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Tubular Battery - Luminous ILTT 26060 | 220Ah - 60* Months Warranty Tubular Battery

Luminous ILTT 26060 | 220Ah - 60* Months Warranty Tubular Battery


60* Months Warranty

  • Rs. 24,900
  • Rs. 21,815
  • ( -12% off )

Check COD Availability (upto Rs. 10,000)

Battery Capacity

Luminous Battery Model - ILTT 26060 is Luminous highest capacity battery for Inverter application. It's Capacity is rated at 220 AH. 



The price of 220 Ah battery is ₹ 24,800, It is selling at ₹ 20,800 after 16% discount.



The battery model ILTT 26060 is a 12 V Tubular Technology battery having Tall Tubular plates inside it. Tubular is latest technology in Inverter batteries application. The compact and portable battery dimension is  50*19*41 CM with 64 Kg of weight. It comes from Factory in ready to use condition and it can start working as soon as you connect an inverter with it. 



The battery is designed to work for 8-10 years, however, Luminous offers  60* months warranty. 


Product Descriptions


ILTT 26060


Tall Tubular

Replacement warranty

36 month

Inverter support

600 VA – 10 KVA

Nominal Voltage

12 Volt


Cash back offer

Replace your old battery and buy new battery from Luminous, you could get Cash back up to Rs. 2,000/-* Conditions apply

Cash back Value depends upon Battery Ah Rating, For 150 Ah - Rs. 2000/-, For 135 Ah - Rs, 1500/- and for 100 Ah - Rs, 1000/-

The Cash back amount will be paid to you at the time of picking up old battery.  


Backup time*

Load 500W 400W 300W 200W 100W
Duration 4 hrs 30 mint 5 hrs 45 mint 7 hrs 50 mint 12 hrs 40 mint 29 hrs 45 mint


Technical details

Dry Weight Filled Weight Overall Dimensions of Containers (mm) Boost Charging Trickle Mode Charging
±5%Kg. ±5%Kg. Length (+/-3) mm Width (+/-3) mm Height (+/-3) mm Starting rate (Amp) Finishing rate (Amp) Min.  (mA) Max (mA)
42.0 63.6 502 191 412 22.2 11.1 185 739


# Shipping and delivery within 3-5 days with installation.

 * Back up time is Under Standard Test conditions, may vary depending upon load types, temperature and aging. 


Luminous ILTT 26060 | 220Ah - 60* Months Warranty Tubular Battery has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 9 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Kya battery se Dep frizeer300l.ko chala shakte hai.

    Deep freezer of 300 liters takes higher load, Before selecting the battery, please check the Power rating of deep freezer, Select right Inverter (may Be Cruze HKVA Inverter) and then connect with the battery, The role of battery is just to give backup. Weather Deep freezer will work or not will be decided by the inverter.

  • can i use Luminous ILTT 26048 | 220AH Tubular Battery for zelio sine wave 1700

    220 Ah battery could be connected with Zelio 1700. since Zelio 1700 comes in 24 Volt and has 17 amp charging current. The Combo is comitable. 

  • which battery is most suitable for Mictek900va sine wave invertor

    We would recommend to connect 150 AH tubular battery. you should buy RC 18000 model or ILTT 18048 battery. 

  • What kind of UPS is suitable for 220AH ILTT 26048 battery

    220 AH battery is recommended with 24 Volt inverter system. you can buy any luminous inverter of 1.5 KVA or 2 KVA with double battery system. You have choice to buy Zelio 1700 inverter, Eco Volt 1650 and Cruze 2 KVA Home UPS

  • Is Luminous ILTT26048 | 220 Ah is suitable for the Luminous 900 VA shakti charge UPS??

    Shakti charge has very good charging current. it can charge battery upto 20 amp charging current based upon battery charging conditions. We recommend to use 220 Ah battery with Shakti Charge.  

  • Hi my old battery is luminous electra lett 500 150 ah with 800va luminous inverter which one is the best replacement battery for it and can i go for 220ah battery please reply

    Since your old battery Lett 500 - 150 Ah battery is not giving proper back up. you can either replace your old battery with 150 Ah ILTT 18048 battery. if you want to use 220 Ah battery, ofcourse you could connect but the inverter will take 3-4 hours extra in charging the battery. usually, the battery is charged in 10 hours. If you buy from Luminous eShop, We will also give you up to Rs. 2,000 cashback for your old battery and will pick it up from your house, if you buy new battery from us. 


    Luminous eShop offers Free home delivery of any product that you buy online from Luminous eShop. You do not need to go to any dealer for buying Luminous products. Just place the order online. Microtek 850 EB can charge 220 Ah battery but it will take 2-3 hours extra to charge battery fully.  

