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Why to Buy Inverter and Solar Products from Luminous eShop?

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With powercuts getting so common, it is essential to install an inverter at your homes. These days, a lot of people are preferring to buy solar products like solar inverters, solar charge controllers, etc. to reduce their bills and ensure a 24*7 power supply.


But is going store to store advisable when you can buy these quality products with a few clicks?

Yes, luminous has recently introduced an eShop just to make your life simpler by giving you the option to buy inverters and solar products online and get them delivered at your doorsteps.


Now, why should you buy these products online?

One of the first questions that you will have regarding online purchasing would be – will it be safe? Yes, it is 100% safe with proper guarantee and assured warranty.


Here are 10 reasons to ensure that buying from Luminous eShop is a right choice:

  • 100% original product: The products bought from the eShop would be 100% original. It will be exactly what the product description says.
  • Free home delivery + Free standard installation: Yes, in addition to getting a genuine product, you will also get it delivered at your doorsteps without paying extra. The hassle of installation will also be saved as the concerned people will come and install the products for free at your home at some locations.
  • No damages: The products that you choose are never shipped through basic courier services as the inverter and battery are heavy in weight and thus, there is a huge risk of damage to such products. All the products sold from Luminous eShop are delivered through Luminous aligned partner solely that are located nearby your city to ensure fast and safe delivery of the products.
  • Fast delivery: The products bought from the eShop will be delivered at your doorsteps in just 2-3 days.
  • Easy to buy and EMI options: Buying inverter and battery require some basic understanding of the products – like knowing VA/Ah and what is suitable according to your requirement. For instance, you might want a solar backup for your office space. In that case, you can’t install the same specifications that is required for a home space. You need to distinguish between them. So you can enquire about the products through our call centre, blogs or the question answer section on the website.

In addition, Luminous eShop also gives options for EMI if you are unable to pay for the desired products in one go.

  • Buy back option for old batteries: Do not worry if you already have an old battery lying at your home. Luminous eShop has buy back options for such batteries; you can simply get your old battery exchanged for a new one can this will ensure huge discounts too.
  • Inverter Battery Combo: When you shop at Luminous eShop, you get options of buying an inverter and battery combo too. This combo is not available on any other online store like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. The combos are a good money-saving options and thus this is a huge advantage of shopping at Luminous eShop.
  • Service: The service of installation will be provided directly through the Luminous authorized service centre. This will ensure an efficient installation.
  • Paperless warranty: The products bought from the Luminous eShop come with proper warranty, the details of which will be shared with you via email. Thus, it will be a paperless warranty and you won’t have to bother about keeping the papers safe.
  • Latest products: The products sold through the eShop are latest and thus, use advanced technologies. This assures good quality products.

Thus, Luminous eShop is a preferred option when it comes to choosing from an array of products. You can check all the variety on one page and decide without having to go from shop to shop to find out the best fit for your needs.

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