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Luminous Solar NXG hybrid Inverter 1500VA

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Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar 1500 VA is a powerful hybrid inverter with 40 Amp inbuilt charge Controller. It is India's most intelligent solar system which gives priority to solar power use to save on electricity bills. The Solar Inverter charges the battery from grid and Solar panel both. If Sun energy is available then It charges the battery from solar Panel and if Solar is not available, then the inverter charges the battery from Mains/Grid. It can charge the battery and supply solar power to connected load if solar generation is sufficient otherwise it gives first priority to solar battery charging and then supply additional power to connected loads.  


Key Features-

  • First of its kind Home UPS that delivers both AC & DC output
  • Up to 1000 Watt PV Module solar panel compatibility
  • Intelligent fuzzy logic for maximum utilization of solar energy
  • Pure sine wave output provides better performance & safety to the connected load
  • Electricity savings of 3 to 5 units per day. 


Product Descriptions

 Key Feature

Solar hybrid Inverter with inbuilt PWM Charge controller

Running Load

5 lights, 5 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 Water Cooler

Battery Support

All Brands & All Types 

Battery System

Double battery / 24V


12 Kg.

Dimension in CM

37 * 31 *13


Technical Details 

Wave Type

Pure Sine Wave

Rated Capcity

1500 VA

Voltage Windwo (eco mode):

100 V – 290V 

Voltage window (UPS mode)

180V – 260 V

Full Battery Recharge Time

10-12 Hrs

Charge Controller Rating

40 Amp/ 24V

DC Load Output

12 V /  5 Amp


Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off


Additional Features

  •     Battery Selection Type – Tubular/ Flat / Gel or VLRA
  •     Charging selection type – Intelligent charging / Normal Charging
  •     Voltage regulation mode – Eco / UPS
  •     Inverter reset key - Yes


  •      Mains available - yes
  •      Battery Charging through Mains - yes
  •      Battery Charging through Solar Panel – yes
  •      Voltage regulation display – yes
  •      Power savings - yes
  •      Load output through Battery - yes
  •      Low Battery Indication – yes
  •      Overload Indication – yes



Solar Panel

Solar Panel wattage = Daily Power requirement / (Average Sunlight hours in a day * efficiency of the system)

  •        Let’s say, daily power requirement = 1000 Watt /hour
  •        Average sunlight hour = 5 hrs
  •        Efficiency of the system = 35%

Now the solar panel wattage requirement = 1000 Wh / (5 hrs*0.35) = 600 Watt

Recommended Battery

24V / (135 Ah – 180Ah)


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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Can solar inverter run LED lights ?

    Luminous inverers are capable of running all kind of lighting loads. Solar Inverter can also run Led lights. 

  • searching for a solar combo which can run 4 fans 4-5 CFL,s one refrigerator and occasional 1.5 hp water pump can you suggest me what combination i should choose with price

    Luminous Solar 1500 VA inverter will run 4 Fans, 4-5 CFL, one refrigrator but it can not run 1.5 hp water pump. the solar combo is available at the website. please check out the solar section. 

  • how much of sloar panel can be added to this, whether 24 V or 12 V

    A solar panel of upto 1000 Watts can be connected with Luminous Solar NXG 1500VA inverter. 

  • what is the advantage of using solar battery along with the inverter, whether other batteries will not work with it

    Solar batteries are C10 rated and has higher warranty than normal battery. in case, you have normal battery in your home, you can connect with Solar NXG 1500 VA inverter. 

  • In night, when Solar power is not available, It will supply power to connect Load from Solar battery.That time battery starts discharge. Please I want to know that same time battery charged through grid or it will start charging on grid when battery reaches pre-defined level like battery less then 10% or 20% backup remain.

    In night, When you run lights, Fans on solar inverter, it supply power from connected solar battery. The battery starts getting discharged when you start using it to power lights / Fnas. The battery will keep discharging till the time it does not reaches cut off level which is 30% discharge level. As soon as it goes beyond cut off level, it will look for power for charging, if Solar is available then Inverter will charge the battery from solar, If solar is not available, then it will charge the battery from Grid.  

  • For 1500v hybrid nxg inverter. Can I use single 12v battery of 150ah to 200ah.

    Solar hybrid 1500 VA inverter requires two numbers of batteries to start. You can not use single 12 V battery with 1500 VA Inverter. If you want to buy 12V single battery inverter which supports 150 Ah battery, then please buy Luminous Solar 850 VA inverter.

  • Is there automatically bypass system in inverter to run load on grid/main.

    Luminous Solar1500VA NXG home ups is one of the most intelligent and innovative solar UPS. The inverter is designed in a way that it should save most of the electricity bill of your home, In the day, when sun is available, it charges the battery as well as runs the load directly from the panel without using Gird/Mains.

