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Luminous Rapid 1650 Home UPS

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in Square Wave UPS

Warranty 24 Month

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Product Descriptions

Luminous Rapid Charge is specially designed for customers living in Urban Areas having low Flooring space to keep Backup solution, and still wants to run full house load Such as lighting load, Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Water cooler, Steam Iron etc. Rapid Charge is the fastest Inverter battery charging UPS with 28 amps Charging current. The another advantage of Rapid Charge is that two batteries can be connected with the Inverter, It is a 12V / Single battery system but due to high charging current, it supports charging of two batteries.

Key Feature

Single battery based Inverter for running Heavey load for 3/4 bhk house

Running Load

5 CFL, 5 Tube light , 3 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 Air Cooler



Battery Support

120 Ah – 220 Ah

Battery System

Single battery / 12V


15 Kg.


27 * 35 *14 CM


Technical Details

Wave Type

Square Wave

Rated Capacity

1500 VA

Output power 

1350 Watt

Input Voltage

110V -290V

Output Voltage (Ups Mode)

180V – 230 V

Charging Current

17 Amps

Recommended Battery Ah

150 Ah – 220 Ah

Full Battery Recharge Time

10 - 12 Hours


Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity


Shipping Details


15.0 Kg


50 *40 *21 cm (L*W*H)



  • Mains available - yes
  • Battery Charging - yes
  • Ups on - yes
  • Low Battery Indication – yes
  • Overload Indication – yes     
  • Voltage regulation display – yes
  • Fast Charging - yes

# Free Shipping and delivery within 4-5 days. 

Luminous Rapid 1650 Home UPS has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Sir I want to install luminous tubular battery 150 Ah with zelio inverter it suitable for 4 BHK having 5 LED lights 2 fan 1 led tv 1 much backup I will get.

    Luminous 900 VA Inverter combo with 150 Ah tubular battery is suitable for running 5 Led lights, 2 fan and 1 cooler,, if you run this load consistantly, it would give 3-4 hours of back up. 

  • helo, i have exide inva master 150 ah battery. can i connect it with Luminous Rapid 1650 Home UPS ?

    Surely, You can connect Rapid 1650 home ups with Exide inva master 150 ah battery. 

  • Dear sir, will this product work with a single 220Ah luminous battery

    Rapid 1650 is one of the fastest charging inverter. it has upto 28 amp of charging current. if you connect with 220 Ah battery, the inverter can work well. There will be no issue. 

  • I want to brought this ups but please tell me that this servicing facility home base yes or no?

    Luminous has over 100 service centers across the country + it provides on site service in Cities. if you are from a City, Luminous will provide home servicing in case of falut in Luminous Inverters.

  • मुझे सोडा मशीन चलाना है.सोडा मशीन का मोटर 1/4 एचपी का है.व्होल्ट 230 लेतेा है.मेरे पास अभी 860 वँट का युपीएस और 180 amp की बँटरी है. लेकीन मशीन चालु करणेपर ups बिप मारता है. तो यह मशीन 1650 वँट के ups पे चालु हो जायेगा. प्लीज बतायें

    Normally, A motor takes four times of power than normal appliance,  1/4 hp consumes around 190 watts, A 860 VA UPS gives around real power of 500 watts. Rapid chaarge being heavy duty ups which takes power load upto 1200 watts, it will surely run your soda machine.    

  • With Luminous Rapid 1650 Home UPS. Is there a way I can use my existing SUKAM SBT 180G CONQURER TUBULAR BATTERY?

    Luminous inverters are made in a way that it supports all type of batteries weather, Tubular, Flat, Local, etc. You just need to choose proper type of battery mode from Backside of the Inverter. The name of switch is – ‘Battery type’

  • I want a 12v (single battery inverter) for two computer One laser printer (canon LBP 2900) One Tube light and one fan backup time 1 hours or less

    Rapid Charge 1650 UPS should be bought with a battery capacity ranging from 180 Ah -220 Ah to run above load with a back up time requirement of upto 1 hrs.

  • Sir what is the meaning of batt. sel. in luminous inverter.

    There are different types of Inverter battery available in the retail market such as Tubular battery, Flat Plate battery, Sealed Mainteance Free battery and Local battery. Each type of battery requires different charing profile, to make charging profile better, There is a switch given in the back side of the inverter to select types of Inverter battery. 

  • I ama useing rapid charger 1650 with 220ah and im using 3 celling fan,5 led ball(7w) one tv how many hour it can give backup

    The back up time of inverter depends upon Battery Capacity. Since you are using 220 Ah Lead Acid battery, The back up time should be 3 and half hours if you use 500 watts of power. Check battery back up time of 220 Ah on Battery page.

