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How to Buy Inverter and Battery with Installations?

Posted by Sonu Rajpoot on

Popular Inverter and Battery

The best and the easiest way to buy the inverter with battery along with installation are through Luminous eShop. Luminous eShop is a direct dealer which provides all the details of the product along with installation at a very minimal cost. Before installing the product purchased the electrical fitting required to set up the product has to be done at the customer end by the local electrician. After purchasing the product online with eShop the customer has to inform on the toll free number provided and the concerned service engineer will come and install the product as early as possible. For example, if a customer has bought UPS for Computer from Luminous eShop then he (customer) has to call and inform on the toll free number provided. The service engineer will come and will install the product. Be it any product large or small, UPS for Home the concerned service engineer will come and will do the installation.    

Buying Inverter with battery with installation from other web sources

There are number of resources available online to buy the inverter with battery with installation online. Select the best suitable option and the product will be delivered within 6-7 working days and further 2-3 days will be taken by the service engineer to install the product. Every website has its own terms and conditions which has to be followed by the customers. There are some web portals which give free installation with the product with which the terms and conditions of the product will be mentioned. Be it any platform the respective engineer will come at the door steps only when the company will be informed about the product details.

Some products like UPS battery used for the products which does not require any doorstep assistance that installation are provided on the telephonic conversation. The toll free numbers of the respective extension are given at the time of purchase, the customers just have to give a call and the assistance with a detailed step will be given on call.   

The only difference with the high range products like solar panels is that it requires a high end expertise for which specialized engineers are appointed and given the duty to install the product. These are a bit expensive service which has to be given from customer end.

The customer service executives are appointed and they have all the information regarding the product which can be solved either telephonically or at the door step as required by the customer.

The customers who have bought extra Battery Backup to support the available battery if unable to fit by the local electrician can call the 24*7 assistance and the service will be given with minimal charges. Luminous eShop provide 24*7 assistance to its customer and solve their problems at the earliest.

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