  • I would like to buy it but before that I would like to confirm, Is it compatible with sinewave inverter 1100va?

    900VA -1100 VA Inverters has usually 15 amphere charging current. A 200 Ah battery could be charged with 900-100VA inverter but the charging time would be approx. 15-16 hours. 

  • Can I use 1050 eco shine inventor

    A lead acid battery should get fully charged in 10 -12 hours ideally. Inveters upto 1 KVA has charging current upto 15 amp. if you wish to use 220 Ah battery, then 1 KVA inverter will ofcourse charge it but the time taken to charge the battery would be 14-15 hours instead of 10-12 hours.  

  • How many unit is consume daily . for normally 2BHK home.

    As per standard consumption, An inverter consumes around 1 Unit of power everyday in charging the battery. 

  • Sir how many days want to bring at Udalguri district Luminous 220AH Tubular Battery.

    Luminous eShop ensures delivery of Inverter battery combo and Inverter battery in 2-3 working days. 

  • can i use Luminous ILTT 26048 220 AH for Microtek 1250 VA Inverter

    Microtek 1250 VA inverter is a single battery (12V) inverter. ILTT 26048 -220 AH battery is good match wih Microtek 1250 VA inverter. 

  • I have shakti charger 1100va. Can I use ILTT 26048 battery for this inverter.

    Shakti Charge 1100VA ups is compatible with ILTT 26048 -220 Ah battery. 

  • Is rapid charge 1650 good for 220 Ah battery

    Yes you can use Luminous ILTT 26060 | 220 Ah with rapid charge 1650/12V, this will be the best setup for 2 to 3 bhk homes for getting 6 to 7 hrs of backup.

  • क्या battri कही भी replacement हो सकता है

    Luminous offers cash back on old battery in exchange with the new battery. For each battery(Ah) cash back price is different if it is 220Ah battery then cash back will be Rs.3500/-. The amount of cash back will be handed over to the customer at the time of delivery of new battery by the delivery person. This offer is valid only for customers who place online order.

  • Can I use luminous ILTT 26048 220AH Tabular battery for zelio sine wave 1100?

    Yes you can use luminous ILTT 26060 | 220 Ah tubular battery with zelio 1100 this will be the best setup for 2 to 3 bhk homes for getting 6 to 7 hrs of standard backup.

  • ILtt26060momodel for suitable ups

    Yes luminous iltt 26060 220ah battery model is suitable with all range series inverter that is suitable for giving 6 to 7 hrs of backup on full load.

  • Kya 220 AH tubular battery ko 1500 va ( 24 volt) ups me use kar sakte h ??

    Yes you can use 220ah battery with 1500va but if you inverter is 24 volt then you need to use 2 batteries of 220ah 

  • What is 220 ah

    220ah means the power of the battery.
    We have one model in 220 ah range that is Luminous ILTT 26060 220ah this battery comes with 60 months warranty in which 36 months is replacement and 24 months is Pro rata warranty.

  • can i use refrigerator on Luminous ILTT 26048 | 220AH Tubular Battery with zelio sine wave 1100

    We would not recommend to use Refrigerator on Zelio 1100. if you wish to run Refrigerator, Buy Double battery ups. there are three models in Doubl battery UPS 1) Eco watt 1650 2) Zelio 1700 and 3) Cruze 2 KVA. 

  • Iss battery me acid daalthe ki ni

    In luminous Iltt 26060 you need to put acid after every 6 to 8 months.

  • Can I use a Luminous ILTT26060 Battery with a Luminous Eco Volt+1050.

    Yes you can use Luminous iltt26060 with luminous eco volt1050 this will combination will provide best performance and backup.

  • hi, can I use Luminous ILTT 26060 | 220Ah Tubular Battery with Luminous Solar Hybrid 850 VA Home UPS ?

    Yes you can use Luminous Iltt 26060 220ah Tall Tubular battery with luminous Solar hybird 850VA Home ups

  • what is warranty of Luminous ILTT 26048 | 220AH Tubular Battery ? is it 48 or 42 months N what is mean by 48* ? what this * belongs to

    36 Month is the replacement warranty, rest 12* month is Pro rata warranty. Pro rata warranty means, if your battery is not performing well, Then Luminous will buy back your old battery and offer new battery at 20-25% discount.

  • I need to buy new battery as my old existing battery is giving less backup. As per above Luminous will pay a cash back of Rs. 2000/- against Old battery. Will Luminous fit the New Battery with my Inverter and take the Old Battery with them while delivering. How Cash back of Rs. 2000/- will be paid to me. My Inverter is Microtek Sine Web 800 VA. Will Luminous ILTT 26048 | 220AH Tubular Battery suite for this 800 VA Inverter

    If you buy battery from Luminous eShop, Luminous will fit your battery and will take your old Battery. The Cash back will be offered at the time of Delivering new battery. We will not recommend to use 220 AH Tubular battery on 800 VA Inverter. You should go with 150 AH battery with Microtek 800VA inverter.

