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Luminous Solar Hybrid 1100 / 12V Home UPS

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Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar is a powerful hybrid inverter with 30 Amp inbuilt charge Controller. It is India's most intelligent solar system which gives priority to solar power use to save on electricity bills. The Solar Inverter charges the battery from grid and Solar panel both. If Sun energy is available then It charges the battery from solar Panel and if Solar is not available, then the inverter charges the battery from Mains/Grid. It can charge the battery and supply solar power to connected load if solar generation is sufficient otherwise it gives first priority to solar battery charging and then supply additional power to connected loads. 


Key Features-

  • First of its kind Home UPS that delivers both AC & DC output
  • Up to 600 Watt PV Module solar panel compatibility
  • Intelligent fuzzy logic technology hepls in saving of electricity from 1.5 to 3 unit a day.
  • Pure Sine wave output provides better performance & safety to the output load. 


Product Descriptions

 Key Feature

Solar hybrid Inverter with inbuilt 30 amp PWM Charge controller

Running Load

3 CFL, 3 Tube light, 3 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television

Battery Support

All Brands & All Types 

Battery System

Single battery / 12V


12 Kg.

Dimension in CM

37 * 31 *13


Technical Details 

Wave Type

Pure Sine Wave

Rated Capcity

850 VA

Voltage Windwo (eco mode):

100 V – 290V 

Voltage window (UPS mode)

180V – 260 V

Full Battery Recharge Time

10-12 Hrs

Charge Controller Rating

30 Amp/ 12V

DC Load Output

12 V upto 20 Amp


Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off


Additional Features

  •     Battery Selection Type – Tubular/ Flat / Gel or VLRA
  •     Charging selection type – Intelligent charging / Normal Charging
  •     Voltage regulation mode – Eco / UPS
  •     Inverter reset key - Yes


  •      Mains available - yes
  •      Battery Charging through Mains - yes
  •     Battery Charging through Solar Panel – yes
  •     Voltage regulation display – yes
  •     Power savings - yes
  •     Load output through Battery - yes
  •     Low Battery Indication – yes
  •     Overload Indication – yes



Solar Panel

Solar Panel wattage = Daily Power requirement / (Average Sunlight hours in a day * efficiency of the system)

  •        Let’s say, daily power requirement = 500 Watt /hour
  •        Average sunlight hour = 5 hrs
  •        Efficiency of the system = 35%

Now the solar panel wattage requirement = 500 Wh / (5 hrs*0.35) = 300 Watt


12V / (135 Ah – 180Ah)

# Free Shipping and delivery within 4-5 days. 

Luminous Solar Hybrid 1100 / 12V Home UPS has a rating of 4.3 stars based on 12 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • If we use 100 watt 6 panel on 150 amp 2 bbattery 2nos .system will be 600watt/12 charge controller need 60amp .battery connect in series battery will be 300amp/12.we can use max 300 watt panel on 150 amp battery.inverter will charge both battery or not if system use in only night time if we calculate technical we need 60 amp controller.

    Recommended panel size for charging battery = 2 * Battery Ah. 

    in your case too 1) 300 Wp is sufficient enough to charge 150 Ah /12V batery.

    2) A 100 Wp panel usually generates maximum 5 apms current, if you connect everything in parellel, the total current requirement will be 30 amps. In Parellel connection , Cureent gets added (5 amps * 6 nos. of panel),

  • battery can have charging both connection solar& electry

    battery will have charging from both Connection (Grid power) + (Solar Power). It depdens upon availability of power and uses. if Solar is available, battery will be charged from Solar, If Solar is not available and battery is almost fully discharged, it will charge from the Grid power. 

  • Dear Sir, on the display, call icon and toll free numbers are highlighted today, what is it means?

    If call center number is displayed, it means there is some problem with the inverter. Please contact Luminous Authorized service center. 

  • Does it have modes to charge high capacity of battery, such as 200-220 AH. As the same feature is given in Eco Volt 900VA Home UPS.

    All Luminous inverter including Solar 850 inverter has High charge and low charge mode. In solar 850 VA inverter, high charge mode is written as i-charge. 

  • The solar charge controller in this UPS is PWM or MPPT based?

    Usually all Solar inverter less than 2 KVA comes with PWM based. Luminous Solar 850 VA inverter is also PWM based inverter. 

  • This Inverter can be used without solar panels, with mains charging, later can we add solar panels?

    Solar 850 VA is a hybrid inverter, it can charge from solar panel and mains as well. if you dont want to use solar panel. No problem, You can use solar inverter with Mains as well. 

