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Solar Panels - Luminous Solar Panel 250 Watt 24V - Poly Crys.

Luminous Solar Panel 250 Watt 24V - Poly Crys.


25 Years* Warranty

  • Rs. 18,460
  • Rs. 13,750
  • ( -26% off )

Check COD Availability (upto Rs. 10,000)

Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar panels are made from a block of silicon, consisting of a large number of crystals. It is highly efficient Solar panels for solar power generation which comes at best price with IEC certification 25 years performance warranty and 1 year manufacturer warranty. 

Key Features

  • High efficiency Poly Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells provides optimum output
  • Anti-Reflecting Coating and Back Surface Field Structure to improve cell conversion efficiency.
  • Multi-layer encapsulation for better module protection
  • Strong lightweight Aluminum frame design offers high torsion resistance against wind and snow loads.


Model Name

Solar Panel 250W /24V

Output Power

250 Watts

Operating Voltage

24 Volt

PV Panel Type

Poly Crystalline

Manufacturer warranty

1 year on Manufacturing defects

Performance Warranty

25 Years

Key Features

A+ Grade, anti PID Poly Crystalline cells

Cell Conversion efficiency > 16%

Compliance to IEC standards


Technical details

Voltage at Max Power (Vmax)

30.20 V

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

37.42 V

Current at max power (Imax)

8.31 amps

Short Circuit Current (Isc)

8.85 amps

Dimensions (in cm)

167 * 5 * 101


Luminous Solar Panel 250 Watt 24V - Poly Crys. has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 3 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • in my house i use in daily basis 2 ac, fans , 3 lights and a refrigerator. please suggest me the right solar panel. please tell me the details equipment for a solar house.

    It is not recommended to run Air Conditioner (AC) On inverter. If you exclude AC, then 1500VA Solar Combo which comes with 2 nos. of batteries and 1000 watt panel is sufficient for you. 

  • 300 wtt solar plate price

    Please buy two 150 ah solar plate to generate 300 watts of power. In Luminous, We have maximum 250 WP panel. 

  • whether it is MNRE approved

    Luminous products Comes with MNRE approval. for consumer sale, MNRE approval is not required. if you are a dealer, then please approach to your Luminous sales representative. 

  • I have a SuKam 850 Inverter and Exide IT500 Battery for my daily use. What will be the best Solar Panel to charge the Battery without using current? Please.

    Su-kam 850 VA inverter is a 12 Volt inverter system. 300 watts of Solar Panels (2 Nos. of 150 watt /12 Volt) would be sufficient to charge 150AH Tubular battery. 

  • I have 135ah battery and 875va inverter both of luminous. What should i need to charge the battery by solar and app cost for the same.

    If you wish to convert normal inverter battery solution into solar. You just need a solar Charge controller. buy Luminous 10 amp solar charge controller and connect this with your existing UPS and battery, The solution can be converted into solar solution. 

  • i have exide inva tubular im2000 200ah battery . please tell me what will be best solar panel to charge the battery without electricity ?

    A 200 Ah battery requires 20 amphere charging to be charged fully. Usually, a Solar panel gives 5 amphere current in day time. for you, 400 Watts of panel would be sufficient to charge 200 Ah inverter battery.

  • i have 2kv online ups to connect 43 ah 10 battery connected. What will be the best Solar Panel to charge the Battery without using current? Please.

    Your power storage capacity is 43 Ah battery *10 numbers = (43 *10) = 430 Ah, to Chaarge 430 Ah battery in 8-10 hours, (430 Ah/ 8 hours),  54 amps current is reqired. A 100 watt solar panel generates usually 5 amps of charing current, hence you need 1100 watts of solar panel to be connected with the 2 KVA online UPS. 

  • We can use 2 CFL light or2 fan and television with this

    You need to buy Inverter, Battery and Solar Panel to run Lights, Fan and television. Buy 850 VA inverter Combo for 2 Lights / Fan, and Television

  • I have 160 ah battery and 925 Va Inverter both of Microtek. what should i need to charge the battery by solar panel and what is the cost for it ?

    Since, you already have 925 VA inverter and 160 Ah battery, you need to buy Solar Retrofit alongwith it. You can connect upto 600 watts of solar panel to make it complete offgrid solution. 

  • I have 125watt Solar panel of exide make I want to exchange it by 300watt panel. So there is something like that pl confirm

    There is no exchange offer for Solar Panels at present. 

  • i have double battery(24 volt) inverter at my home ,how many solar palate required for charging my inverter

    A 24 Volt inverter system usually needs 1000 watts of solar panel. 

