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Why we should buy pure sine wave inverter?

Posted by Gaurav Mehta on

Sine Wave Inverter

Before going ahead and find out why pure sine wave inverters are best, we must know what an inverter does? So, the answer is very simple that” it converts the DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current)”.   The current which we receive from the power station is AC and the current which is stored in the batteries which can be retrieved with the help of inverter is DC. Now that we are clear with the idea what exactly our Inverter do, we must understand the types of inverters which are broadly classified as:

  1. Square Wave inverters: The output AC current we receive is in square shape that means the incoming current travels from positive to negative forming a square shape which is in turn harmful for appliances so not recommended.
  2. Modified Sine Wave: they are also somehow similar to the square wave but they form a slight variation in the current.
  3. Pure sine wave: These are best as the current travels very smoothly not harming any of our appliances also they do not produce any sound. They are very smooth.

So from the above we are clear that pure sign wave inverters are the right choice. Some of the important points that will give a clear picture of the Pure sine wave inverters.

  1. They maintain a steady voltage: Pure sign wave inverters keep the appliances safe and secure maintaining a level of voltage which is needed.
  2. Appliances working on them are soundless: The humming noise which other inverters produces due to high distortion in the path of the current travels in. Whereas, there is no noise in the pure sign wave inverter. They stay cool and last long. The appliances are safe and secure.
  3. Very less amount of power is consumed which in turn save electricity: The other inverters have a square shape path for current to flow on which has lot of distortion included and leads to lots of power wastage, where as in pure sign wave the path of the current is very smooth like wave so less amount of heat energy is wasted.

Hence the pure sign wave inverters are the best to buy option which will save energy, and our appliances too from damage. The appliances like TV, fan, LED bulbs will stay longer and will not produce noise while working. 

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