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Solar Solution Combo - Solar Combo - 1.5 KVA Inverter / 300Ah Battery / 1000 Watt Panel

Solar Combo - 1.5 KVA Inverter / 300Ah Battery / 1000 Watt Panel


Warranty 2 Years - 25 Years

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Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar 1500 Combo is designed to give power supply for 8-10 hours to 3-4 BHK homes in India having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply. It is a 1.5 KVA Power plant which can run a Peak Load upto 1200 Watts. 

If you are leaving in a City or  where Electricity is available and Power cuts are frequent, The Solar Combo helps you to save Electricity of almost 3-5 Units per day which is used in battery charging.


Inverter - 1.5 KVA, 2 years warranty

Battery -2 Nos. 150 Ah - Tall Tubular, 5 years replacement Warranty 

Solar Panel - 4 Nos. 250 Watt - 25 years performance Warranty


Ideal for running - 4 Ceiling Fan, 4 CFL,  4 Tube light,  2 Television, 2 Laptop/Mobile Charging

Backup time*


500 W

400 W

300 W

200 W

100 W


4 hrs 20 mint

6 hrs

9 hrs

15 hrs

36 hrs


 How to install Solar Combo?

Luminous eShop offers hassle free way to go Solar, Pay the product cost today through EMI / Credit Card online, And pay Installation amount after installing your product at your home. 

Solar system Installation

Installation Cost - Rs. 10 per Wp, So if you install 300 Watts panel, Installation cost will be Rs. 3,000/- Similarly, if you install, 1,000 watt panel - Installation Cost will be Rs. 10,000/-

Why Solar Installation is Costly?

- Installation of Solar Solution needs Mounting of solar panel on the Roof, There will be structure made of anodised Aluminium which does not rust and last for decades.

- UV protected wires and cables are used which are lowest conductor resistance and high mechanical strength for varying weather conditions.

- Solar Certified engineer are required for Installation as Angle and Direction of Solar panel is very important. Any mistake here will directly impact Production of solar energy.


 # Advantage of buying from Luminous eShop

 *  Back up time is Under Standard Test conditions, may vary depending upon load types, temperature and ageing. 

Solar Combo - 1.5 KVA Inverter / 300Ah Battery / 1000 Watt Panel has a rating of 3.7 stars based on 3 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • I have 2 fans and ac and 2pc,2lights please tell me which inverter and how many solar panels and how many battery stable for me

    It is not recommended to run AC on offgrid systems. If you exclude Air Conditioners (AC) from your wishlist, Solar 1.5 kva combo is good option with 2 battery and 1000 watt of panels. 

  • I have one colour tv 53 Cm or one seling fan cfl 7Watt *2 or one coller can you guide me witch invorter is good for me My Self Rajesh Singh

    Solar 850 VA inverter is good to go for your appliances. 

  • I have three ceiling fans which time period l can run these

    If you buy the combo consisting of Solar 850 VA inverter, 150 Ah battery and 300 watts of solar panel. It will surely run 3 fans. In day time, the fan will run directly from solar power and in night, Inverter will use solar power to run the fans. you can expect to run fans for 6- 8 hours in night if battery is fully charged. 

  • How much time back up possible with 850 va invertet connected to 4 fan ,7 leds ,3 tv.

    Back up time depends upon battery Capacity (Ah), and Consumption of load in watts, Since you want to use 4 Fan (70 Watts), 7 Leds (5 watts), 3 Television (70 Watt). The total power consumption is 525 watt. If you use, 525 watt continiously, the battery will last for 2 hours.  

  • Is this a Pure Sine wave or non sine wave inverter

    Luminous 1.5 KVA Solar Inverter is a pure sine wave inverer. Check Technical specs of Luminous 1.5 KVA Solar NXG Inverter product page. 

  • Solar Combo 850VA and Solar combo 1.5 KVA both Backup time mentioned in your site is same? Or is it improper update? Please clarify? Can you support for getting GOVT subsidy?

    The back time of battery depends on battery Ah, Solar 850 UPS Combo comes with 150 AH (12V) battery and Solar 1500 Inverter comes with 300 AH battery, Back up time of Solar 1500 VA combo will be double than Solar 850 VA combo. Luminous eShop is unable to help you in government subsidy at present. 

  • what is difference between manufactures warranty and performance warranty

    If the product has problem while manufacturing it, it will be covered under Manufacturer warranty, performance warranty means - The company will honnour the performance committed before selling the product. Luminous Solar Panels comes with 25 years of performance warranty. in 25 years, if your solar plate output falls below 80%,a it will be covered under performance warranty. 

  • Sir, Already I have luminous 850va inverter, and 150ah battery... Can I add it to solar panel with this battery and inverter

    To convert your luminous 850va+your 150a battery into solar system you need to buy solar retrofit shine 20amps. and you need to add 150watts two solar panel to run your existing system perfectly.

  • can i connect this to raw power for winter n rainy season

    Yes, You can connect Grid/Mains with the Inverter. It is a hybrid Inverter which can be connected with both Grid and Solar.

  • Do we run AC and cooler with this solar panel ???

    The inverter can not run Air conditioner but it can run Water cooler.

  • I have 3 fan 2 tv 6 cfl what type of solar plate I need

    Before chooing Solar Inverter, you need to first understand the consumption of power, Fan consumes - 70 watts, Televion - 70 watt, CFL- 15 watts, - Total Consumption = 440 watt, for 440 watt power consumption, you should install at least 500 watts of solar Panel. 

  • Whether Charge controller is required with these combo products? or this is enough to make a solar project??

    If you are buying Luminous Solar Inverter then Charge controller is not required. Luminous Solar Combo is enough to make a solar project.

  • I have two ceiling fan 6 led lights which is best

    Solar 850 VA UPS takes a power load upto 680 watts, Your Consumption is 2 Ceiling fan (70 watts *2), 6 Led lights (7 Watts * 6), Total Consumption is around - 182 Watts, You can buy an Inverter of 500VA. 

  • I want solar combo inverter .my family is home ground floar and first floar.and power use two telivisions and celing fan .sorry i m not ferfectly speak english

    You can go for this combo, Luminous Solar 850 VA inverter with 150 Ah - 5 years waranty solar battery, and 300 Watts of panel. It can run two television and ceiling fans. 

  • Will installation be done by you.

    We will get installation done for you. The solar Installation is Rs. 9-10 per watt. Solar Installation needs Mounting of Solar Panel on a iron or steal  based structure,+ Wiring of Solar Panel with Inverter battery. The Installation cost includes everything, Once you pay Installation amount, we will take make Solar System live for you.