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Solar Panels - Luminous Solar Panel 150 Watt 12V - Poly Crys.

Luminous Solar Panel 150 Watt 12V - Poly Crys.

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25 Years* Warranty

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Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar panels are made from a block of silicon, consisting of a large number of crystals. It is highly efficient Solar panels, IEC certified modules and comes with 25 years performance warranty

Key Features

  • High efficiency Poly Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells provides optimum output
  • Anti-Reflecting Coating and Back Surface Field Structure to improve cell conversion efficiency.
  • Multi-layer encapsulation for better module protection
  • Strong lightweight Aluminum frame design offers high torsion resistance against wind and snow loads.


Model Name

Solar Panel 150W /12V

Output Power

150 Watts

Operating Voltage

12 Volt

PV Panel Type

Poly Crystalline

Manufacturer warranty

1 year on Manufacturing defects

Performance Warranty

25 Years

Key Features

A+ Grade, anti PID Poly Crystalline cells

Cell Conversion efficiency > 16%

Compliance to IEC standards


Technical Details

Voltage at Max Power (Vmax)

18.3 V

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

22.0 V

Current at max power (Imax)

7.0 amps

Short Circuit Current (Isc)

8.9 amps

No. of cells


Dimensions (in cm) – L*W*T

148 * 68 * 3.4

Luminous Solar Panel 150 Watt 12V - Poly Crys. has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 3 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • 250 watt solar plate is required for how's battery capacity ah. and voltage

    Solar Panel requirement = 2 * Battery Ah Capacity. 

    By this formula, 150 watt panel can charge 75 Ah Lead acid battery. 

  • We can use 2 fan, 2 CFL light or Television with this solar ?

    If you wish to use 150 watts of solar panel for power generation then you could connect maximum of 150 watts of Load . (2 CFL - 18 watts each, 2 Fan - 70 watts each, 1 Television, - 70 watts). There are some energy losses from power generation to power supply which is almost 30%, So 150 Watt panel would be able to run only 100 watts of power in day time when sun is available. 

  • May I know the country of origin for this product - luminous solar panel 150 watt

    Luminous is an Indian Company having it's manufacturing plant based out in H.P. Luminous solar panel 150 watt is made in India Product. 

  • Is 600 watt solar panel is sufficient for charging 150ah luminous battery with normal luminous day time can we use solar other than only charging

    yes 600 watts solar panel are sufficient to charge a normal 150ah battery. But if you have normal inverter you need to convert that into solar adding luminous solar retrofit to it. And yes in day time you can directly use you load and charge the battery as well 

  • I have 150ah battery with 900va inverter I want to connect solar panel so what is required size of solar panels and other device which one connect to much total cost

    if you wanyt to connect solar panel with that system you need to buy one solar retrofit and and 2 solar panel of 150watts f

  • One fane 7 watt 2 cfl with solar watt

    If you want to run 1 fan and 7 watts 2 cfl on solar then the best solar panel is for your needs is Luminous Solar panel 100 watt 12v-poly crys.

  • my required 300watt/per hrs @10hrs best solar system combo/pack ? plz suggestion.

    The best product for your  requirement will be 1500 va solar combo. This combo will provide you the backup of 10hrs on your load.

  • 1.5 ton Ac chlava mate ketali palet joiye

    You need to buy 250 watts 20 plates 

  • I have a 220 ah luminous battery and 1100va microtech normal inverter. What should I buy to convert it into a solar inverter to use 400 watt load. Also what is it's cost.

    To convert you exsisting systme into solar system you need to buy luminous solar retrofit shine 20amp controller and to use 400 watts power of load you need to buy 3 luminous solar panel 150 watts. These will cost you for 27650rs. 

  • How much solar panel required for 2kw load

    For 2kw load you require 8 panel of 250watts 

  • We can use 5 fan & 10 CFL , 1 TV are easily. Which solar panels

    The best solar panel for your needs will be Luminous solar panel 250 watts 

  • 150 watts panel के लिए कित्नी एम्पीएर का battery चाहिए

    A lead acid battery should get charged in 10 hours. 150 ampere current can feed 7.5 ampere of current per hour,  So, you should buy 75 Ah battery to connect with 150 watt solar panel.

  • I'm using 875va luminous shine wave inverter along with tall 180ah battery. Now I have connected luminous 4 panels each 150w to luminous retrofit and then to the battery. Now i wanted to know the distance of the wire from the panels to the battery I used is 4mm and 10mtrs long is the connection which I ran is correct or not and in the retrofit I switched to auto mode and 100% solar. Is the connection which I have installed is right or not? Thanks/Regards; Rk Das.

    While Installing Solar Solutioin, Pleaes keep in mind following things.

    1) Check Solar Panel support of Inverter/ Retrofit - Since It is a normal inverter and you connected with retrofit which supports 400 Wp on single battery, There is loss of power generation from 200 Wp panels. 

    2) Check wire requirements before connecting with panles:  For connecting 600 watt panels, Recommended wire specs is 6 sq. mm.

    3) Retrofit Mode - 100% Solar, It means, all the charging to the battery will be from Solar Panel. (good thing) 

    4) Reduce Losses : Keep minimum distance between panel, Inverter and Battery, Longer the wire length, higher will be the losses. 

  • 150 ah ki betri ke lite kitne watts ka panel lagana hoga

    The Thumb rule for calculating solar panel size for a offgrid system is "2* battery Ah Capacity". By this formula, you need to have 300 Wp solar panel for charging 150 Ah battery.