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How to select best exhaust fan online for kitchen and bathroom

Posted by Sonu Rajpoot on

Exhaust Fans for Kitchen and bathroom

To maintain the best of health, the proper circulation of air is necessary in the house. A clean and fresh air will keep the negative energy away. Proper ventilation in the house is a must in the house which keeps the bad odor, impurities, and other harmful gases away. So, to solve these bunches of problems a perfect ventilation instrument is required which is Exhaust fan. It takes away the bad odor, foul smell, bad gases away and keeps the environment safe and health to breathe.

There are number of options available online which creates havoc in mind which one to select and which one is better? So following are some points which can be helpful in selecting the best option for the kitchen and bathroom.

  1. Body of the fan: Two types of fan are available in the market
  2. Plastic body.
  3. Metal body.

Plastic body fans are best for mounted on the window also known as exhaust fan for bathroom, whereas the metal body fan are mainly Ventilation Fan to extract all the dirt and bad odor from a big room. Metal body fans are also called as Kitchen exhaust fan.

  1. Power consumption: Select the best option available which will consume less amount of electricity and lower the power consumption.
  2. Capacity: From capacity we mean the amount of air blow out of the house especially from Kitchen and Bathroom.  The capacity of the fan is measured in CMH(cubic meter per hour).
  3. Size: The size of the fan is measured in inches or mm. It is measured from the diameter of the blades. Let say if the diameter is 100mm then it is 4” (4 inches).
  4. Design:  The plastic body fans have an automatic shutter which keeps the bugs and mosquitos away.

The cost of the fan is decided as per the above mentioned points which decides how flexible the exhaust fan is and how powerfully it will work.

Number of options are available online but to buy directly from a dealer website is the best choice as they will give you the assurance of the product with the warranty and guarantee.

Exhaust fans are the most important part of the house which keeps the air healthy. The range of the exhaust fans start usually from 100mm to 250mm which can be selected as per the area of the kitchen and bathroom. Fans which are less noisy and are able to take off maximum amount of air out are best one which reduces moisture, and helps in decreasing the level of humidity in the house.

 With the change in design new type of exhaust fans are available in the market which has an automatic shutter facility fitted to it which keeps the bugs and mosquitos away and blocks the passage for them. Select the best possible option and feel the difference.   

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