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Luminous Zelio 1100 Sine Wave Inverter

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in Inverter

Warranty 24 Month

  • Rs. 10,000
  • Rs. 5,730
  • ( -43% off )

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Product Details

Luminous Zelio Home UPS is newly launched Inverter from Luminous. It is India's most intelligent Home UPS with features such as Power back up time display in Hours & Minutes, Hassle Free water level maintenance, MCB protection and is equipped with Bypass Switch which keeps Supplying output from Grid even in case of Inverter faults. 


Key Features

Key Feature

Power Backup display time in Hours & Minutes

Running Load

3 CFL, 3 Tube light , 3 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 air Cooler



Battery Support

100 Ah – 220 Ah

Battery System

Single battery / 12V


Technical Details

Wave Type

Pure Sine Wave

Rated Capacity

900 VA

Output power 

755 Watt

Input Voltage

110V -290V

Output Voltage (Ups Mode)

180V – 230 V

Charging Current

15 Amps

Recommended Battery Ah

100 Ah - 220Ah

Full Battery Recharge Time

10 - 12 Hours


Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity & Input mains protection through MCB.


Shipping Details


10.0 Kg


35 *35 *19 cm (L*W*H)


  • Mains available - yes
  • Voltage regulation display – yes
  • Fault Indication- yes
  • Battery requires water top up- yes
  • Battery charging & discharging time – yes
  • Low Battery Indication – yes

 # Battery is not included with this purchase.

Luminous Zelio 1100 Sine Wave Inverter has a rating of 4.3 stars based on 64 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • I have a generator but I'm looking for ups to run a computer for 10-15 mins just to save the work until the generator starts . And rest i have cctv cameras 16 channel which i need to run incase there is no electricity in night because its installed in factory and the generator does not work in night to see the factory . Suggest me a model and let me know how much time will it run if I use the 16 channel dvr along with cameras .

    The backup time of battery depends on Battery Capacity (Ah), Selection of inverter depends upon Peak power requirement, Please speak to our sales personal at 9711 33 0102 to get your doubt clarified. 

  • Luminous zelio 1100 inverter how much apmare take for the charging ,please give details

    Luminous Zelio has 15 amp charging current. 

  • Sir i buy you inveter u can give discount ...punjab?

    The price mentioned on website is fianl price. There is no discount running as of now. 

  • Hi.. Does it have internal battery? Is it a UPS or an inverter?

    Luminous Zelio is an inverter, it works similary as UPS. but it does not come with battery. you need to buy battery seperately with the inverter. 

  • luminous shakti charger inveter ko full charge karne me kitna hours lagta hai aur kya kaise jane ke full ho gaya

    Shakti charge home ups is the fastest charging inverter, It can charge the battery with 20 amphere charging current. once battery will get fully charged, charging indication will not blink. 

  • Can we use Luminous ILTT 24048 | 180AH Tubular Battery for Luminous Zelio 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS ?

    Zelio 1100 inverters supports 180 Ah battery. you can easily connect ILTT 24048 180 Ah tubular battery with Zelio 1100 inverter. 

  • I planned to buy Luminous Zelio 1100VA and suggested Battery for it is 135Ah-180Ah. I would like to have more back up. Can I use Luminous Tall Tubular 220Ah Battery with Luminous 1100VA.

    A 220 ah battery could be connected with Zelio 1100 model. however it will take 14-15 hours in charging. 

  • What is the efficiency of this Inverter?

    Luminous zelio Home ups has => 80 % efficiency typically in battery mode. 

  • Although I have purchased this UPS(Zelio 1100) but still not clear about the efficiency of this inverter. Your specifications does not reveal clear picture about the product. Can you please provide the efficiency of UPS?

    Luminous zelio Home ups has => 80 % efficiency typically in battery mode. 

  • is battery exclude from thisprice

    Inverter does not come with battery, you need to buy battery seperately with Luminous Zelio 1100 model.

  • My Zelio 1100 LCD display is very dim. In room light I barely able to see it. Is it possible to increase the intensity of the display?

    Zelio 1100 inverter LCD display has by default factory setting. at Consumer end, it is not changeable. Hence you will not be able to increase the intensity of LCD display. 

  • How IGBT based UPS(transformer less) differs with transformer based? Which one is more efficient and their respective advantages and disadvantages? Do you have home UPS in light weight range?

