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Why it is important to buy Inverter online from Luminous eShop Brand Store

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Inverter Battery

Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has introduced a web portal to sell their product online across the India. They have wide range of electronics accessories which are essential for day to day life. Shopping from the Luminous eShop gives guarantee of their product and on time delivery. 

Shopping from other web platform

Online shopping from other web portal have a limited number of products which are easily available. These web portals give lucrative offers and discount for the customers but do not give guarantee of the products. The products available on their websites are limited by stocks which are booked on first come first serve basis. Let us say, if we are looking out for Home inverter so if we check out these website they only have limited models available on their website which will be delivered in a weeks’ time.   

These web portals have the limited amount of technical specification of the product, which is at times difficult to understand from a lay men point of view. For Example, if customer is searching for Sine wave inverter online on the websites other than Luminous eShop, the technical specification of the inverter is not sufficient enough to make them understand which model is best for them.  The products available online on the web portals takes usually 6-7 working days to get delivered charging a delivery fee which is added to the total cost of the product.

Shopping with Luminous eShop

Luminous eShop is the authorized website which has all the specification along with the comparison of each and every product. The complete detail of the product makes easy for the customer to understand which product to buy at the minimal cost and without paying extra delivery charges.

Let’s say, if a customer is looking out for Best Inverter battery but not confirmed which one to select, the Luminous eShop will give a detailed description of the product along with the comparison option to make sure that the customer is fully satisfied with the product he has just bought.

Comparison of Luminous eShop products with other Portals

The major difference is the quantity and the variety of the products which are available on the eShop is higher than the other web portal. The reason behind this is that luminous eShop is purely dedicated for its products so it has all the details along with the technical specification and the comparison available. On the other hand, the other web portals they have varied of the products available online. Luminous eShop is the authorized websites of the products which gives warranty and guaranty on their products online on the other hand other web portals do not.  

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