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Get to Know About the Inverter and Its Uses

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The growth of Indian inverter market is considered as a slow but steady growing industry. One of the prime reasons being the constant and often power cuts and the decreasing tolerance towards it among people. The growing awareness among people to prevent any damage of their electronic equipment’s from such voltage fluctuations also contributes to the growth of the market. The inverter market is highly fragmented in India and the dominating players are luminous power, mictrotek international and a few other major market playersas they offer a wide range of inverter systems.

Inverter in Bangalore

Bangalore being the fifth most populous city in India, it is also one of the fastest growing metropolises. This attributes to the high demand of inverters resulting in the fast growth of inverter market in the city, one such market player called ABB which is the current market leader of solar invertors in the city whosenew product line has over 200 MV of orders. This being said there is also a drastic increase in the percentage of the inverter dealers and marketers in Bangalore going towards their downfall with the increasing trend of technology moving towards solar.

Inverter in Hyderabad

Bangalore having hogged rising up the spotlight the last few years, Hyderabad has been working towards building a stronger foundation. The market of residential solar invertors in Hyderabad has been increasing due to the rising population and increasing power deficit and people’s income.It is also believed that Hyderabad would give Bangalore a tough completion in the near future.There is also a rising financial support from the government in form of subsidies. Also the inverter manufacturers, distributers, importers and stakeholders are supposedly aligning market strategies according to the expected trends in the future.

Inverter Battery in Mumbai

The government having promised 24*7 power supply for all, the invertor industry estimates five million invertors and 12 MN batteries annually according to statistics. Mumbai being one of the major cities in the country, power supply is not a problem but accessibility is. Hence power storage is emerging as a major business in the city and the demand for invertor batteries in Mumbai is at a point of constant growth one major addition being the solar storage. Also with increasing brand consciousness unregulated market of local batteries has fallen significantly in the recent years.

Inverter Battery in Pune

Over the past years the market of invertor and invertor batteries has increased in Pune due to high demand. Especially Exide being the top player in the industry in recently.The increasing share of established players is sighted as one of the major reasons. This is due to the implementation of goods and service tax as it turns out to be beneficial to the established firms as it is said to reduce the discounts given by unorganized players.

This being said despite a power starved market in India, the invertor market has failed to live up to growth expectations in the recent year despite being relatively stable.Hence there is a need to look out for new trends in advanced electronics as this would help the industry to have a different and futuristic perspective.

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