  • Which is the best inverter to buy for Luminous ILTT 26048 | 220AH Tubular Battery?

    The best inverter for Luminous Iltt 26060|220ah will be Luminous Zelio1100 pure shine-wave systme this is the best setup for your needs.

  • Are two batteries must to operate a 2kva inverter?

    Yes two batteries are must to operate Luminous cruze 2 kva system 

  • what the backup when i use 4 220 ah battery on 1000w

    The back up time provided by Luminous ILTT 26048 | 220 Ah tall tubular battery in 4 numbers for 1000 watt load will be around 8 - 9 hours. But if you put less load the back up time will increase accordingly.

  • Can I use Zelio 1100VA with Luminous ILTT 26060 | 220Ah ??

    Yes you can use zelio1100 with Luminous Iltt 26060 220ah battery 

  • क्या 220 Ah battery के लिये Zelio 1100 उचित होगा.

    Luminous provides wide range of inverter(600 VA to 10KVA) and battery(100Ah to 220Ah) series. All kind of battery are recommended with any inverter. We have one combo offer with zelio 1100/12V with luminous ILTT 26060 |220Ah - 60*Months warranty tubular battery.

  • im from remote area pincode 533237 .i havemicroteck inveter but 150ah battery backup is poor,im planning to buy luminos 220ah battery .but how toexchange battery who take old batery from me ?

    Yes luminous can deliver Iltt 26060 220ah battery at you place and 2nd you need to echange your old battery aswell your battery we will take at the time of the delivery of your new product and give you cash againts that.

  • Which type of inverter is comfortable with 60 ah battery?

    The best comfortable inverter for your 60ah battery will be luminous josh 8000 inverter this inverter will be the best inverter for your 60ah battery.

  • we plan a inverter 220 amp 26048 battery with 1650 va rapid charge ups for 3bhk flat. This pair working power backup. pls guide.

    Back up time depends upon power uses. The Power back up chart is mentioned on ILTT 26048 | 220 AH battery product page. if you run 400 watts of power, the battery will last close to 5 Hours. 

  • Can i use luminous battery 220 ah with zelio 1100

    Yes you can use luminous iltt 26060 220ah battery with luminous zelio1100 this will be the best setup for 2 to 3 bhk homes for getting 6 to 7 hrs of backup 

  • I want to buy a Battery. My Ups capacity microtek 700 (infinity) and to run 1 desktop pc and 1 celling fan for 6 hrs backup please suggest me battery capacity 180 ah or 200 ah or 220 ah

    With your old microtek UPS of 700VA we recommend you to use luminous ILTT 24060 | 180Ah -60* months warranty tubular battery , as for one desktop and for one fan your total load will be around 300 watts , in that case the back up that you receive after using this setup will be for 7 - 8 hours.

  • can i use luminous iltt 26048 220 ah for microtek 1025 va inverter

    Yes you can use luminous iltt 26048 220Ah battery with any brand existing inverter at your home this setup is good for 2 to 3 bhk homes for getting 5 to 6 hrs of backup.

  • Luminious Eco watt 1050 inverter kitnae time mai full charge kar sakta hai?

    All the luminous inverter have there charging current, luminous eco watt 1050 inverter charging current is 17 amps , so time taken by this inverter to fully charge luminous 220 Ah battery is within 10 to 13 hours.

  • Is1650 Rapid ok with 220ah battery

     Yes, you can very easily use a 220AH battery with a 1650 Rapid inverter, beacuse it comes with battery charging current 28 Ampere. It is sufficient to fully charge a battery in just 9 hours of time.  While as the conventional inverters come with just 15 Ampere charge current. They are able to charge battery in not less than 10- 12 hours.

  • can i use Luminous ILTT 26048 220AH with zelio sine wave 1700????? Replay me as quick as possible.

    Yes you can use Luminous ILTT 26048 220AH in 2 number with zelio sine wave 1700/24V this will be the best setup for 2 to 3 bhk homes for getting 6 to 7 hrs of standard backup.

  • I have a ups of 2000 VA . Can i use Luminous ILTT 26048 | 220AH Tubular Battery with this?

    A 2000 VA inverter can be used with 2 nos. of 220 AH battery. 

  • I want to buy a inverter and battery. My uses are 1tv, 4or5 fan, 9 cfl suggest me the best combo pack of inverter and battery..

    Your load consumption is little high, for you, 24 Volt - double battery inverter will be recommended. buy Luminous Cruze 2 KVA or Zelio 1700 model with 2 numbers of batteries.