bulbs do not get heated because the heat generated by the bulb is pulled back at the base of the bulb. From the base, the heat is dissipated to the air and these ways the LED doesn’t get warm and stays cool. This helps in maintaining the long life of the LED bulbs. Hence, ensure that you fix LED bulbs at places where the holder is approved to hold LED bulbs. Else, the holder may get damage.

5. Find out non-dimmable LED

The Led for homes are not always compatible with incandescent dimming switches. There is not the direct relation between an LED bulb power and the brightness of LED bulb and so you may require a different dimmer for the LED lights that are compatible.  When shopping for LED lights is good to know the kind of switch that you have at your home. But in case you are not sure you can order LED lights that are compatible with incandescent dimmers online. There are good and well-known companies offering high quality LED lights compatible with traditional dimmers. 

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These were some points that you must consider before going to buy Led light for the home. The points will certainly help you to buy the best and most suitable Led bulb for your residential purpose.

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