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Luminous Solar 40 Ah Tubular battery

Luminous Solar 40 Ah Tubular battery


36 Months Warranty

  • Rs. 6,500
  • Rs. 5,500
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Product descriptions

Luminous Solar 40 Ah Tubular battery is a C10 rating deep cycle battery designed for connecting with solar inverters of capacity in between 900 VA – 10 KVA.  It provides longer power backup and requires very low maintenance. Since it is a Tall Tubular battery, the device doesn’t corrode or sheds fast, thus lasts for a long time. It is an advanced variant of LED Acid batteries. The complex structure with improved technology ensures fast charging much faster than the average.


The model name of the battery is LPT 1240L and rated capacity is 40 Ah & inverter support 900 VA – 10 KVA. The nominal voltage of the battery is 12V.


LPT 1240L

Rated Capacity

40 Ah

Replacement warranty

3 years


Tall Tubular

Inverter support

900 VA – 10 KVA

Nominal Voltage

12 Volt

Key Features

The Luminous Solar 40 Ah Tubular battery has been designed especially to connect to a solar panels and inverter system.  The advantage is that battery requires a very little maintenance with topping up the frequency in just 8-10 months. The efficiency rate is 90% with self-discharge rate- 3% per month at 27˚C.

  • Tub Flooded Solar Batteries specially designed for Solar Applications
  • Low maintenance with Topping up Frequency once in 8-10 months
  • Self-discharge rate – 3% per month @ 27˚C
  • C10 rated Capacity with Higher AH Efficiency >90%

Technical details

The Dimensions of the battery are Length 410, (+/-3) mm, Width 176 (+/-3) mm, Height 233 (+/-3) mm. The dry weight of the battery is 15.1, Filled weight 23.3, and electrolyte volume 6.6 ltr. Since it is not any other conventional cell type, it can be relied upon for highly productive applications.


     Dimensions of Containers

               Battery Weight

Nominal Voltage

C10 Capacity

Length (+/-3) mm

Width (+/-3) mm

Height (+/-3) mm

Dry weight (kg)

Filled weight (kg)

Electrolyte Volume 

12 V

40 AH






6.6 Ltr.


# Free Shipping and delivery within 4-5 days. 

# If you are looking forward to get Luminous Solar products installed. please refer below installation guide. Click Here

Luminous Solar 40 Ah Tubular battery has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • sarmere paas luminus ki40 ah battery hai us par kitne watt ka panel lagega?

    100 Watts  / 12 Volt Solar panel is recommended for charging Luminous 40 Ah battery. 

  • For 5watt three led bulbs which solar battery should I must buy & solar panel power also please mention

    The best solar system for your needs will luminous solar combo 850va 

  • Can I use 4O Ah battery with 900 VA inverter?

    Yes you can use 40ah battery with 900va inverter

  • 40 amp our 100 watts panel per kitine ghante backup rahta hai

    apko backup milega 6 hrs ka 

  • This battery is a free delivery or not?

    Luminous Solar 40 ah battery comes with free delivery in some location and in some location we take delivery charges. If your area is in a remote side then there will be a delivery charge and if you live in a metro city then the delivery is free.

  • Will it be suitable for normal inverter

    Yes sir it is suitable for your normal inverter.

  • which inverter suitable for this battery.....and 150w(bulb+fan) how many hrs works with this?

    The best inverter for Luminous Solar $0ah Tubular battery is Luminous solar hybird 1100 | home ups

  • What about 40watt sollar pannnal and 40ah battery?

    1) A 40 ah Battery needs 4 ampere charging current per hour, if you want to charge 40 ah battery, you need 100 watt of solar panel.

    2) if you wish to buy 40 watt solar panel then according to thumb rule, you should buy 20 Ah battery.

  • How much is the price of 12volt solar 40ah battery

    The cost of luminous solar 40ah battery is 5500 incl gst. This battery comes with 36 months replacement warranty and this battery is for best small uses.

  • Kya is battery ko 200 watt inverter me use kr sakte ha ?

    Either you can connect 75ah battery or 100AH battery with 200 watt solar panels, as panel capacity must be 2 time more than battery capacity.

  • I m already having 25 watts solar panel can I purchase a new panel of 100watts and both be connected to the same battery ? How much AH battery will be preferred ?

    If you are adding 25 watts panels to your existing 100 watts panels then you need to buy at least 75 AH battery, as this is suitable with 130 watts solar panels.

  • Can we used 40ah solar battery with EXIDE 850 VA sine wave normal inverter. can I get 5 year Warrenty model in 40ah solar battery since we have power cut not more than 10 mins

    As you are looking for only 10 mins backup, then you can use luminous 40Ah battery with exide 850VA inverter. On luminous 40Ah battery there is 36 months(3 years) replacement warranty. There is no 5 years warranty on 40Ah battery.

  • 150w solar panel hei luminous 40ah battery solar direct charge karega ya nahi

      Haan charge tou karegi par is mein bohat risk hay. Luminous solar inverter mein charge controller hota hay, jo battery ko overcharge  yaa pora down honay say bachaata hay.  Agar battery over charge hogi to kharab hogi aur aap kaa paisa zaya hoga. Aur jin cheezoun  ko aap  chalavogay, un kay khaarab honay kaa be khatra rehta hay.  

  • Sir mere pass 50 watt ki solar penal he aur 10 amp ka charger usme kitane AH ka battery lagegga .. Our load 180 watt 5 hrs

    It is recommended to have right combination of proudcts. for Running power from Solar, you need threee componenets 1) Solar Panel 2) Charge Controller 3) Battery. for Running 180 Watt of Load, you should have Solar 80 Ah Battery, 10 amps charge controller and 200 Watts of panel for 5 hours of backup.