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How to check luminous 150 Ah and Luminous 220 Ah battery price online?

Posted by Abhishek Singh on

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There are number of ways to check each and every detail about the Luminous 150Ah and Luminous 220Ah battery along with their technical specification and price. The heap of website will give the information about the luminous inverter battery and will also compare their cost. The same can also be done on luminous eShop website which has all the details about its products along with the price.

Checking on Luminous eShop

 Let us say, if we search for luminous 150Ah battery and its specification. We have number of options to do it. First we will search on the luminous eShop. The website has every detail about its product so you can select the option given on the extreme left and the result will be shown within fraction of seconds. A grid of items will be shown; select one option of 150Ah battery and a separate page will be shown for it which will include the image of the battery along with the technical specification and the other details about the product. The same procedure can be repeated with other products. Now, if the customer wants to compare the luminous battery price for 150Ah battery and 220Ah battery, it can also be done repeating the same procedure just select the option to be compared check the details easily.   

The Luminous eShop compare option given at the bottom of every product which has to be clicked. At a time only 4 items will be compared with technical specification and price to give the customer an idea and to make it easy for them to decide which the best option available is.

Checking on other Websites:

Whereas on the other websites, the procedure for searching 150Ah and 220Ah battery model is same as that of eShop but there is slight difference in the look of the website as other website also have number of other products, so it is bit tedious to search on the other websites. Also there are limited number of models for 150Ah and 220Ah battery available from which the customer can compare the technical details and price.

Luminous eShop is the best place to shop online and get the full details about the product with its price comparative analysis. Luminous eShop give special offers for its customers.

For the comfort of the customers, eShop has given an online payment option with which the payments can be done electronically or for some items the cash on delivery option is also made available.

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