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How to select exhaust fan for kitchen and bathroom ?

Posted by Sonu Rajpoot on

Exhaust Fans

Clear out the smoke and the moisture from kitchen and bathroom with exhaust fan. It is an important part of the house ventilation system which clears out the harmful air. Right ventilation keeps the bad odor, harmful gases, and impurity away from house. Nobody likes to sit or inhale bad odor, fumes and other harmful gases which are present in the air. So, Luminous has introduced an amazing range of exhaust fans to the house a perfect solution from the unwanted air.

Important Features of Exhaust Fan

 There are certain important factors which should be considered before shopping online, that will clear the doubts and will give the perfect information about the product.

  • Air transmission: It is the amount of air which an exhaust fan will take out of the kitchen of bathroom which is measured in CMH ie., cubic meter per hour. Exhaust fan with higher CMH will take off all the bad fumes very fast whereas the lower the CMH those fans are not meant to be used in such places.
  • Power Usage: Lower power consumption lower electricity bill. Fans which are energy efficient consume less amount of electricity.
  • Body build: There are two categories of fans that are available online
  1. Plastic body.
  2. Metal body.
  • Design: The plastic body exhaust fans have a shutter attached with it which keeps the flies, mosquitoes away from entering the house.
  • Size: The size of the fan is measured in mm or inches. The size of the fan is the diameter of blades.

These are some of the important points while shopping online should be considered to buy the best fan at affordable rates.

Shop Exhaust fan for Kitchen

The exhaust fan for kitchen is small but is best functional appliance which maintains the perfect air quality. Cooking in the kitchen with smoke is very difficult and harmful so these small size exhaust fan take away the harmful gas and fumes to maintain the best air quality. Exhaust fan are meant to be installed in the air where there is an opening from where they can blow out the harmful gases. The irritating heat with fumes is blown out of the window with this amazing exhaust fan.

Shop online Exhaust fan for Bathroom

Exhaust fans are meant for blowing out the bad odor and the moisture out of the window. The plastic body exhaust fans have special duct shutters which are meant to keep the mosquitoes and flies away from entering inside the room. These special fans blow out the bad odor and protect the wall from moisture.

Number of options are available online to select the best is a mess. So, luminous eShop has made it easier for everyone. A wide range of exhaust fan with different color, size and body are available on luminous eShop website. Luminous eShop is a one stop shop where everything is available at reasonable rates and best quality product.

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  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning often referred to as (hood and duct cleaning) is required by law for all commercial cooking establishments such as restaurants,hospitals, hotels, employee cafeterias and any food-service locations that have a commercial kitchen exhaust (hood and ductwork) over their cooking equipment to exhaust smoke, grease-laden vapors and fumes out of the building.

    Dan Panoiu on

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