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How to Calculate Inverter Capacity for Your Home

Posted by Sumit Goyal on

The electricity requirement differs from one place to another. Several factors like power cut, usage of appliances etc. affects the power requirement of an inverter. Offices usually require high power inverters. On the other hand, the requirement in the family depends on the lifestyle of family members and usage of the appliances. A nuclear family may require high power inverter because of the usage of heavy appliances and a large family may discover low power inverter as the best inverter for home.

But, it is always recommended to calculate your electrical power requirement before buying an inverter. No matter you are buying the inverter for your office or for your home.
We will learn to calculate inverter capacity further. First, let us learn some basic terms and their definition. It will help you to understand the logic of calculating the inverter capacity.


  1. Inverter: An appliance that converts direct current into alternate current
  2. Battery: A container that contains more than one cell. A battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy. The electrical energy is then used as power source.
  3. AC: AC is called as Alternating current. This type of current forms when the charge carriers of conductor or semiconductors are periodically reversed. All the home appliances require AC to work properly.
  4. DC: DC is also known as Direct current. These current flows in one direction only. The battery is a good example of DC current supply.
  5. Watt: Watt is the Standard unit of power.
  6. Ampere: Ampere is the unit of electric current. One ampere is one coulomb of charge going to a given point in one second.

Calculate your power requirement:

Follow the steps below to calculate inverter capacity required and get the best inverter for home and office:

  1. Sort out the appliances that you want to keep running when there is no electricity.
  2. Calculate the volt-ampere rating of the inverter. No inverter is ideal so no inverter can provide 100% power efficiency to your appliances. Hence we need to calculate the VA of an inverter.

The power factor of most of the inverter varies from 0.6 to 0.8. It is always recommended to buy an inverter that has more VA rating than you require.

  1. Calculating the battery rating is also very important. The life and performance of inverter greatly vary on the quality of the battery. To calculate the battery capacity following the formula below:

Battery capacity = Power requirement (Watts) X hours needed for backup/ battery voltage (in volts)

The above mentioned simple calculations will help you to select the best inverter for your requirement. If the above calculation looks tricky then you can use online Power calculator and find out the requirement.

From where do I buy a suitable inverter for my home?

These days buying and selling things have become very easy. Today, anything from utensils for the kitchen to the furniture for your living room in just a click away. You don’t have to visit one shop to another to buy anything. Similarly, inverters are also available online. The best thing about inverters being sold online is that you can go through different models of the inverters without moving. Compare one inverter model with another. Sit, relax and figure out your requirement. Take time to think and once you are ready, place your order online. You don’t have to worry about the loading and unloading of the heavy inverter battery and the inverter itself. Ordering inverter online is very simple and hassle-free. In case of any query you can contact them by calling on the contact number provider or just by dropping an email.

How to take care of your inverter and battery

  • Make sure you have bought the inverter trolley along with the battery and inverter set
  • Do not keep the inverter where it may come in direct contact with sun and rain
  • Keep on checking the water level of your battery in every two months
  • Keep the bill and warranty card at a secure place
  • Before purchasing the inverter calculate the power consumption of your home
  • Calculate the VA of inverter and power of the battery according to the power consumption
  • Its good if you keep the inverter set (battery and the inverter) near window and socket
  • Do not keep the inverter in reach of children

Inverters are the saviour for people who live in areas where power cuts are frequent. All inverters are not suitable for everyone. To buy the perfect inverter that fulfils requirement one must always calculate the volt-ampere rating and battery capacity required.

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