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Luminous RC 18000 I 150Ah - 36* Months Warranty Tubular Battery - Luminous eShop

Luminous RC 18000 I 150Ah - 36* Months Warranty Tubular Battery

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36* Months Warranty

  • Rs. 14,100
  • Rs. 12,999
  • ( -8% off )

Product descriptions


Red Charge 18000


Tall Tubular

Replacement warranty

18 months

Inverter support

600 VA – 10 KVA

Nominal Voltage

12 Volt


Cash back offer

Replace your old battery and buy new battery from Luminous, you could get Cash back up to Rs. 2,000/-* Conditions apply

Cash back Value depends upon Battery Ah Rating, For 150 Ah - Rs. 2000/-, For 135 Ah - Rs, 1500/- and for 100 Ah - Rs, 1000/-

The Cash back amount will be paid to you at the time of picking up old battery.  


Backup time*


500 W

400 W

300 W

200 W

100 W


2 hrs 10 mint

3 hrs

4 hrs 30 mints

7 hrs 30 mints

18 hrs 30 mint


Technical details

Dry Weight

Filled Weight

Overall Dimensions of Containers (mm)

Boost Charging

Trickle Mode Charging



Length (+/-3) mm

Width (+/-3) mm

Height (+/-3) mm

Starting rate (Amp)

Finishing rate (Amp)

Min.  (mA)

Max (mA)











# Shipping to home including village and delivery within 2-3 days with Installation. 

 * Back up time is Under Standard Test conditions, may vary depending upon load types, temperature and ageing. 

Luminous RC 18000 I 150Ah - 36* Months Warranty Tubular Battery has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 22 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • What does 36* mean,will warranty go for 36 month with replacement or anything else.

    Inverter battery comes with replacement and pro rata warranty. Higher the replacement warranty, Higher the selling price. In Luminous Red charge 18000 model. There is 18 months replacemetn warranty and rest is pro rata warranty. 

  • 150 ah means how much watt?

    All Inverter batteries are 12 Volt, 150 Ah /12 Volt means (150Ah*12V) = 1800 watts. 

  • Can i cannect 200ah battery to 1100 battery

    Surely, An inverter of 1100VA could be connected with 200 Ah batteries. 

  • How can I get RC 18000 220 ah battery

    Luminous 200 Ah battery model – Red Charge 25000 is out of stock now, As soon as, the stock gets available, you will be informed.

  • I want to purchase Inverter for my house,but don't have any idea of which AH I need to choose.Can someone please tell me what is LT550 or ZELIO 1100 VA etc,what it refers to.

    Hello Buyer, We would request you to read our blog on how to buy right inverter battery for your home. Click on the link to read the article. 

  • What's the difference between Luminous RC 18000 I 150Ah,Luminous EC 18036 I 150Ah and Luminous ILTT 18048 I 150Ah Tubular Battery? Which is Better?

    There are two ways to select battery while purchase 1) Capacity, Measured in Ampere hour (AH) and warranty. RC18000  | EC 18036 and ILTT 18048 are150 ah batteries but battery warranty is different for each battery model. 

  • Free shipping available to jp nagar 7th phase bangalore 560078

    If you wish to buy battery and Inverter battery combo. Luminous eShop is the only website which provides free shipping, Installation and delivery across all cities and Villages in India. 

  • I need to exchange my old exide in 1500 plus . I need exchange price for this model

    Exide IN 1500 Plus is 150 Ah battery. You could expect up to Rs. 2000 as exchange Value.

  • How can get subsidy on solar product I want to buy your solar for home

    The Indian Government and statement government does not provide any subsidy on Solar System if it includes battery. The Subsidy is only on Grid Tie Inverter. 

  • Is this online purchase does have warranty and free services valid at local lumious athorised services

    Luminous eShop is managed by Luminous itself, So you should not worry about warranty and free services. You will get Warranty through our Local Authorized service centers. 

  • I have LT500 150AH luminous bbattery. Now its back up is less than half hour with three cceiling fan ie 250 watts. I want to change it. What will be exchange value.

    LT 550 is 150 Ah battery. if you replace with new Inverter battery, you will get exchange value of Rs. 2,000/-. 

  • I bought a luminous btry RC 18000 150 Ah lst dy but i want to know that how can i use that for long lasting

    Life of battery depends on Uses and regular water top up.

    Do following to achieve longer life in a lead acid battery (RC 18000)

    1. Do regular water top (Check water level once in three month)
    2. Clean Battery terminals regularly. (Clean with hot water / apply greece)
    3. Do not run heavy equipments on battery. 
    4. Use 5 star rated and ISI marked Electrical appliances on home inverters.