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Luminous Trolley for Single Tubular Battery


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Product Descriptions

Luminous Introduces premium quality, Ultra durable Trolley to reduce storage space and look home beautiful. It is spacious, safe and made from tough long lasting material which does not get destroyed by spillage from battery, Battery is kept inside the trolley and Inverter is placed on the top of it. It has wheels for easy mobility. This screw less battery trolley is made for easy battery maintenance. It is open from back side for ventilation and water topping. This is a strong and very adjustable and easy to install.


Inverter Support

600 VA – 1500 VA

Battery Technology Support

Single battery (Flat Plate / Tubular)

Battery AH Support

100 Ah -230 Ah

Key Features

  • Suitable for Single Tall Tubular Battery like RC 18000, ILTT18048 etc.
  • Ultra Durable - made from high grade plastic material
  • Super Compatible - Suit with all types of Batteries and Inverter.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Top notch built wheels of premium quality
  • Head - Turner- A perfect match of looks with your inverter battery set. 
  • Dimensions (L * W* H) - 600 x 318 x 525 in MM

Note: This product is made of Plastic, therefore, there will no replacement. It is a non-refundable item.



The Luminous Inverter battery Trolley is made of the best quality plastic available in the market and with the application of scientific principles. The front portion of the Luminous inverter trolley is closed airtight while as from the back side, space has been provided that ensures the required amount of air is available to the battery.  The premium quality durable Luminous inverter trolley acts as a lamination and gives your family especially children, a complete protection from shocks.

Since it acts as a packaging of the inverter, Luminous has laid much emphasis on the design of its inverter battery trolley. The elegantly designed luminous inverter trolley adds a new charm to the interiors of your house.


Advantage of Inverter Stand / Trolley

If you belong to that bunch of people who think Inverter trolley is just an additional accessory and nothing else, then you are not right in your thinking. Because an inverter trolley protects your battery from erosion hence increases its shelf life.

When the contents of the battery come into direct contact with air, the lifespan of the battery decreases & its charging capacity also decreases. The aim of Luminous inverter Trolley for Single Tubular Battery is to provide a very strong & compact support to your power backup system to protect it from erosion and make it easy to handle.

Luminous Trolley for Single Tubular Battery has a rating of 3.8 stars based on 54 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Is there any trolley for double battery inverter combination.

    We dont make double battery trolley we make single battery trolley.

  • Is both tubular battery 150ah and inverter can be placed inside the trolley,?

    If you buy Luminous Trolley for single tubular battery you can only keep the battery inside the trolley not inverter. inverter you need to place on the top of the trolley.

  • I want trolley for two tubular batteries. Is it possible to keep two batteries.

    Luminous only makes single battery trolley. we dont make double battery trolley 

  • Is there any trolly which can cover battery and inverter as well

    No we dont have any trolley which can cover battery and inverter both. our luminous trolley only cover battery

  • Can i fit a 60AH OR 80AH battery with it

    Yes in luminous trolley for single battery you can fit 60ah and 80 battery in it. This single battery trolley can take battery from 40ah to 220ah in it.

  • Can I place 100 ah battery & inverter

    You can place your battery inside the trolley and inverter on top of that trolley.

  • I plan to keep the 150Ah tubular battery and 850VA Solar inverter on my kitchen loft which is at a height of 7ft. I am afraid if the trolley has wheels it can roll down. Do the wheels have brake lock.

    Luminous trolley is designed in such a way that any one can easily attach and detach trolley wheels. If you are planning to place the trolley on top of kitchen loft at 7ft height Please make sure that you don't add wheels to that trolley.