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Where to buy the different inverter and battery products from luminous brand?

Posted by Rajanya Ganguly on

Inverter battery Price

Luminous is India’s largest and widely preferred brand providing different types of electrical and electronic equipments to satisfy the needs of the different people. When it comes to the luminous brand, everybody prefers buying the inverter equipment along with the battery. Inverter is nothing but the additional or alternative power source which saves the electric power in the battery and gives it to the lights, fans and other electric devices when there is a power shut down. Once the home owners or commercial people would like to small, medium and heavy loaded inverter along with the varied battery capacities, you can go for this luminous inverter battery of the different specifications.

Luminous inverter battery:                                         

Everyone needs to consider luminous inverter battery price before buying the specific one for your needs. Different inverter and battery combo from the India’s leading luminous brand actually cost different according to their sizes and power saving capacities. When considering the types of batteries sold from this brand, they will be

  • Tubular battery
  • Flat plate battery
  • Traction or motive power battery
  • Solar battery

The luminous tubular batteries are really the best and top quality types of devices which are really very useful devices to convert the stored chemical energy into the best types of electrical energy. Each cell in this tubular battery actually contains the cathode which is the positive terminal and anode that is the negative terminal. When there is a power outage in any part of India, these batteries are highly reliable solution to satisfy your power needs. In most of the commercial places and industries, the people are using the heavy loaded tubular batteries to run their machines and other electrical equipments to increase their productivity.

Luminous Zelio Home UPS:

Whenever the buyers are looking forward to the best kinds of home UPS, you can go for the luminous zelio inverter model. It is nothing but the popular and widely used sine wave inverter or home UPS with the intelligent features such as,

  • Hassle free water level maintenance
  • Power back up time display in both hours and minutes
  • MCB protection
  • Equipped with the bypass switch

These are all the key features of the luminous inverter zelio to be used for your CFL, tube light, fan and various other electrical appliances with the single battery which include the power of 12 V and 120 Ah to 220 Ah battery support.

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