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Luminous PWM Solar Charge controller - 20 Amp


12 Months Warranty

  • Rs. 2,295
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Solar Charge Controller is required to convert Normal Inverter battery Solution into solar Solutions. It is used to charge battery using solar panels. 

Luminous Charge Controllers are PWM based controllers with 98% efficiency. It has option of USB charging & dusk to dawn feature. It comes with Electronic & Software controlled protections. Maintenance Free. USB Mobile charger Output. Option of SMF and Lead Acid Battery selection

Product Descriptions

Model Name

Solar Charge Controller 1220

Manufacturer warranty

12 months

Maximum Charging current

20 Amp


12 Volt / 24 Volt DC

Panel Support Up to 800 Watts



  • Automatic selection of 12V /24V battery
  • 98% efficiency
  • Fuse-less electronic & software controlled protections
  • USB port for mobile charging
  • Option of SMF and lead acid battery selection
  • Load controller with & dusk to dawn feature

Technical specifications

  • PWM based technology
  • Automatic battery voltage selection of 12/24 Volt. 
  • In built low voltage disconnect & 20% extra power than rated capacity
  • Supports up to 400 Watt panels on 12 Volt Battery
  • Supports up to 800 Watt panels on 24 Volt Battery
Luminous PWM Solar Charge controller - 20 Amp has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Sir, we have 300 W and 300 W solar panels, 150Ah battery, 1050 W ups inverter, and 20 Amp solar charg controller. Please sugess me for full set up. Can i join both two panels. I join this temporery, but the back up is so small. So please suggess me for best back up Thank you.

    Usually 300 watts solar panel comes in 24V, So you need to have an inverter of 24 V, Usually 1050 watt inverter comes in 12 V, So please check the connection diagram once again, you can speak to us at 9711 33 0102 for detailed informaton and advise, Solar panel should be connected in series (add + wire of one panel with - ve wire of another panel) with 24 V UPS. 

  • Sir I have simple inverter how to connect solar for charge bettery

    if you have normal inverter, then you should buy Solar Retrofit -20 amp. Solar retrofit converts normal inverter into hybrid solar inverter, You just need to connect solar panel to charge battery from solar.

  • Sir, is it necessary to put solar charger controller between solar panel and battery? Can I direct charge to battery by solar panels???

    It is important to add Charge controller between Solar Panel and battery. if you do so, Battery life will be shorten as charge controller protects the battery from over charge and discharge from solar panel.

  • Sir, I have 200Ah battery, 865W Luminous inverter. Then suggest me for better solar controller and solar panels.

    To convert your existing system in solar you need to buy 2 thing which will convert you system into solar system the 1st thing you need to buy is solar retrofit which will work as a converter to convert your normal inverter battery setup into solar the 2nd most important thing you need to buy is solar panel as you are having a battery of 200 ah then you need to buy 4 panel of 100 watts.