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Luminous Indus 18-Watt LED Batten (Pack of 2)


Warranty - 24 months

  • Rs. 1,150
  • Rs. 950
  • ( -17% off )

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Product Descriptions

Luminous LED Tube Lights/battens focus on giving you a robust performance and glare free illumination. With uniform colour delivery, these lights are all you’ll ever need!

Key Features

  • Long lasting ,Upto 25000 Hours
  • Ease of Installation and Hassle free Maintenance
  • Protected from Voltage fluctuation
  • Certified Bright LEDs

Technical Specification

  • Wattage: 18Watt
  • Voltage and Surge Protection: 220-240V, 50Hz; Surge Protection = 2.5KV
  • Shape: Square
  • Life : 15,000 hours
  • Power Factor : 0.95
  • Color Rendering Index : 80
  • Holder Type : 4FT
  • Luminous Efficacy : 90
  • Segment : Performance
  • Colour/Correlated color temperature(CCT) : WW
  • Application : Bedroom, Hallway, Living Rooms, Staircase, Washrooms, Balcony 

The Brightness of Light: Benefits & Optimum LED Tube light

Active Life: Lead a productive life under the goodness of flicker-free Luminous LED Tube light. Work towards your goals and achieve more with the assurance of glare-free and everlasting Luminous LED Tube light.

Happiness: When you share a bond of warmth & love, your relationships make you shine in every moment of your life. Appease your loved ones with a bright and beautiful ambience lit by Luminous LED Tube lights.

Security: A bright light offers you peace-of-mind, it creates a secure environment where you can be at your productive best.

With the brightness of Luminous LED Tube lights, life blooms with happiness and optimum productivity. So go ahead and make your life glow more at lesser costs

Smartest Way Forward

Spreading The Goodness of Unwavering, Glare-Free Lighting

Innovation in Luminous LED Tube lighting is well ahead of its time. The optimum brightness of LED Tube light makes the ambience of a home, captivating. Also, these smart lights save your money by conserving up to 85% energy as compared to the traditional ones. Luminous LED is the smartest & energy efficient way to brighten your home & life.

When you choose Ultra Bright LED of LUMINOUS, you are in for a magnificent light-play with a vivid distribution of brightness.

Luminous LED Gives You:

Lifelong brightness  # Glare-free illumination  # Hassle-free performance  # High surge protection  # Huge savings on electricity bills  # Certified robust lifelong  # Bright LEDs electronics brightness

Luminous Indus 18-Watt LED Batten (Pack of 2) has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • What is the color temperature (in Kelvin scale) of the LED light coming out of this Luminous Indus 18-Watt LED Batten (Pack of 2, Cool Day Light)?

    The color temperature of the led light coming out of luminous Indus 18 watt led batten (Pack of 2, cool day light) is 6500 Kelvin.