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Which is the best brand of inverters for your home?

Posted by Rajanya Ganguly on

Home Inverter

Most of the house owners are feeling annoying with the power cuts during the holidays or in the frequent manner. During any occasion or any other important celebration at home, power cut will definitely be the irritating situation to the home makers. The inverter for home is really the best and suitable alternate power source along with the best battery backup. The inverter with the battery is currently the most important and highly required appliance for each and every home. When it comes to the inverters for your residences, there are 3 types of inverters existing in the market. They include,

  • RV model inverters which are mainly designed for the usage in your motor homes and also some other recreational vehicles.
  • Portable model – The portable model home inverter is very popular and widely used by several numbers of the house owners for their electrical equipments. This type of inverter is most commonly used during the construction work, camping and various other recreational activities.
  • Emergency inverters – In the case of electrical emergency, there are several types of the standby inverters available to use for your different electrical devices.


All these types of inverters can be found at the luminous e-shop for highly reasonable cost. Luminous is the best and leading Indian brand providing high quality and durable power inverters along with the battery combo to store the electrical power to use for your refrigerators, heaters, phone chargers, microwave ovens, coolers and etc when there is a power outage in your home.

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