    All inverters in Luminous comes with Transformer. There is no inverer on IGBT base (Tranformer less). The inverter which comes with transformer has less efficiency than transformer less inverter but the inverter having transformer are more reliable in India due to different Indian power conditioins. 

  • This inverter can I use exide xpress xp 1800 battery.

    Surely, Zelio 1100 model could be used with Exide express XP 1800 model battery. Zelio model is compitable with all types of battery from 135 Ah to 180 Ah. 

  • Can this used for laser printers? Normal home office laser printers. I want to use 1 tube, 1 Fan and computer with normal laser printer?

    If you want to run laser printer on on Inverter with Computer, We would recommend you to buy Luminous Rapid Charge 1650/ 1500 VA inverter.  

  • what about using 120Ah battery? any problem for the battery life? If overload, will the inverter shutdown itself?

    There is no problem with battery life of 120 Ah. In case, there is overload on inverter, It will sht down after 3-4 attempts. 

  • Type your question herei i want to bye aluminous zielo1100 inverter

    You can buy online, Add the item in the cart, enter your address  and make payement. The item will be delivered to you home in 4-5 days with free home delivery. know how buying from Luminous eShop is secure and convenient , read the blog

  • I want to buy inverter along with battery through luminous e shop. Is delivery available in jadcherla region of telangana state. If so installation is provided from your side with free of cost.

    Luminous eShop delivers products all across the countrtt including jadcherla region of telangana state. Installation is provided only in cities and that too if you buy inverter alongwith Inverter battery. 

  • I want to buy zelio 1100 and 220Ah battery. Is the inverter and battery combination good or shall I go for 180Ah battery?

    180 Ah battery is recommended with Zelio 1100, if you wish to use 220 Ah battery, It will support but it will take 3-4 hours extra time in charging. A normal l150 ah battery gets fully charged in 10-11 hours.  

  • Which one is better? Sinewave invertor or square wave invertor and second question is please give comparison between zelio 1100 and shakti 1400 home ups

    Sine wave inverters are technologically advanced inverters. Being Sine wave product, It does not create humming noise too. the price and technical details are mentioned on Product page for Zelio 1100 and Shakti charge 1400 model. 

  • What is the change over time of this 1100va Zelio product ?

    The change over time of Zelio model is around 20 millon seconds in switching from Grid to battery mode and Battery mode to Grid mode. 

  • Where can I get the battery water level sensor for Zelio?

    Luminous Zelio has the feature of Water level sensor, the water level sensor display glows when your battery needs water refilling. For this, your inverter should be connected with battery through e-float, As of now, e-float is not available online on Luminous eShop, you could buy this from a Local shop. 

  • Which one is the suitable battery for zelio 1100va through which we can use 3fans of 50W each,3led bulbs of 9W each and 1TV? Please also mention backup hrs and the cost of that particular battery.

    The total load requirement of your home is 250 watts, you could connect any battery of 150 Ah. the back up time of battery at different loads are provided in technical specifications of battery page. 

  • What is the difference between zelio 1100va and 900va??

    Luminous do not have any product with 1100VA in Zelio Series. Zelio 1100 is the model number and its Capacity is 900 VA. 

  • Is this suitable for 3 tube light, 2 fan, 1 television & single 200watts refrigerator. Plz suggest electric inverter combination for rural area for this load.

    Luminous Zelio 1100 Model could run 3 tube light, 2 fan, 1 television but this would not run 200 watts of Refrigerator load. For Running home Refreigerators upto 300 watts, Consumers have choice to buy any 1500VA Inverter. you have two options 1) Rapid Charge Inverter with single battery and 2) Zelio 1700 model with 2 battery

  • Best inverter for luminous 220 Ah battery

    If you really wish to buy Best Inverter for 220 AH battery, I would strongly recommend to buy Rapid Charge Home UPS

  • Sir please tell me what is the transfer time of this ups from mains to backup. i want a UPS with a transfer time less then 4ms (milliseconds)-

    Luminous all Home UPS/ Inverter has less than 20 million second of transfer time. Your Computer, Wi-Fi router will not restart  in change over when light goes off and appliance runs on inverter. 

  • What is the output voltage of Inverter on Eco and UPS mode with load and without load when main fails?

    Zelio Inverter has two Output Voltage Selection modes 1) Eco and 2) UPS mode. In Eco mode, The output voltage in both the modes remains same which is 220V +- 10 Volts. Keep UPS Mode on if you need 180V -230V of Output, UPS Mode is required mainly for running Desktop Computers. otherwise Keep Eco mode on for running normal lighting loads such as lights, Fans, Television etc.

