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Inverter That Can Run Air Conditioner

Posted by Sumit Goyal on

Power cuts are a common thing these days. Some cities have scheduled power cuts while others sometimes face unscheduled power cuts. Storms, rain etc. are some reasons for unscheduled power cuts. Whatever the reason may be, power cuts are always disturbing. To overcome these power failures power inverters are made. Depending on your electricity requirement you can install inverters at your home or at your office.

Meaning of an Inverter

The literal meaning of inverter means an apparatus that converts the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).  DC is created by the devices like batteries and solar panels. The inverter is connected to these devices. The inverter converts the DC into AC that is suitable for our household appliances.

What are the types of inverters?

There are majorly two types of inverters:

  1. Pure sine wave inverters

Pure sine wave inverters use the AC voltage and are good for all your sensitive appliances

  1. Modified sine wave inverters

Modified sine wave inverters are all-purpose inverter and are used for daily household appliances.

List of 3 Best Inverters That Can Run Air Conditioners

These 3 luminous inverters of Cruze series are the best inverter for ac. These inverters will surely save you from the heating summers.

  1. Cruze 5.2 KVA + RC 18000 150 Ah - 36* months warranty Battery

Cruze 5.2 KVA is a sine wave inverter with 35 Kg weight. The operating voltage required to run this inverter is 100 V to 290 V. It takes 10 – 12 hours to get fully charged. With this inverter, you can run an A.C of up to 2 tons, along with a double door refrigerator, ceiling fan, desktop, and multiple lights at one time.  The inverter comes with an on-site replacement warranty of 36 months.

Inverter Price: Rs. 111,000 Only

  1. Cruze 7.5 KVA + RC 18000 150 Ah - 36* months warranty Battery

Cruze 7.5 KVA is a powerful inverter to run ac of up to 2 tons and keep you cool in the scorching summers. The inverter weights 80 Kg. It needs operating voltage of 100 V to 290 V. the battery of this inverter gets fully charged in 10 to 12 hours. When power cuts you can run an A.C of 2 tons, ceiling fans, multiple lights, and a double door refrigerator together. The inverter comes with 36 months onsite replacement warranty. This inverter is best to run all your sensitive appliances. It also allows you to run your water pump too that solves the problem of water shortage when there is a power cut.

Price: Rs. 185,000 Only

  1. Cruze 10 KVA + RC 18000 150 Ah - 36* months warranty Battery

This inverter in the series of Cruze is another powerful and safe inverter that holds the capacity to run 2 Ton A.C, ceiling fans, multiple lights, refrigerator, desktop and a double door refrigerator altogether. The standard backup for this inverter is 6 to 8 hours. All your sensitive appliances are safe with this inverter. It also comes with 36 months onsite replacement warranty.

Price: Rs. 270,000 Only

Tips for buying Inverters

 To buy the right inverter that fulfils your purpose you need to follow some tips:

  • First of all, calculate all your power requirements
  • Know and buy a suitable battery required for your inverter
  • Check the volt-ampere rating of the inverters. Checking VA is more important than power. Generally, the appliances require more VA than the power requirements in watts.
  • Check the warranty of the inverter. The higher the warranty the longer life your inverter will have.
  • Check the battery plate type. The flat plate is suitable for areas where there are low power cuts and tubular plate are suitable for places that have a high power cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know which inverter to buy?

Calculate the total hours of power cut in your area. Now calculate what your basic electricity requirement is when there is no current. You can calculate electricity requirement by adding the watts of all the appliances you use when there is no electricity. Look for the inverters that fulfil your power requirement. You should buy an inverter that supplies more power than your require.

How do I take care of my inverter battery?

 To take care of your inverter battery follow the tips below:

  1. Always keep sides of the battery clean
  2. Keep checking the water level of the battery every two months
  3. Use only distilled water in your inverter battery
  4. Keep the terminal of the battery corrosion free
  5. Replace your battery if damaged or dead

Inverters when bought according to your required power can be your real saviour in those difficult times of power cut. It’s recommended to buy an inverter that supplies more power than your requirement.

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