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Points to Consider Before Buying an Inverter for Home

Posted by Eshant Arora on

Buy Inverter for Home

Planning to buy a brand new inverter? If yes, then it is very important to understand the basic things about the inverter. In order to avail the best benefits of an inverter, it is essential to know what kind of inverter is best for your precise needs. If you are buying an inverter for your home, then it is compulsory to understand your needs because power requirements at home can be different. You cannot install an inverter blindly. Before finalizing any inverter, you need to do a little bit of research and homework to understand the things in a better way.

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Home Inverter

If you want to buy a perfect inverter for home, then you need to keep several things in your mind. Just take a look at the following things that you should consider when buying the perfect inverter for your home:

  1. Power consumption: This is one of the most common yet important points to consider before buying an inverter. If you are buying the inverter, then calculate the total power consumption of the different electrical appliances. For example- if you want to run 2 fans, 4 tube lights, 2 CFLs and 1 TV at the time of power cut, then the total power consumption can be like this:
  • 2 Fans- 2*70 watts= 140
  • 4 Tube Lights- 4*60 watts= 240
  • 2 CFL- 2*25 watts= 50
  • 1 TV- 120 watts

This is how your total power consumption is 140+240+50+120= 550 watts. Therefore, you will need an inverter that can fulfill this much power needs at the time of power cut.

  1. VA ratings: It means Volt Ampere rating. This rating signifies the current and voltage supply by the main inverter to the electrical appliances. 100% efficiency is impossible, so the ideal efficiency range can be between 60%-80%. Here at Luminous eShop, one can easily find the inverters of 800 VA. This VA rating considers as the perfect for the home inverters.
  • Battery power: This is one of the most important aspects of the inverters’ system. The life and the performance completely depend upon the battery’s quality. Before buying an inverter, you should ask the service provider, ‘how much back up will you get with this inverter’? We all know that battery is the actual backbone of the inverters system, so you should check the capacity of the battery before finalizing an inverter. At present, inverters with the capacity of 180 Ah, 150 Ah, 100 Ah, etc. are available easily. Just take a look at the below calculation to get the right inverter for your home:
  • Capacity of the battery= power needs (in watts) *back up hours/ voltage of the battery
  • So, Capacity of the battery= {550*3 (If you want 3 hours backup)}/ 12= 137 Ah

The result means that you can buy the inverter with the battery capacity of 130 Ah. With this power, you can easily run your appliance during the power cut.

So, these are the few basic things that you should understand before finalizing an inverter for your home. By analyzing all these things, you can buy a perfect inverter for sure. You can also visit the official website of Luminous eShop to find the best range of home inverters.

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