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Zelio 1700 + RC18000 150 Ah - 36* months warranty Tubular Battery


Warranty: Inverter -24 Months, Battery - 36* Months

  • Rs. 38,200
  • Rs. 33,500
  • ( -12% off )

Check COD Availability (upto Rs. 10,000)

Product Descriptions

Luminous Zelio is India’s most intelligent sine wave home ups with features such as Power back up time display in Hours & Minutes, Hassle Free water level maintenance, MCB protection. The Combo comes with 2 batteries of 150 Ah and it will run all your home appliances such as Lighting load, Refrigerator, Grinder juicer Mixer, etc. for 6-8 hours.


Item details


Inverter – 1500 VA, Double Battery – 150 Ah

Running Load Combination

4 CFL, 4 Tube light, 4 Ceiling Fan,  2 Television, 1 Water Cooler

Standard backup

6 - 8 hours


Inverter – Sine Wave, Battery – Tall Tubular 


Inverter – 24 months, Battery 18+18* months


Inverter – 17 Kg,

Operating Voltage

110 V – 285 V

Battery Full Recharge Time

10-12 hours


Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity, Input mains protection through MCB


Battery Backup time*


500 W

400 W

300 W

200 W

100 W


4 hrs 20 mint

6 hrs

9 hrs 

15 hrs

36 hrs 


Technical details

Dry Weight Filled Weight Overall Dimensions of Containers (mm) Boost Charging Trickle Mode Charging
±5%Kg. ±5%Kg. Length (+/-3) mm Width (+/-3) mm Height (+/-3) mm Starting rate (Amp) Finishing rate (Amp) Min.  (mA) Max (mA)
29.5 44.5 505 220 258 15.1 7.6 126 504


Display Indications

  • Mains available - yes
  • Voltage regulation display – yes
  • Fault Indication- yes
  • Battery requires water top up- yes
  • Battery charging & discharging time – yes
  • Low Battery Indication – yes

# Free Shipping and delivery within 2-3 days. 

# If you are looking forward to get Luminous products installed. Please refer below installation guide. Click Here

* Back up time is Under Standard Test conditions, may vary depending upon load types, temperature and ageing. 


Zelio 1700 + RC18000 150 Ah - 36* months warranty Tubular Battery has a rating of 4.3 stars based on 7 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Can we connect single battery of 200 ah

    Zelio 1700 is a 24Volt Inverter system, it requires two batteries to be connected. If you do not connect two batteries then machine will not start. If you are looking forward, for similar kind of inverter then, you should buy Luminous Rapid Charge 1650 Model. - It is 1500VA UPS and requires One battery

  • Can you guide me about solar inverter & battery

    Please be specific about what do you want to know about solar system 

  • Can we connect air conditioning to this inverter

    No you cant connect air conditioner to this inverter and battery system 

  • Cuza what's capicity

    There are lots of model in Luminous cruze that depnds wich one you will buy.

  • Mujhe shine wave 1600/1700 VA ka inverter jisme main 220 ka singal battary use ker sankun advice de koun sa model.

    If you want to run single battery of 220ah so for that the best the best inverter is Luminous Zelio1100 sine wave ups.

  • Can we install 12 V, 150 AH battery with 1.7KVA inverter

    12Volt -150 Ah battery could be connected with 1.7 KVA inverter.

  • I am looking to buy 3 sets of Zelio 1700 + RC18000 150 Ah - 36* months warranty Tubular Battery; Pl send the best price to

    Sure we will send you the best rates on your mail before 6pm today.

  • I want inverter for my home, 3 fans, 4 LED's 6 wt each.... I need minimum 6-8 hrs backup. Plz suggest me perfect one with price.

    According to this usage you can buy Zelio 1700 with RC 18000 | 150Ah tall tubular battery that has 36* months warranty. Price for this combo is Rs.33500. The standard back up will be for 6 to 8 hours.

  • With zelio 1800 can i get iltt 150ah batteries? Cause i heard iltt are better

    Yes you can connect zelio 1700 with ILTT 150 ah battery but that combo is not there , you need to add both the inverter and battery separately in the cart to make order for this. We have combo of zelio 1700 with Rc 18000 150Ah battery. In battery there is just the difference of warranty time period otherwise both are same in technical features.