  • Luminous Zelio Will charge my battery because we only get 10 hour electricity in our area

    Luminous Zelio has three modes of charging (Low/Medium/High). You can also select charging mode (low/medium/high) from backside of the inverter, if you keep Charging mode on high, Inverter gives 17 Ampere of charging current, In this case, the inverter will be able to charge the battery in 10 hours

  • Is the transformer used is a copper transformer???

    Transformers is one of the most important component in designing inverters. Luminous uses FSW (Foil Stripped winding) Technology in making transformers, The foil used are made of Aluminium strips.   

  • Is there any exchange policy as my luminous invertor is not working n i want to exchange it

    On Inverters, Usually, there is no exchange offer, you could sell your non-working inverter to a local scrapper. Luminous eShop offers buy back or exchange scheme on Old Inverter batteries.  

  • I have connected 190ah battery with zelio 1100,when my battery low then inverter display (c b l) why,what's reason please reply

    Zelio 1100 is powered with LCD dispaly and it display following message when there is some problem with the UPS or battery.
    Display - Message
    LBT - Low battery
    OLD - Overload
    BTP - MCB breaker tripped
    SCT - short Circuit occured
    CBL- wrong wiring is connected
    OTP - Over Temprature

    Please contact Luminous Customer service center 1800 103 3039 to register your complaints. 

  • I want to buy output 2000 watts LUMINOUS inverter, please give some idea about this. which one is best for me ?

    Please buy Luminous Cruze 3.5 KVA UPS, the inverter has 2800 watts of ouput power at full load. It requires 4 nos. of 150 Ah battery to be connected. 

  • If I buy online. How do I get service? What about warranty? Is it possible to get service by local dealer?

    If any body buy product online from luminous website then we provide each customer on site warranty in which you just need to call on our toll free number that is 18001033039 and register your complaint then within 24 hours engineer will visit your place to resolve your problem. This kind of service is impossible to get from local dealers , in most of the cases if you buy from local dealer , dealer refuse to provide you on site warranty in that case you have to go to our service centers  to get the things resolve.

  • This product price is 5300 with battery ?

    Luminous Zelio 1100 /12V price is 5730 without battery. You need to buy one battery separately with this system.

  • hi can i use luminous 150 battery with zelio 1100 and how many hour will take in full charge.

    With luminous zelio 1100 model it is recommended to use any battery from 100 Ah to 220 Ah, so if you want to use 150 ah battery you can use that easily. Time take by inverter to charge your battery fully will be 12 to 15 hours as the charging current of zelio 1100 is 15 amperes. 

  • I just buy the zelio 1100 with 150 Ah battery from luminous from a local authorized dealer on 5th October 2016 so now it showing some problems like i not connected a water level sensor in it but is still showing the low water level indicator on the screen and it also make a noise when power comes back and the backup time just chages within seconds from 9 hour backup to 6 hour so please help me out..

    Please call Luminous service center at 1800 103 3039. It is toll free number and works 24*7. 

  • My battery STAN SF Red 450+. Good condition. Old inverter Digital 1000 HPH 1000VA. Tell me suitable inverter mofal

    you can replace your older inverter with Luminous Inverter model Zelio 1100. 

  • Can mobiles be charged by inverters is it safe ?

    Mobile can be easily charged through inverter and it is completely safe. Even you can also charge your laptop, portable Bluetooth speakers etc. 

  • Hi .. What is the operational power consumption of this device?

    Luminous 1 KVA inverter consumes 1-2 units per day. This consumption totaly depends on power failers in your home. if there is less power failure, the power consumption per unit would be less. 

  • Is it copper or aluminum winding? Which is best for 150AH tubular battery at home?

    All the product that are manufactured in luminous consist of aluminium winding , no copper material is used in this. You can use luminous zelio 1100 with RC 18000 150Ah battery - 36* months warranty this will be the best setup for 2 to 3 bhk homes for getting 3 to 4 hrs of standard backup.  

  • Hello i would like to purchase Luminous Zelio 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS and i have 1 q.. For now 1 battery is ok, but if i want can we connect 2 batteries of the same Ah in series or parallel in future can i connect them? thanks..,

    It is interesting to know that you have done your research before buying the inverter. Zelio 1100 is a 12 V inverter. hence only 12 V battery can be connected. If you connect one number of 150 AH battery today, another battery of 150 Ah could be connect in future but make sure connections are in parellel.   

