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Why Is It Important To Buy Luminous Battery With Luminous Inverter?

Posted by Vikram Singh on

It has been observed that when people buy Power inverters in India, they tend to lay more emphasis on the quality and the features of the Power inverter & pay very less attention towards the quality and the strength of the inverter battery.

Luminous Inverter with battery

 A power inverter and a battery are like a body and a soul. For a body, you need a strong soul to keep it energized.   So while purchasing a power inverter, it is important for you to focus on the quality of the battery as well if you want to ensure the uninterrupted power supply in your home or office.

Luminous battery Vs local battery

The local batteries are very low in efficiency hence take much time to get charged.  This inefficiency of the local batteries not just results in power wastage but also results in the inefficient performance of the inverter.  So you should never ever compromise quality over price and opt only for a luminous battery with a luminous power inverter.

10 Reasons Why To Select A Top-Rated Inverter Battery Like Luminous

Here are few reasons why you should always select a top-rated inverter battery like Luminous:

  1. In today’s world when we purchase clothes, we tend to lay more emphasis on the manufacturer. We never select the clothes of a brand that is virtually unknown as we assume the clothes of an unknown brand may not have the kind of features as supposed. The same logic applies in the case of power inverters as well. When you purchase an inverter battery of a lesser known brand, it may not have the kind of reliability as supposed. The Luminous inverter batteries are the highest selling batteries in India. They are the most searched power batteries in Google. So you can trust on the luminous power inverter batteries for efficient and long-lasting power backup.
  1. While purchasing an electronic equipment, we need to focus on its technical aspect as well, then only we will be able to make a right selection for our home or office. If you have to purchase an inverter battery then do an analysis of the products of the manufacturer on a thorough basis. The Luminous Tubular battery is manufactured in a more advanced manner than the regular or flat plate batteries. A luminous inverter battery may be bit expensive than a regular battery but it comes with a better quality and longer warranty. You can charge it repeatedly and it will not witness a dip in its efficiency for a longer period of time.
  1. For the areas which witnessed frequent and long power cuts, a tubular inverter battery is certainly well worth your investment.  The luminous inverter battery is a piece of utmost reliability and a testimony of Long life and trouble-free performance. And this is one of the major reasons why Luminous is currently the most powerful inverter brand of India and the most searched keyword in Google.

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  1. The Luminous Inverter batteries are second to none performance-wise and manufactured under the laid out industry norms. They are the grantee of continuous power supply to keep the darkness at bay.  So you should always use luminous inverter battery with the luminous inverter power battery to deal with chronic power shortages or fluctuations.
  1. Luminous is an authorized dealer of electronic equipment such as power inverters, batteries, fans and LED Lights etc. Where most of the companies refuse to take responsibility after sales, there the luminous is very responsible and quick in service if you need any kind of maintenance. Never ever go for lower end non-branded inverter batteries because they will spoil the valuable electronic devices connected to it. 
  1. For a power backup of 6 hours, you will require 2136 Vah. A regular inverter battery available in the market are mainly of 12 V possessing an Ah value of 178 Ah. These days you have devices like Air conditioners and Refrigerators which require a huge amount of current to start. So a regular battery may not be able to handle the power load you require to operate these devices.  You need a more powerful and strong Tubular battery to run these devices. A regular non-branded battery will not be sufficient, only a luminous inverter battery can handle the increased power load in your home.
  1. In some areas in India, the situation of electricity is worse than the cities and town. Here at times power cuts extend from 10-15 hours on daily basis. A regular inverter battery can’t be of any help in these areas.  Either you will have to connect more than one batteries in a parallel circuit or select a much more powerful battery and a higher voltage inverter like Luminous to ensure a power backup of longer time.
  1. The local batteries may no doubt save customer a few bucks but that comes at the cost of the quality of the battery. The local batteries have some inherited defects that can’t be corrected at all. Unless you will not replace the battery of your inverter, you will not get rid of those issues.
  1. A poor quality battery can even downsize the efficiency of the most powerful brand in the world. So for a powerful inverter, you need a powerful battery to ensure uninterrupted power backup.
  1. The local batteries are very low in efficiency hence take much time to get charged. The inefficiency of the local batteries not just result in power wastage but also result in inefficient performance of the inverter.  So you should never ever compromise quality over price.  So opt for a luminous battery with a luminous power inverter.

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If you inquire about above-mentioned things, you will certainly be able to choose the right inverter battery. Consider carefully and buy inverter battery that can match your need and budget perfectly.

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  • Thanks for sharing a very useful information. I am so thought like just selecting the model which gives the more economic but now i am very clear to about why we have to use the same brand battery and inverter.

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