  • what is the drawbacks

    Solar hybrid is the latest product in solar with lots of feature for Consumer 1) Hybrid Inverter - you can charge the battery from Grid/ Solar, Depending upon availability, 2) Panel Connectivity - upto 600 Wp could be connected with Solar 850 VA inverter, 3) 30 amp charging - higher charging takes lesser time to charge the battery. As a brand, We dont see any drawbacks in this inverter. 

  • Please provide details about I-charger system.I want to use preffer first solar power use.In day solar chagered the battery full. And in night the load given through battery. In same time automatically charged battery on grid or battery will charged on grid when battery discharge on decided level.

    i charge refers to high charging current, There is a switch on back side of product, If you keep it on i -charge mode, it will charge solar battery with 3 amp extra charging current. The solar inverter uses Solar power in day to charge the battery and also supply power to connected appliances, In night, when Solar power is not available, It will supply power to connect Load from Solar battery.

  • Does Luminous Solar Hybrid 850 VA Home UPS have an option to select priority for Solar Charge or Mains Charge.Can we give priority to Mains charge then to Solar charge in areas where power cut are regular and electricity unit charge doesn't matter(fixed electricity bill).

    Luminous Solar Hybrid Inverter gives priority to Solar. There is no manual intervention to change Priority settings. Hence, A customer can not change priority to mains/Grid.

  • Will you deliver the product to Pin Code 686605 Kottayam in Kerala

    Luminous eShop do not ship any product in Kerela state. the services of luminous eShop is available across all Indian states except Kerela.

  • I Already have a 850VA Inverter and 200 Ah Tublar Battery please suggest me Solar Panel/Panels & Charge Controller and Price List.... I am interested to install this at my Home....

    As per your question, You have normal 850VA inverter (not solar) and 200 Ah battery, you need to buy 20 Amp – Solar retrofit solution, with this if you want your batteries to be charged from solar panel then you should buy 500 Watts of Poly crystalline solar panel. 500 watts of solar panel is sufficient to charge 200 Ah batteries.

  • Dear sir, Can i use in 300watts panel to charge 180 ah battery will better yes/no

    It is very simple to calculate 'how much panel is required to charge a battery. 180 Ah battery should be charged in 8 - 10 hours. (18Ah / 8 hours) = 22 ampere current is required.  A 100 watt solar panel generates usually 5 amps of charing current, hence you need alomost 500watts of solar panel.  

  • I am already using luminous inverter since last 5 years but today suddenly the transfer burnt out and i have to buy a new one immediately an thinking to buy this one but not with solar panels right now may be i can add solar panels later on. So want to have some one call me quickly to discuss about solar panels fitting etc. And what exact price i will get this product in. Can it be deliver to my home.

    Luminous Solar Hybrid Inverters are the best inverter to Buy if your existing inverter has stopped working. The advantage of Solar Hybrid inverter is that, it works as normal Inverter as well as solar inverter, if you do not connect solar panels today, it will work as normal inverter. You can plan buying solar panels whenever you have additional money to buy. For existing single battery inverter Buy Luminous Solar 850 /12 V Single battery Inverter, and for double battery system, you should buy Luminous Solar 1500 NXG/24V Inverter.  

  • Hello, In Hybrid 850VA home UPS, If the Solar energy is available and battery is charged fully, can this solar energy transferred to the connected load on inverter (Can it works as a Online inverter /On grid inverter) ? This features will save the electricity bill.Which mode this function will be available.

    The advantage of Luminous Solar Inverter is that it charges the battery from Electricity and Solar Panels.  If battery is fully charged and Solar is available, The hybrid inverter will transfer the solar energy to connected load.  That's how it saves maximum on electricity bills. 

  • What is the meaning of a blinking mains icon, and if it do not blink mains icon, and a blinking solar icon on my 850VA solar inverter? How do I know that the battery is fully charged? (I have a150Ah battery)I have fitted with two 75Wp solar panels, what is the maximum panelsWp can I fit?

    Solar Inverter has multiple LED display which indicates multiple operation mode, 1) Solar Mains blinking– Electricity Is available, 2) Solar Icon Blinking – Solar is available and battery will be charged from solar plate, 3) if battery is fully charged, Charging icon will not blink, 4) solar 850 VA ups supports up to 600 watts of solar panel. 

  • Does it make a small sound continuously while in UPS mode upto mains turn ON?

    No, There will be no noise from solar inverter if it is turned into UPS mode. 

  • Is this inveter with the solar pannel

    No this solar inverter 850VA does not comes with panels you need to buy the solar panels separately with this system.

  • I have Hybrid solar inverter of 850VA and single battery 150ah that can work on both ac/ solar light. Can I disconnect completely main AC supply and I can charge battery from solar and use it for home appliances. By doing this, is there be any problem in future or life span of inverter is going reduce?.