  • Luminous zelio 1100 inverter is suitable for 200ah SMF battery ?

    We recommend to use Lead Acid battery from 120 AH to 220 AH, however if you wish to use SMF battery, then, you need to select SMF (S) from inverter back side. the battery selection criteria is given. 

  • What is the Eco in luomans ups

    that is just the model name 

  • Luminous zilio 1100 means 1100 va or what

    Zelio1100 means its name and its rated capacity is 900va 

  • Mai exide 230 ka battery aur luminous zelio1100 inverter lena chahta hu to battery ko full charge karne par 500watt loding par kitna der chalega? Aur battery ko full charge hone me kitna time lagega? And battery ko jaldi full charge karne k liye inverter kaun batter rahega?

    Apki battery ko full charge ke ke liye Luminous zelio1100 ko 9 se 10 hr ka time lagega and backup ako 7 hrs tak ka milega

  • Mujhe 4 fan aur 10 LED bulb(9watt) aur 1 LED TV WITH DTH chalana hi to kaun inverter sutaible rahega aur battery kaun lena hoga kitne power ka.?

    The best product to run your load will be Luminous zelio1100+rc18000

  • I'm not getting the best price of rs2730 as posted

    We are still runing the the discount on Luminous Zelio1100 sine wave home ups of rupees 730 off this is the still lowest price offer to you.

  • Why Zelio 1100 output power shows 685 watt on website and 530 watt at the back of Physical UPS?

    Because Zelio 1100 model takes 685 watt of resistive load and 530 watt of real load. 

  • Can connect 120 ah battery with zelio 1100

    Yes you can connect a 120ah battery with Luminous Zelio 1100 sine wave home ups.

  • Is safe to run computer thru Luminous Zelio 1100, or I must buy seperate UPS for computer. please suggest.

    It is safe to run your computer turu zelio1100 home ups you don't need to buy any other seperate ups system for that.

  • Bought a new one recently..The fans make noise from time to time.. probably is kicking when it gets heated up.. is this normal? My previous Luminous inverter was not doing this.

    If you think, your inverter is causing problem, Please contact Luminous service center at 1800 103 3039.

  • I want to replace my existing Luminous inverter model LB 800 with Zelio 1100. Is it compatible? Is there any buy back offer ?

    Any single battery UPS (12V) can be replaced with Zelio 1100 including  LB 800. There is no exchange offer running on Invertes, you need to buy Luminous Zelio online and sell your old inverter to any local scrappers. 

  • Can we connect this to solar panels? is this hybrid

    Yes you can connect solar panel with this by connect luminous solar retrofit.

  • Any exchange offer I have shine wave with 2 battery inverters approx 2 year old

    Luminous eShop offers exchange on batteries. There is no exchange offer on home ups at present. check about exchange offer on batteries by clicking on link Cash back offer 

  • Does we get warranty from exide which specify only the warranty will valid if you use with an UPS

    If you buy UPS from Luminous and battery from Exide. Luminous will offer warranty on UPS which is 2 years. We do not have any problem if you buy Exide battery and connect with Luminous UPS. 

  • what is conversion time for this ups model ? in milliseconds.

    The response time/conversion time of this ups in milliseconds is 8ms 

  • can this unit be used with a 52ah battery?

    No you can't use 52 Ah battery with this system. Luminous zelio 1100 /12V can support batteries from 100Ah to 220 Ah depending up on the back time the customer wants. 

  • What is the cost of installation and need the same in Devlali camp Nasik area whether it will be deliveered or not.

    If you are buying only Inverter from Luminous eshop then you need to get installation done Via your local electrician. They might charge you from Rs. 200 - Rs.300 for Inverter installation.

  • Can zelio 1100 run kitchen mixer

    Yes you can mixer but the mixer should be less then 600watts 

  • Is there any guaranty for this product?

    In luminous we provide 2 years warranty on each range of UPS. All the details are mention on each particular product page about warranty term and conditions.

  • Sir want to purchase solar and electrical charging inverter ( 2 in 1) is it available in Luminous company please inform me sir

    Yes in luminous there are inverters than work on both solar and electricity i.e on grid and off grid . Luminous solar hybrid 1100/12v is there that you can use instead of Zelio 1100/12V inverter.

