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New Luxury Range of Designer Fans from Luminous

Posted by Abhishek Singh on


The definition of luxurious living in India has been limited to Italian marble floorings, Persian carpets, gold plated crystal light chandeliers, plush leather furniture and assembly line artifacts and showpieces. Now, luxury for the first time has moved to the ceilings with world class fans.

Stunningly aerodynamic blades, bright electroplated components, gorgeous LED lights and a fully functional RF Touch Pad remote regulator, all in a well integrated technologically advanced ceiling fan meant to deliver noise free smooth breeze apart from enhancing room aesthetics, define the new range of fans from Luminous perfectly. 

The range was launched by Sachin Tendulkar on the 12th of January 2015. The launch event showcased three models, namely the LUMERO, RAYAIRE and the LUXREEZE; these models were designed by contemporary global designers with an objective to craft fans to cater to the three prominent Indian décor genres – Traditional, Modern and Futuristic.

The Luminous range of Luxury Fans comes in 3 blade variants for the modern and futuristic home designs under the names Lumero and Rayaire. The Lumero has more of a modern aesthetic feel as it comes in Surf White /Brush Steel  Merc Black/Gun metal finishes. Rayaire goes bolder and more futuristic with Sporty Yellow and Cadillac Black shades. For the grandeur of old traditional homes, the 5 blade Luxreeze perfectly complements aristocracy and technology.


Luminous understands that these fans are for the discerning few and that not all can afford them. These fans are for those who believe in having the best and who take great pride in the way their affluence is reflected in their home design, therefore these fans are built and designed to cater to the aesthetic and convenience needs of a very niche social strata. 
The design approach was to ‘be fluidic’ and ‘be disruptive’, this was flawlessly achieved as an end result along with a value added bold and different factor, the task of taking a routine product like fans and converting them into a craftsman’s masterpiece in design was accomplished.  


The sacrosanct rule of designing world class Luxury products is that only the best go into the making of them. Right from the conceptualization of the idea to finishing touches, only the best in people materials and technology has to be employed. This holds true even for the Luminous Luxury range of Fans, the finest top of the shelf materials, the best engineers and R&D department are what is behind each one of these fans. They are built to give trouble free service for years to come, although you may be compelled to buy the next range of Luminous Fans that will come out soon because redefining design and technology is just something that comes naturally to us.

The soothing dispersal of breeze from scientifically designed aerodynamic blades, the rich shades from LED lights and absolute control with the fully functional touchpad RF Remote regulator is an affluent song of power, design and craftsmanship playing in perfect harmony together. 

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