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10 Car Battery Myths You Probably Don’t Know

Posted by Vikram Singh on

What is Car Battery?

Car battery

A car’s battery is a rechargeable battery that supplies electricity to motor vehicles. People know the importance of battery in a car but, there are several myths and assumptions related to a battery.  A proper and true information about the battery of a car will help you to maintain the car and its battery performance. Let us find out 10 popular myths about a car battery.


1. Maintenance free car’s battery doesn't demand maintenance

Maintenance free means that you don’t have to refill your battery with fluid or any kind of electrolyte. It’s always recommended to check any kind of damage, wear and tear in the battery.

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2. Car batteries last longer in warm climates

It's not true. During the hot or warm season, a car’s battery gets drained soon because of the loss of water and heat distortion. Luminous battery comes with a heat shield that offers good performance to the car battery during summer or in the warm climate.

3. it’s a good idea to disconnect the battery when not in operation

The modern vehicle does not perform well when they are deprived of the power supply. So never disconnect the battery of your car. It’s recommended to buy a high-quality charger to charge your car’s battery rather than disconnecting it.

4. Turn on your headlight to warm up your car battery

To warm up the battery by turning on the headlight is not a good idea. It consumes a lot of valuable energy that can help to start the engine. It’s recommended to use battery warmers or blankets.

5. Batteries have a set lifespan

The battery’s life depends on the usage of the car, climate and other factors.

6. Calcium batteries are not suitable for old cars

All battery manufacturer excluding Luminous, create calcium battery and they claim a longer battery and shelf life.

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7. Use hydrometer to test maintenance-free battery

This is also a myth and the only way to test a maintenance free battery is by hydrometer.

8. If by mistake you have left the car light on and your battery has got flat, drive to charge.

This is a very popular myth among car owners. Well, this is wrong and you must charge your car’s battery with a battery charger before driving.

9. My car will get damaged by large capacity battery

It’s completely a myth and you are not going to harm your car at all by installing a large capacity battery. Rather, a battery that provides too large voltage or too low voltage damages the car.

10. Bad batteries don’t affect the charger

This is a myth that a car battery charger doesn't get affected when we charge a bad battery. Instead, it can cause a premature failure to the whole battery charging system.

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