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Solar inverter and solar charger controller from Luminous

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Solar Inverter and Solar Panel

Power supply is most needed for better living as people used to it. It will not be possible to live without power since it is being useful for all kinds of purposes. Electric power is needed for daily living as most of the people use much needed appliances these day for various purposes. It will be much difficult to make a day without electric power so the best choice is to use inverter. Inverter is an appliance used to store the power in the battery and to use it in the needed time. Battery gets charged with the electric power and it supplies the stored power when there is power cut.

To store the power in the battery and to supply to the electric lines in the house or office or any other premises, inverter is used. Inverter is most important between battery and the electrical lines because without inverter it is not possible switch the power supply to and fro between battery and the electrical lines. Solar inverter has become famous these days as it is best for power saving. Solar inverter is a recent technology in inverter technology which takes the power from Sun light and converts in to electrical energy. The solar panel is used to absorb the solar energy and it will be converted in to electrical energy by inverter and will be stored in the battery. Solar Panels are available in Luminous the one of the best and leading company in India.

You can check the luminous e-shop website to get the details about Solar Inverter price for the available models according to the storage capacity. As you check for solar panel and inverter, you can also check details of solar charge controller. Solar Charge controller is used to convert the normal inverter battery for solar inverter power solution. It will be used in connection with the solar panels to charge the battery. The one of the other important use of solar charge controller is to operate the DC load. The solar charge controllers from luminous brand will give 98 percent efficiency. It has USB mobile charger output and there is no cost for maintenance.

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