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How to Install High Power Inverter System At Home

Posted by Vikram Singh on

No one can deny the comfort which an inverter provides when there is a power cut. Inverter acts as a real savior when there is darkness around and your kids have a deadline for their homework or you are working on something urgent official work. For those who are planning to buy an inverter, there are two basic things that you must consider.

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The first thing is to purchase a really powerful battery that does not require refilling of water every month and acts as a strong backup. Secondly, know well on how to install the inverter on our own.

Here we will talk about the simple process required in installing the home inverter. These are simple and easy steps that will help you to install the inverter and understand the safe and secure way to install the high power inverter for home.

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Home Inverter Installations

Follow these simple steps to installation the high power inverter at home.

1. Choose a perfect Location

Before assembling the inverter units first decide the location where you will be keeping your inverter and battery. Once you have kept the battery, it will be a difficult task to move. The battery is the heaviest part of an inverter unit. So, make sure the place that you have selected is apt and you will not require further shuffling of the inverter unit. Else it may be full of a hassle for you. A thing that you must take care of while placing the inverter and the battery is that the inverter or the battery doesn’t come in direct contact with rain or sun. The inverter should be at an open place and not in a closed place so that the energy ad heat released gets dispersed in the air. 

2. Battery of the inverter

The battery is the power generator of the unit that provides power to the home. Hence, it’s an important thing that helps the inverter to perform well. The battery of the inverter must be of high power that fulfils the home requirements.  A high power inverter usually takes a high power battery to run smoothly without any hassle.

3. Decide the charging system

A proper charging system ensures that the battery is completely charged and gives the best performance. Hence, it’s important to decide a good charging system for your battery that offers the perfect charging to the battery.

4. Mounting of inverter

An inverter can be mounted on a horizontal surface or on any horizontal surface. Mounting the inverter at perfect place has its own benefits. A properly mounted inverter at a proper place doesn’t give your home a bad look. Ensure that you don’t mount the inverter at high vibration surface or near the ceiling of any compartment.

5. Battery and cable connectivity

To get the maximum amount of usable electricity a wire with low resistance is required because of low current and high voltage input. On the other hand, if the wire will have a high resistance, your inverter’s electricity generation will be consumed by the wire and only little electricity will be sent to the appliances lowering the inverter performance.

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These were some tips using which you can smoothly install inverter at your home. If you are looking to buy the best inverter for your house you can browse some top inverter manufacturing shops that are also offering inverter sale online. You can compare the inverters and calculate the power requirement of your home before buying the inverters online. Inverter online shop has made it easier for people to make a purchase of inverters and now inverters and batteries are just a click away.

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