  • i want to buy a 1.5 KVA home inverter for back up power for couple of lights, fans, 42 " lcd TV etc. i have short listed a 12V , 150Ah inverter battery. i want to know if it is the right combination and choice. if yes, i want to place the order immediately. could you also help me with a schematic circuit diagram to connect the inverter & the battery. I will then separate the desired load from my complete bungalow circuit and connect it to the inverter.

    Rapid Charge 1650 is a 1.5 KVA UPS and is sufficient to power couple of lights, fans, LCD TV. On Rapid 1650 inverter, We recommend to use 180Ah to 220 Ah battery. Rapid being 12 V inverter system works with single battery and it has very high charging current.For inverter battery installation, Please refer the link - Installation guide

  • I have a duplex 3bhk house. 4 fans, 2 tubelights, 1 tv and a set top box. what configuration of inverter is suggested and what would be the back up time. im looking for backup time of 6 to 7 hours.

    We would recommend to buy between two Inverter combo 1) Zelio 1700 with 2 numbers of 150 AH Tubular battery and 2) Cruze 2 KVA with 2 numbers of 150 AH Tubular battery. Double battery inverter can give you 7-8 hours of Back up time. 

  • Sir I want to install 1650watt, 220ah battery for our house. Can it controll 9 led bulb, 4 fan,1 led tv

    Rapid Charge 1650 is a very powerful inverter. It can surely run the load that you mentioned in your question. 

  • I am in the process of buying 1650 Rapid Charge Luminous Inverter. I understand this can work on single 12V 150Ah battery.Please confirm the same with your advise - immediately. Thanks.

    Luminous Rapid Charge is the only inverter in 1500 VA which runs on single battery (12V). you can buy Rapid 1650 with confidence to run with 150 AH battery. 

  • Can I use two 12V 150 Ah or 200 Ah battery on this UPS, if yes, can I use different Ah batteries (such as 120ah and 150ah) with this UPS?

    Rapid charge is the only inverter which can be used with single battery (12V) and double battery (24V). you can connect 2 numbers of any Ah battery.

  • sir, may I use this inverter for 2 phas water pump

    2 phase water pump can not be powered with Rapid Charge 1650 UPS as It is a single phase inverter. 

  • Hello Sir, Can I connect 6 computers on this UPS? Is there any chances of computers restart???

    All luminous UPS comes with UPS mode. if you switch on the ups mode. the output voltage gets regulated and output voltage window will be from 180V -230V. In UPS mode, Computer does not restart. if you wish to run 6 computers on inverter, you should buy 2.5 KVA UPS.

  • I need 3kva solar hybrid inverter. Can you provide me the price & specs.

    As of now, Solar 3 KVA solar Inverter is not available on website. Whenever it will be live, We will inform you.

  • we purchase a 1650 va rapid charger with 220 amp inverlast tubular battery pls guide me for this combination is suitable .

    You can connect 220 AH battery with Rapid Charge 1650. Since Rapid Charge 1650 home UPS has 27 Amp charging so the UPS is easily able to charge the battery.

  • I have triple battery of 220 watt hour.i want 1 inverter for 3 battery.which inverter is better.

    One number of lead acide battery = 12 V, to connect three battery, you need an inverter which supports 36V DC system. Cruze 3.5 KVA UPS works with 3 battery. 

  • Can my laptop+internet be connected to this inverter along with 5 LED BULBS and 2 fans and 1 LED TV plus set top box? And how much hours of back up will it give if I use a 220 ah battery with all these items?

    Rapid charge model of Luminous Inverer is very powerful. It can easily take a load upto 1200 Watts. All the appliances mentioned above can run easily and if you connect, with 220 Ah battery. you get 3 - 3.5 hours of backup.  

  • sir what is the difference among luminuous rapid 1600, luminuous shakti charge 1000 and luminuous eco watt 1650. which one is fast charging and suitable for double battery

    Luminous Rapid charge is single battery inverter (1500 VA). Shakti Charge 1000 is 900 VA Single battery UPS. Eco watt 1650 is Double battery Inverter. Rapid Charge 1650 has highest Charging current. it is upto 28 amps. 

  • Sir, which inverter would be suitable for two batteries of 12100H 12v-100H.

    Buy any inverter whose DC bus is 24 Volt. Luminous has 3 models in 24V 1) Eco watt 1650 2) Zelio 1700 3) Cruze 2 KVA