  • 3000 watts solar system ki kaya price hi

    Price for luminous solar hybrid PCU NXT 3KW/48V with (150*4)600 Ah solar battery and (250*12) 3000 watt solar panels is Rs.288000/-.

  • Luminous zielo is copper winding or aluminium winding

    All product of luminous has aluminium widing whether it is inverter , battery , fans  or other accessories. You will not find any thing that has copper winding in luminous.

  • What is the life of UPS ?

    Luminous provides 24 months warranty on its UPS. Standard life of UPS is around 10 years. Zelio 1100/12V has same life.

  • Hello sir, I want to perches ur inverter (Luminous Zelio 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS) If i perches from eshop or snapdeal,or Amazon or anyother then who gave me service in future? U have any dealer or any service center in vasai, maharashtra? (for future mentenance also? if yes, pls provide add n contact no). I have exide battery IT500 (150Ah) and i want to replace inverter. can u give some instructions for how to connect inverter to battery?

    You can buy Luminous Zelio 1100 VA inverter online from Luminous eShop. Luminous will give you service through its Authorized service centers. No need to Visit or find Dealer number. Just buy it online from Luminous eShop. For installation you can see our Installation Video.

  • Is it with Battery?, If yes Which battery?, Installation in Ahmedabad?

    No, The inverter does not include Battery, You need to buy battery separately. You can get Inverter installed by a Local electrician.

  • Sir its suppourt half hp motor and its suppourt 1 hp.motor....pls reply me sir

    Luminous Zelio 1100 will only support half hp motor but luminous Zelio 1100 you can connect 1 hp motor if you want to connect 1 hp motor then you need to go for luminous cruze 2 kva which is the best inverter for running heavy loads like 1hp motor whith luminous cruze 2 kva if you will connect two batteries of 150ah and connect you 1 hp motor the backup you will get for will be 6 to 7 hrs 

  • I planned to buy Luminous Zelio 1100VA and suggested Battery for it is 135Ah, How much the backup time get for normal usage (2 Fans 2 CFL TV)

    If you will run your 2 fans and 2 cfl and one tv on Luminous Zelio 1100 with 135ah battery you will get the backup of 4 to 5 hrs and this will provide you the best performance and best backup.

  • Sir i have 200ah battery is it suitable for use?

    Luminous provides wide variety in inverter (600VA to 10KVA) and battery (100Ah to 220 Ah). All kinds of batteries are recommended to be used with any kind of inverters. So luminous 200Ah battery will be supported with the luminous zelio 1100/12 V UPS.

  • How much load in watt zelio 1100

    Luminous Zelio 1100 inverter will take 720 watt of Bulb load

  • can we connect 100 ah battery 2 no in parallel to get more backup

    Connecting 2 batteries with 12 volt system is not recommended as the 12 volt system can't be able to charge both the batteries at same time , its better to use one battery with single system , 2 battery with double battery system and so on.

  • Do you have any buy back option for the old inverter? If so at what price do you take the old inverter?

    luminous eshop is only having the buyback option for old batteries not for old inverter 

  • Can I connect with 100AH battery? Will it support other brands Battery too like Exide?

    Yes you can use 100ah battery with Luminous Zelio 1100 and yes you can use other brands battery aswell 

  • Do we need to buy battey separate or it includes with inverter

    Inverter does not come with battery, You need to buy battery between 135 Ah -180 AH separately with the inverter.

  • Does it have high/low voltage cut off for mains supply?i.e., does it switch to battery when there is power surge?

    The Luminous Zelio inverter has low cut off and high cut off. The Inverter will switch to battery mode if the input voltage is beyond 100V -260V

  • Whats the cost of battery

    The battery will cost you from Rupees 9200 to 14,500 depending upon battery warranty and AH Capacity.

  • Am presently in India and want to buy d zelio 1100 plus 180Ah battery. Can you do shipping to nigeria? If not, kindly advise.

    We can provide delivery all over India for inverter and battery, but we can only shipping inverter to nigeria , battery can't be shipped from our side as battery contain lead acid , so shipping battery is hazardous. 

  • Can I use 2 no of 100 amphour battery with zelio 1100va.

    No you can't connect 2 batteries of 100Ah with Luminous Zelio 1100/12V UPS as it supports only single battery. If you want to connect 2 batteries then you can buy zelio 1700/24V as it support double battery.

  • Can we use Inverter for elevators during power cut Can we use Inverters for elevators during power cut? If yes which one would you recommend

    Yes, You can use Inverter for running elevators during power cut. Please give us your number to connect with you.

