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Luminous Cruze 2.5 KVA Sine Wave home UPS

#3 Best Seller
in High Capacity Inverter

Warranty 24 Month

  • Rs. 23,500
  • Rs. 12,800
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Product Descriptions

Luminous Cruze 2.5 KVA is a powerful inverter to be used in home and office. It can run multiple computers, Led lights, Ceiling fans, W-Fi router, Television with setup box. In case of power failures none of your system will re-start.  


Key Features

Key Feature

Heavy duty Inverter for home, office and commercial shops

Running Load

Led Lights, Ceiling Fans, Refrigerator, Water Motor, Multiple Computers etc.



Battery Support

80 Ah – 220 Ah

Battery System

36 V / Three Battery


Technical Details

Wave Type

Pure Sine Wave

Rated Capacity

2500 VA

Output power 

2000 Watt

Input Voltage

110V -290V

Output Voltage (Ups Mode)

180V – 230 V

Charging Current

21 Amps

Recommended Battery Ah

120 Ah – 220 Ah

Full Battery Recharge Time

10 - 12 Hours


Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity, & Input mains protection through MCB.


Shipping Details

Weight (Kg)


Dimensions (L*W*H) in CM

43 *35 *34


Display Indications

  • Mains available - yes
  • Battery Charging – yes
  • Battery Charging level in % -yes
  • Inverter switched on – yes
  • Low Battery indication- yes
  • Overload Indication – yes

 # Battery is not included with this purchase

Luminous Cruze 2.5 KVA Sine Wave home UPS has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • can i run air conditioner?

    Air Conditioners requires high power to start when light goes off. This is called surge current. Luminous Cruze 5.2 KVA can run 1.5 Ton Ac. 

  • Can desktop computers/servers/workstations be run with this?? How long a 2000 W system with Luminous Cruze 2.5 kVA inverter??

    Yes you can run the load which you mention on the question and will perform very well that 

  • For Luminous 2.5KVA Sine Wave Home UPS, can it support 3 Batteries of 150 AH. At 50% load capacity what is the expected backup time after 15 month of usage?

    Yes Luminous Cruze 2.5 kva sine wave home ups needs 3 batteries to run with the battery capacity can be from 100ah to 220ah 3 batteries. and the backup time of your battery on the deaily usage of 50% will be the same as the new one after 15 months if you take care of the battery maintenance.

  • can i run 1hp sumersible pump on 2.5 kva ups for 20 min

    yes you can run 1hp motor on luminous cruze 2.5kva sine wave home ups

  • Can I run this ups with solar 40 Ah 3 batteries

    Luminous cruze 2.5KVA /36V can support 100 Ah to 220Ah battery. So its better to use any battery from 100Ah to 220 Ah. Using less then 100Ah battery is not recommended with this inverter.

  • can i run 1.5hp sumersible pump on 2.5 kva ups for 30min

    You can easily run your 1.5 Hp submersible pump on luminous cruze 2.5KVA /36V for 30 mins as this system can take load upto 2000 watts and your total load comes around to be 1120 watt.

  • Itz 3 battery system.... n you provide 1 battery with it in combo offer.... will it work with one battery?

    Yes Luminous cruze 2.5KVA /36 V is a triple battery system and we are providing 3 batteries with this system in combo offers. No it will not support just a single battery.

  • Can we run single battery of 220 AH with the help of this UPS.

    No with cruze 2.5 kva you need to buy 3 batteries less then 3 batteries will not work.

  • Can it run water geyser 2kw

    There are so make kind of water geyser that can take load from 1000 watts to 2500 watts , so if you are having geyser load above 2000 watts then you can't use Luminous Cruze 2.5KVA UPS for this as this model can take out put load up to 2000 watt.
    Its better to use Luminous 3.5KVA for your needs.

  • I am looking to run 2 deep freezers (500 ltr & 300 ltr each) along with 1 table fan (90 watts) and 5 led lights (22 watts each) for an ice cream parlour. Deep freezer's power consumption is 350 watts (300 ltr) and 500 watts (500 ltr) where as the surge current is around 2000 watts for each. I have selected Luminous 2.5KVA Sine Wave Home UPS with 3 Batteries of 150 AH for a backup time of 2 to 3 hours. Will it fulfill my requirements?

    As per your requirement it is suggested to use luminous cruze 3.5KVA /48 V with RC 15000 | 120Ah battery that has 36*months warranty. This combo provide the standard back up of 5 to 6 hours.

  • can i add more batteries ( in parallel) for more capacity?

    Luminous Cruze 2.5KVA /36V is a triple battery system so you can connect any battery in serial connection with this system. Adding additional batteries in parallel connection is not recommended from our side, As this might harm your other batteries which are connected in series or they might get charge in couple of hours. 

  • Sir I am run 1.5 hp water pump tel me sufficient inverter for luminous

    Yes you can use 1.5Hp water pump with luminous cruze 2.5 KVA/36V as this inverter will take appliances load upto 2000 watts.

  • It is online or off line

    It is offline UPS. There is fraction of second in changeover from Mains to battery mode switching.