    Solar 850 VA Inverter is a hybrid inverter, it means, The inverter can work with Grid and without Grid as well. If you wish to use Inverter without Grid, There is no problem, Luminous Inverter comes with 2 years warranty.

  • I have 450 wp solar panels (3 x 150 wp) and a tubular battery of 150 ah capacity. But, existing ups is not working. I want to buy solar hybrid 850 VA ups. I have the following questions. (1) whether the LED display shows mains voltage, load, battery voltage, solar units generated etc. (2) if I buy this ups online, whether installation support is provided by your company.

    The LED incidation in Solar 850 Shows Solar Units generation.  it shows wheather load is running throgh soalr or gird but it does not display Mains Voltage and Battery Voltage.  If you buy online from Luminous eShop, We would be able to provide installation. read more about installation help

  • Can I run this inverter solely on solar panels? Without battery? If not, can it run on 40AH solar battery or 40AH VRLA battery? Need power just for day time, as second backup.

    Without battery you can run your load in the night time in day time you can run if you need backup in night time then you need to buy luminous 40 ah battery that will be the best one for your your needs 

  • Luminous solar 1500va 1hp power ka sumarsible chala sakta h bcz sumersible ko starting me zyada voltage chahiye hota h kya luminous solar 1500VA success hoga

    With Luminous solar 1.5kva you cant run 1 hp motor for that you need to buy luminous 2 kw solar system 

  • Sir singal battery hai 150w ka solar panel hai inverter kitne watt ka lena chayhe

    If you are having a single battery and you also have a 150watts solar panel and you need to connect this with a singel battery system then the best inverter for this setup will be Luminous solar Hybird 850 av home ups this is a single battery system which can also support panels upto 400watts. So with this system you can connect 150watt panel also.

  • What about the delivery charge in 686691


  • Delivery charge of Luminous Solar Hybrid 850 VA Home UPS in 686691

    We dont have delivery to the pincode which you have mention because you live in kerala and luminous eshop does not have delivery there.

  • Sir need information about inverter batry can charge wibth powe and soler

    If you need any information regarding inverter battery and solar products please connect us on 9711 33 0102

  • I need to run single fan and single light , pl suggest solar inverter battery capacity to buy

    To run single fan and single light the best setup for your needs will be Eco Watt 650 + RC 15000 120 Ah - 36* months warranty Tubular Battery

  • How much watts of this inverter

    Luminous Solar Hybird 850va home ups has 850watts of power in it.

  • What is difference between va and watt

    Va is the capacity of the inverter and watts tell you how many of watts of applinces you can run when the light is gone

  • Hi, Will need 3 fans, 4 LED lights, 1 TV, 1 refrigerator and a Kitchen processor to be supported. Also, would be good if Inverter, Battery, Solar Panels and Installation is provided by one seller to keep it simple. Do you do that in 571301?

    The best solar system for your load will be Luminous solar combo 1.5 kva this is the best solar system ofr your needs and it will perform best with your needs.

  • I have luminous 120 ah red charge tubular battery. Can I connect it to solar panels?

    Yes you can connect normal C20 battery with the solar inverter and solar panels. luminous solar inverter is designed in such a way that it can support C20 and C10 batteries. So you can easily connect solar panels of 300 watts to Luminous 120Ah battery.

  • 220 ah battery support to luminous 1100 solar hybrid inverter & without solar panal attached work or not.

    Yes normal C20 battery can also support luminous solar hybrid 1100/12V UPS. You can add solar panels with this system went in need till then You can only use inverter and battery.

  • Can I cut off electric connection using solar inverter

    Yes you can disconnect the electric connection while using solar energy in day time. In night time you need to connect eletric. If you dont want to connect eletric connection in night time you can use the power of solar through battery.

  • Can i use two 75 ah tubler batter in parrellel with this inverter?

    No you can't use 75ah two batteries in parallel with luminous solar hybird 1100 as this system is 12 volt system with a 12 volt system you can only use 1 battery.

  • Mere pass 150 watt ka solar panel hai and 100 AH ki battery hai .Mai light se bhi charge krna chahta hu to Kon sa inverter buy karna chahiye?

    Sir you can buy Luminous Solar hybrid 1100/12 V UPS for your 150 watt solar panel and 100Ah battery as it will work on both off grid and on grid.

  • What is the wire size to a 200 watts pannel connection?

    Luminous provide 1 meter long wire with its each and every solar panels for connection. Width of wire is 6 mm.

  • Can i use without battery is day time ?

    Luminous Solar Hybrid 1100 /12V UPS works on both solar panels and grid. In day time, first preference will be given to solar panels to charge the battery and then direct solar supply will be given to your home appliances. Whereas in night battery will be charged from grid as no solar is available during night time. Battery will work only to provide you back up when there is no electricity.