  • Sir, I have a 400 ah battery can I use this Luminous Solar NXG hybrid Inverter 1500VA inverter? Please tell me how many watt solar panels.

    Luminous Solar NXG is 24 Volt battery system inverter, A nonimal voltage of Inverter battery is 12 Volt, i.e. two battery could be connected with this inverter. If you wish to connect more than two batteries, then two batteries will be connected in series and rest in parallel.  

  • How much of battery bank can a 1 kw solar system can work with. 2 batteries or we can go for 3 batteries. I have 1 kw roof top system with 2 batteries, can it charge a series of 3 batteries.

    Luminous Solar 1500 inverter is 1.2 KW solar inverter and it works with two batteries as it is a 24V inverter system, you can further connect one battery but the charging time will increase. Two batteries could be connected in Series and 1 in parellel.
    if you have 1000 watt solar panel installed at your home, it can charge a battery bank of 500 Ampere hour.

  • Can I use nxg hybrid inverter with 150A 12v battery

    Luminous solar inverter - NXG 1500 is a 24 Volt inverter system. 2 number of 150 AH batteres needs to be connected with Solar 1500. Solar NXG 1500 does not work with 12 Volt 150 Ah Single battery.  

  • 1. Which one Luminous Solar Inverter suitable for 2000 watts solar panel, please refer your Luminous inverters, can it directly connect dc wire from the solar panel to inverter without modifying or adding any device between them.2. Can I run this Luminous Solar NXG Hybrid Inverter without Solar panel, after few months back I can upgrade solar panel with this Inverter3. Double door refrigerator, Top loading washing machine 370 watt and 1 Hp water pump motor can it run solar panels 2000 watts with your Luminous Solar Inverter, refer the suitable model.4. Could Luminous arrange a technical person to survey my load details and quires and suggest suitable Luminous Solar system for me. My detail,Harun Rasheed. B. (Mobile # 8056 469 469)87/76, Park Street,Cherry Road, (Near Kalanithi Printing Press)Salem – 636001Tamil Nadu.

    Luminous offers two models of solar inverter 1) 850 VA and 2) 1500 VA. 1500 VA supports maximum of 1000 watts of solar panel. Solar Panel DC wire coming from solar panel could be connected directly with the Solar Inverter, No additional accessories is required for Inverter solar panel connection. Solar Panel is a hybrid inverter, it means you can connect this with solar panel later, for now, you can connect solar inverter with Grid to charge the battery. Solar NXG 1500 can run everything except 1 HP water Motor and Double door refrigrator. We can surely arrange pre sales Visit to your home address. 

  • how many tube light and fans gating on by solar hybird 850

    On Solar 850 VA inverter, you can run 3 Tube lights, 3 Fans, and 1 Television.

  • I have 12 Volt 300Watt Solar Panel. Will it work with this Luminous Solar NXG 1500VA Inverter

    if the rating of your solar panel is 12Volt, then it is difficult to connect with Solar NXG 1500 UPS.  Solar 1500 VA is a 24 volt Inverter system, it requires 24 Volt solar panel for installation. If you have two panels 12 Volt each, then you can make it in series and connect with Solar 1500 VA inverter. 

  • Can 850v inverter charge two batteries

    2 no. of batteries can not be connected with 850 VA inverter, For charging 2 numbers of solar batteries, Please buy Solar NXG 1500 -24 Volt inverter system. 

  • Solar combo 1500va how much will cost

    The Solar Combo including Solar 1.5 KVA inverter, 2 qty. of 150 Ah battery, and 800 watts of Solar panel will cost you around 80K.

  • What is difference between pcu and hybrid inverter?

    PCU is the advanced versionof Solar NXG Hybrid Inverter.

    Below is the difference

    Hybrid Inverter
    - Rated in VA, 
    - PWM Charge Controller (~ 65% efficiency)
    - Connects with 2 battery
    - Panel support (1.5 KVA) - 1000 Wp

    - Rated in KW
    - MPPT Charge controller (~ 97% efficiency)
    - Need 4 Numbers of Battery
    - Remote monitoring through Mobile app (additional feature)
    - Panel Support (2 KW) - 2000 Wp

  • I want 2 kV solar highbreed inverter, which type panal is required

    You can buy 8 number of 250 watt polycrystaline panel.

  • My house daily power consumption is of 8 to 10 units and when grid is out I need back up to run 3 fan 3 CFL 1 switch is that possible ?

    Solar NXG 1500 VA inverter generates 5- 6 unit per day if connected with 1000 Wp solar panel. We would recommend you to buy Solar 1500 VA Combo to save on electricity bills and to get backup when power is not available.