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Why Is It A High Time In Chandigarh To Install Rooftop Solar Power System?

Posted by Vikram Singh on

Solar Energy is a cleanest renewable source of energy with zero emission of pollutants. The energy is captured, converted into electricity and then used to run electrical appliances in homes and commercial establishments.

 Though there is a cloud of solar panels available in the market to harness and convert solar energy into electricity, the efficiency of the maximum of these solar panel systems is still a concern. Once all the solar energy system will become 100 hundred percent efficient, that day it will be a real revolution in the world.

The harnessing of solar energy will decrease dependency on highly vulnerable non- renewable sources of energy such as coal, petrol, diesel, and kerosene etc. These fossil fuels are the major source of health hazardous pollutants in the world.

To accomplish its dream of turning Chandigarh into the first modal solar city of the country, in May 2016, Government of India devised a plan for the city, according to which, it has been kept mandatory for all households whether small or big and commercial establishments to install  a solar rooftop system.

Chandigarh To Install Rooftop Solar Power System

 In the connection of this Government order, the Union Territory Administration in Chandigarh issued a notification last year, making it mandatory for group housing societies and individual households occupying the land area from 100 sq. yards. But the response of the people towards this mandatory Government order so far has been unexpectedly very poor.

What Is The Plan All About?

The deadline to install rooftop solar power systems in Chandigarh has come too close but till now just 100 households and societies have abided by the notification and installed rooftop solar systems. And 100-200 households have registered for availing the Government subsidy on solar Power systems

Chandigarh Plan To Install Rooftop Solar Power System

 To lure the people to install rooftop solar systems, Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST) recently announced massive cash prices and subsidy plans on these products.  And at the same time, it made a complaint to the office of the Estates departments demanding a strict punishment for people who will not pay heed to the mandatory Government order of installing rooftop solar systems before the deadline fixed for it.

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  At the same time, to enforce the order strictly and ensure its hundred percent accomplishment the Union Territory Administration has started reissuing notifications to the households and businesses in the state thereby warning them of dire consequences and massive penalty if they will defy this Government order.

According to the plan, a house occupying an area of about the 100-150 square yards has the option to install either 100-litre solar heating system or a 1 kW solar plant.  This option is just available for small households while as for houses occupying area above 150 sq. yards, there is no such choice available.  

For houses on plots of 500-1,000 square yards, it is must install solar panels of 1 kW; 1,000-3,000 square yards - 2 kW solar plant and those above 3,000- 3 kW solar plant.  Remember 1 kW solar plant is capable of generating 4-4.5 units of power a day.

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Why Do You Need To Install Rooftop Solar System As Quickly As Possible?

If you have still not installed a rooftop solar system in Chandigarh, then you may have to pay a heavy price for it. Here are some of the reasons why you should not wait anymore to install a solar power inverter in Chandigarh.  

  1. It is a high time in Chandigarh to install solar power system in the state because one there are highly energy efficient rooftop solar power inverters available and second Government is providing a massive subsidy of 30% and cash reward on the product.
  2. A subsidy of 30% on a product of, worth 1 lakh, you will be able to save nearly 32,000. 32,000, is a huge saving which you can just dream of on other days.
  3. All those families in Chandigarh who are in the process of purchasing a house or some other property in the state, they won’t get legal documents till they will not install a rooftop solar power system. A strict action will be taken against them if they will not abide by the notification within the deadline set for it.
  4. The Government is providing you with a massive subsidy of 30 percent on the product that means you can save about 30,000 on a product worth 1,000 lakh. A saving of 30,000 really matters for average income households in India.  It is definitely a big saving for them.
  5. The subsidy is for a limited period and after some time, you will get the product against its original price. And then you will repent why you waited so long to buy a rooftop solar power when you could have made such a huge saving on the product.
  6. The installation of the rooftop solar power system will cut the size of your electricity bill and it will turn into a lifelong saving for you. Even a minimum saving of one thousand per month will mean you can recover the entire cost of a solar power system in just a time span of 3-4 years. In one way, the power backup solution is entirely free for you and the amount you will invest in it is just a security deposit.
  7. Moreover, the use of solar panel and inverters provide you with an additional source of power hence it gives you relief from frequent power cuts, electrical and voltage surges that have a tendency to destroy your power equipment.
  8. The use of these fossil fuels increase pollution and affect our health. On the other hand, these resources are depleting fast and may disappear in few hundred years if not conserved at the earliest.
  9. And the additional power you will produce can be sold to the grid at a cost of Rs 8.51 per unit. So, the installation of a solar rooftop can turn out to be an additional source of income for your household or business.

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install solar rooftop power plant household in Chandigarh

 Since it is now compulsory for every household in Chandigarh to install solar rooftop power plant for electricity generation, it is the high time for you to start a hunt for an energy efficient and cost-effective solar power plant. Luminous solar power inverters are highly energy efficient and cost-effective in entire India.   You can select an inverter on the basis of your power requirement and install it before government axe falls and you are heavily penalized. So before Government axe falls on you and it penalizes you with jail and a massive fine for defying the order, install a high capacity Rooftop solar power system.

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