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How to Buy Inverter

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How to Buy Inverter

Most apartments, bungalows, large houses, offices and commercial places have their own diesel generators to supply electricity even in a blackout and in frequent power cuts – that are very common in India. This source of power supply is limited and you may leave in the dark during load shedding. Living in a building with a power backup can be costly. You need something that should be affordable, silent and can keep power supply uninterrupted. Here, the importance of Luminous Inverters comes on the top. It I a battery system storing electricity from your mains and powers your house at the time of failure and frequent power cuts.

Bid Goodbye to Unexpected Power Cuts – Buy Luminous Inverters Online

At the time of power cuts, you need a system that can ensure uninterrupted power supply. However, calculating the load is also essential. For standard uses, here is a list to consider:

  • Fan – 90W, Tube light – 50W, CFL – 25 W and TV 150W
  • Set top box – 25 W, Desktop PC – 150 W, Laptop – 50W and Wi-Fi Router – 5W
  • Cooler – 300W, Mixer – 300W and Induction Cooker – 1500W

Here, you need to shut down certain devices and use those who are in need. An Inverter can keep power supply continue from a few minutes to hours or it can provide you sufficient time to wait for directly supply from mains line. Placing your order for Luminous inverters and battery packs or combo pack online at Luminous E-Shop is the right way of dealing with power cuts, sags, spikes and all power related problems.

Luminous Inverters – Which One Is the Best?

Luminous E-Shop has been bringing you two types of inverters that include Square wave and Sine wave. Sine wave is the latest technology product which does not create any humming noise and gives better performance. Sine wave are counted as ideal as they are closest to the output of your mains. Square wave is the simple one that is best suited only for low sensitivity applications that include lights and fans. Sine wave inverter is ideal to run PC, TV and similar other devices.

Available models of Inverters include, but not limited to:

  • Luminous Eco-Watt 850 Home UPS and Luminous Eco-Volt 1050 Sine Wave Home UPS
  • Luminous Zelio 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS and Luminous Shakti Charge 1400 Home UPS
  • Luminous Eco Watt 1650 Home UPS and Luminous Rapid 1650 Home UPS
  • Luminous Zelio 177 Sine Wave Home UPS and Luminous Cruze 2KVA Sine Wave Home UPS

With the help of these inverters, it has now become easy to switch on your television, air conditioners and refrigerators during power cuts without a second thought with the help of these inverters.

Luminous E-Shops – Bringing You a New Range of Inverters

We have a variety of inverters for your power supply needs that you can purchase according to your requirement and budget. You need not go anywhere as you can buy inverters online and get them delivered at your given address anywhere in India.

What Makes Luminous E-Shop a Trusted Store for Inverters Online?

Luminous E-Shop is run as authorized online distributor of this reputed inverter brand that has carved a special niche in the market. We bring you a variety of models at competitive prices – prices that are even half of the retail price. Home delivery, manufacturer’s warranty, easy replacement and return policy, precise user-guide, maintenance support, etc are some of the added services provided to you.

What We Offer?

We are available 24X7 for better support so that you can fulfill your requirement for the best inverter for uninterrupted power supply and for battery packs, fans and various accessories. We believe in making a relationship with clients so that we can get our name recommended to others for inverters and battery packs.

Flexible Payment Modes and Safe On-Time Delivery

We accept various payment modes; while delivery to your given address anywhere in India is secure on-time. Please go through our collection of inverters, choose the best one and place your order with huge savings on them.

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