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How to Choose the Right Type of Solar Panel and Inverters for Your Home?

Posted by Abhishek Singh on

Power supply conditions in India is not good and often we find ourselves dealing with a power cut. On an average, a power cut lasts for 2 to 4 hours in some cities of India but many cities in India deals with 8 to 7 hours of power cut. Installing inverter can save a person from suffering from power cuts but it also increases the monthly electricity bill. Installing solar panels are an alternative to get electricity at a cheap price.  Let’s find what kind of solar inverters are good for our home requirement.

Definition of Solar Panels:

Solar panels are a setup that converts the sunlight into electricity. Sunlight contains various energy particles known as “Photons”. These panels are also called photovoltaic cells.

Definition of Solar Inverters:

Solar inverters are a type of D.C current converter that coverts Direct Current (D.C) generated through solar panels or the photovoltaic cells into Alternate current (A.C). Along with converting current from one form to another, it also provides advanced utility control, data monitoring etc.

How to choose the right type of Solar Inverters and solar panels

Solar Panel and Inverters

To choose the right type of solar inverter first we need to understand the types of solar inverter available in the market.

There are 3 types of solar inverter depending on the functioning of the inverter.

  1. Grid Tie Solar Inverters are those inverters that match with the utility supply and consists of a special circuit. The circuit is built making in mind that voltage and frequency of the grid are matched. The circuit is automatically disconnected in the absence of grid resulting shut down of the inverter. ‘
  2. The second one is the standalone inverter which is used in isolated space. The battery is charged with the solar panels and there is no interfaced with the utility grid.
  3. The third kind of solar inverter is the battery backup inverters. These inverters use current from the battery and converts into A.C. The excess energy is given back to the grid.

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To purchase the best solar inverter as per your home requirement one needs to consider the points mentioned below:

  • Purchase the solar inverter only after checking the safety certification
  • Check the power of the inverter. Make sure the inverter is able to provide sufficient power required by the home
  • It is practically not possible to get 100 percent efficiency from an inverter. Hence, always buy an inverter that provides more power than the requirement of the home.
  • To run sophisticated appliances always buy a sine wave inverter. Sine wave inverter reduces the heating and increases the longevity of the inverter.
  • A solar inverter must be protected from heavy load demand, lightning surge and many other things. Solar inverters have a sensor that detects and shuts down automatically in case of any problem.

To purchase right kind of Solar panels consider the points below

  • Go through the solar panel certification and find if the solar panel has gone through safety test or not.
  • Check the warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Decide the type of solar panel according to the roof size of your home.


Solar panels and solar inverters are a good source of power and adequately cut downs your home electricity bills.

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