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Luminous Solar 150 Ah Tall Tubular battery

Luminous Solar 150 Ah Tall Tubular battery


60 Months Warranty

  • Rs. 20,500
  • Rs. 17,000
  • ( -17% off )

Check COD Availability (upto Rs. 10,000)

Product descriptions

In the last few years, the largest electronic equipment manufacturing company in India, Luminous has introduced several new models of inverter batteries in the market. And one among them is Luminous Solar 150 Ah Tall Tubular battery. The battery model number LPT 12150H is widely available on Luminous eshop online markets in India.


The rated capacity of the battery is 150AH and inverter support 900VA-10KVA. The battery requires low maintenance with Topping up Frequency once in 8-10 months. And the self-discharge rate is 3% per month at 27˚C. The nominal voltage of the battery is 12V.


LPT 12150H

Rated Capacity

150 Ah

Replacement warranty

5 years


Tall Tubular

Inverter support

900 VA – 10 KVA

Nominal Voltage

12 Volt




Key Features

The battery has a life expectancy of minimum 1215 cycles and 80% depth of discharge. The life expectancy of the battery is 4-5 years.  It is suitable for almost all solar inverters and its overcharge tolerance level is far better than flat plate batteries.

  • Tub Flooded Solar Batteries specially designed for Solar Applications
  • Low maintenance with Topping up Frequency once in 8-10 months
  • Self-discharge rate – 3% per month @ 27˚C
  • C10 rated Capacity with Higher AH Efficiency >90%

Technical details

The length, width and breadth of the battery are 503, 189, and 411 respectively. The dry weight of the battery is 37, Filled weight is 61 and electrolyte volume 19.8.  Since the battery is Tall Tubular type, the chances of corrosion are nil, the battery lasts for a long time and efficiency remains optimum.


Dimensions of Containers

Battery Weight

Nominal Voltage

C10 Capacity

Length (+/-3) mm

Width (+/-3) mm

Height (+/-3) mm

Dry weight (kg)

Filled weight (kg)

Electrolyte Volume 

12 V

150 AH






19.8 Ltr.


# Free Shipping and delivery within 4-5 days.

# If you are looking forward to get Luminous Solar products installed. please refer below installation guide. Click Here

Luminous Solar 150 Ah Tall Tubular battery has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Can hybrid inverters be used without solar panel?like if budget is short and m buying hybrid inverter and a battery and planning to buy solar panel that ok???is there any compulsion to use solar tubular batteries with hybrid inverters?what diff does it make using a solar tubular battery rather than a regular tubular battery?

    Yes, Hybrid inverter means it can charge the Battery from Grid power and Solar panel both, if you wish to connect solar panel later then it will charge the battery from Grid power. A lot of customer is doing like this. Instead of normal inverter, Customers are going for Solar inverer and when the would have additional budget, they connect solar panels. There is no compulsion of using Tubular battery, you can use any Lead acid battery as per your convenience. Solar battery has higher warranty than normal inverter battery. 

  • sir how can i place warranty and who bare the shipping charges for replacement

    Solar 150 Ah Tubular battery comes with 5 years warranty. Luminous Authorized service center will take of warranty. if you are from city, Luminous provides on site service, if you are from rural area, then you need to bring item to nearest service center of Luminous.

  • Sir please tell me , five years warrenty or five guarenty for solar 150 Ah battery or is it replaceble upto five years.

    Solar 150 Ah Tubular battery has 5 years replacement warranty. 

  • Can i connect Luminous Solar NXG hybrid Inverter 1500VA with Luminous Solar 200 Ah Tall Tubular battery ?

    Yes you can connect 200ah solar battery with solar nxg 1500va inveter. but with Luminous nxg 1500va solar inverter you need to connect 2 batteries because luminous solar nxg 1500va invetert is a 24 volt system and our batteries are 12 volt.

  • Sir please tell me.This battery which type

    The battery type of Luminous solar 150ah tall tubular is tall tubular battery type.

  • I want a battery suitable for luminous zelio 1100va pure sine wave ups for home...

    The best suitable battery for Luminous Zelio 1100 will be Rc18000 150ah tall tubular battery with 36 months warranty 

  • Sir I have 200watt two solar panel of Tata Power. And within a month will one to two more 200 watt panel increase. Which type of battery and inverter you suggest.for good porformenc . Light , fan, TV, half ho water motor, etc.

    We will suggest you to go for Luminous NXG 1500va solar inverter with Luminous solar 200ah battery. this setup will be the best setup for your needs and will perform very nice with the panel you have.

  • how many wats of solar panels are required to use in luminous solar nxg 1100inveter with 150ah solar battery.....on which we can ran load in day time.

    You need to connect 2 panel of 150watts with luminous nxg 1100 with 150ah battery if you will connect 2 panel of 150 watts in day time you can directly run 300 watts of load from solar this setup will save 2 to 3 units perday.

  • With 1500 va solar inverter & 500 watt solar panel what ah battery should be used?

    The best battery for your needs will be of luminous solar 200ah battery this will work best with your needs. 

  • can you take the old battery? and will you give cashback for the old battery

    Luminous offers cash back on old battery in exchange with the new battery. For each battery(Ah) cash back price is different if it is 150Ah battery then cash back will be Rs.2000/-. The amount of cash back will be handed over to the customer at the time of delivery of new battery by the delivery person.

  • Can I use 200 Ah battery with 800 VA inverter

    Yes you can connect any battery from 100Ah to 220Ah in 800VA inverter as luminous all inverter supports all battery from 100ah to 220Ah. The standard back will be for 5 to 6 hours if you are using 200Ah battery with 800VA inverter.

  • If I use 3 tube light 2 sealing fan and 1 TV, how long inverter gives the backup.

    All the Luminous Solar batteries are designed for longer backup time to run high power home appliances.  A luminous Tall Tubular battery 150 Ah comes with nominal voltage 12 V & inverter support ranging between 900 VA – 10 KVA.  As per the power requirement you have mentioned, 3 Tube lights can consume maximum 165 watts (55 watt consuming capacity of one light). And 2 ceiling fans 140 watts (70 watts consuming capacity of one fan). And one TV can consume 80 watt.  So the total power requirement amounts to approx 400 watts.  150 Ah battery is able to provide 1800 watt load. Going by the load, you will get a power back up of 5-6 hours. 

  • How to connect solar panel to battery I am interested to install solar powered inverter at My home

    Luminous provide solar installation to its customer @15 rupees per watt.

  • I am in need of 150ah solar tall battery. Can I replace for new one

    Luminous offers cash back on old battery in exchange with the new battery. For each battery(Ah) cash back price is different if it is 150Ah battery then cash back will be Rs.2000/-. The amount of cash back will be handed over to the customer at the time of delivery of new battery by the delivery person. You can purchase 150Ah solar battery in Rs.17000/- from our website.