  • Does the transformer coil is copper?

    In all luminous product the transfomer coil is of Aluminium instead of copper.

  • If I connect it with luminous 220ah battery than how many hours take to full charge 220ah battery...

    Luminous zelio 1100/12V charging current is of 15 amperes, if you are using luminous 220AH battery with this system then time taken by zelio 1100 to fully charge your battery will be from 10 to 12 hours.

  • Do Zelio models support pure sine wave or is it modified sine wave, I don't see any mention of pure sine wave inverters on the site, can you kindly clarify which models fall under pure sine wave including commercial ones and those which are modified sine wave inverters. Thanks in Advance !

    There are two types of technology in Inverters a) pure sine wave and 2) modifed sine wave. Below is the list for technology wise models

    Pure Sine wave models
    Eco Volt 850 , 1050, Zelio 1100, 1700, Cruze Model - 2 KVA / 2.5 KVA / 3.5 KVA / 5 KVA

    Modified Sine wave models
    Eco watt, Rapid charge

  • Do you provide installation? is there any charge? I am planning to replace my existing APC 800VA

    Yes we do provide installation to our customer in metropolitan cities with the charge of Rs.300 and in other cities there is no installation provided from our side. In installation we just provide plug and play no internal house wiring is included in that. There is no replacement offer on inverters.

  • zeilo1100 but 900va that means

    Luminous zelio 1100 is just the model name of an inverter and its rated capacity is 900VA(volt amp). This model can take output load up to 755 watts. Supported battery in this inverter is from 100Ah to 220 Ah.

  • I already have new luminous 220Ah battery fitted with a 7 year old microtek inverter, now it's started giving problem,currently I'm planning to buy a luminous inverter,which inverter should i buy considering i already have the battery, my normal load is 6 LED bulbs,4 CFL,1 FAN,1 television (not all running simultaneously) and it can aslo able to handle additional occasion festive lode like LED Frill and few more led bulbs.

    Zelio 1100 is a right model for you. It has many features such as MCB protection, Backup time display, Battery water level indication, This is the best inverter to buy for running a power load upto 700 watts. 

  • sir,u recommend zelio 1100va with battery 135ah-180ah but i want to more backup.can i connect 200ah battery? please tell me 200ah with backup time.

    Usually, we recommend Zelio on 135 Ah to 180 Ah battery, If you connect 200 Ah battery then Inverter will take more time to charge.

  • i have Luminous zelio 1100 inverter can i connect to solar panel? will this model supports.

    All luminous inverter are ready to convert into solar system for that you just need to buy one solar retrofit - shine 2420 that is suitable with zelio 1100. This retrofit converts normal inverter to work as solar inverter and you need to buy solar panels also.

  • If we want to use one cooler tv along with set top box, a refrigerator of 285 kg, one 1/2hp moter. How much kv is sufficient for this energy consumption.

    If you want to run all above mentioned appliances then you should buy Cruze 2 KVA Inverter.

  • Why is the price of inverter more on your site than on snapdeal which is offering it only for Rs.4729/-? I thought buying from official website would be more useful. Is it available on EMI?

    It is important to know why to buy online from compnay brand store. Please read this article.

  • Zelio 1100 sinewave is suitabla for village where light come less hours and fluctuation..and how many watt of this inverter it is silent or not

    Zelio 1100 is a pure sine wave inverter, So it does not create any noise. Since The inverter has UPS mode which regulates output voltage, So, If you keep UPS mode on, There will be no voltage fluctuations. 


    A laptop consumes around 50 watt power per hour. in 6 hour, you would consume 300 Watt. you should buy Eco watt 850 with RC 15000 - 120 Ah battery, It will surfice your purpose.  


  • There is a fan at the back side of the inverter but it is not running at all times. When does the fan switch on. THe inverter is getting mildly heated and the fan is not running. Is this normal?

    The fan given on the back side of the inverter is to cool the inverter components. It usually runs whenever the inverter gets heated. It will not run if the temprature inside inverter is under control. So do not worry about it's working, it's all programmed. 

  • Are there two difference model i.e. zelio 1100 and zelio 900va

    Zelio 1100 and Zelio 900 VA are same model. Zelio is the name of model, 900 VA is the rated power capacity of the inverter. 

  • zelio 1100 and 900 are same?

    Zelio 1100 and Zelio 900 both are same Model with rated capacity of 900 VA.