  • i have 1100 va luminous zelio inverter and 150 ah luminous tez battery, i will do solar for home how to do please tell me compleate details

    Since you already have Inverter and Inverter battery. You need to buy 20 Amp Solar retrofit to convert first your existing inverter into solar Inverter. Then add upto 600 watts of solar panel with it to make complete solar solutions. 

  • I have luminous Cruze 2KVA inverter with luminous 150ah two batteries, I want modify this unit as a solar system, so please tell me, what other device required to charging this batteries and how much solar panel watts required Up to how much maximum solar panel watts can connect with luminous Cruze 2Kva inverter

    Since you already have Inverter and battery, You should buy 24Volt Charge controller. you have two choices 1) Buy 20 amps 24 V solar charge controller or 2) buy 20 amps Solar Retrofit. With this, you can connect maximum of 1800 watts of solar Panel. After connecting your inverter battery with Charge controller and Solar Panel. Your back up system will be completely hybrid system. Read more about solar hybrid system. Click on the link.

  • In my home we use 3fans,3 tube lights,3cfl lights 1tv regularly .Which inverter is best suited along with solar panel?

    The best solar panel for your needs will be Luminous solar panel 250 watts you need to buy two of these then all your load will work 

  • I have 1100va inverter and 160ah battery which solar plate is sutaible for me

    To connect solar panel with this system you need to buy one solar retrofit || and two solar panel of 150 watts this is the best setup for your needs 

  • 3fan and2lamp led want 24hour service how much price provide

    If you need to run you load for 24 hrs then you need to buy Luminous Cruze 2.5 kva that will be the best one for your needs 

  • i have printer and computer can it be run on it?

    If you have computer and printer you cant run both the appliance on one Luminous Solar Panel 250 watts you need to buy two of them to run both the appliance at the same time.
    If you connect two panel then you can run all the appliance which you mentioned in this question 

  • In my house I use 2 fan 4 tube light 1 refrigerator 1 Mixer so please suggestion me Right tubular battery and inverter capacity

    To run all the appliances which you have mentioned above you need to buy rapid 1650 inverter which is a 1500va inveter and with that the best battery is iltt24060 which is a 180ah battery. This will run your all appliances for 6 to 7 hrs.
    Rapid 1650 + iltt24060 will cost you for Rs.24500

  • in my house i use in daily basis 2 fans , 3 lights and a refrigerator & 1 TV. please suggest me the right solar panel & battery. please tell me the details & price equipment for a solar house

    The right product for your needs is solar 1.5kva combo which can run all the applinces which you have mentioned. This combo contains 4 panel of 250 watts 2 batteries of 150ah and one inverter of 1.5kva.
    the total cost for this setup will be for Rs.93200. 

  • I want to use 2 ACS on solar panel. What should I do?

    Then you need to buy 7.5 kva solar system that will cost you more then 6 hrs 

  • I have 650 VA invertor and 150AH luminous battery. How many solar plate are required for charge battery without using electricity.

    If you have a 650 va home ups and a 150ah battery to chareg this setup with the solar energy you need to buy two panel of 150 watts and  1 solar retrofit  the solar retroit will work as a energy converter and panel will charge your battery with the sunlight with this setup you dont need to use electricity.

  • My daily uses of electricity is 9 unit kindly suggest me the right solar system

    If your daily usage of electricity is 9 units then the best solar system for your needs is Solar combo of 1500va with 4 panel of 250 watts and 2 batteries of 150ah this is the best product for your needs and this will save your electricity also.

  • I have 3 fan . 4 bulbs which 5watts.please suggest me the right solar panel and battery

    You can buy two Luminus solar panel of 150watts that will be the best one for your needs 


    If you need inverter+battery combo to run all these appliances then the best product for your needs is eco volt 1050 + Rc18000 this will provide you the backup of 5 to 6 hrs as well.

  • If i want to put one AC about 1.5 tons in my house then how many watt are required.

    If you want to run AC of 1.5 ton then you need to buy Luminous Cruze 5.2kva 

  • 3kg wat. Solar panels kya rate

    The 3kw solar will cost you for approx 3.2 lacs

  • We have three fans, 1 refrigerator, with normal lighting bulbs 6nos & 2 TV. Kindly share me the details for solar energy.

    To run all of the applinces which you mentioned in the question the best product for that will be Solar Combo - 1.5 KVA Inverter / (150x2) 300Ah Battery / (250x4) 1000 Watt Panel this can run all your applinces and provide you the best performance.

  • I want use 8 electric fans and 1 computer Which solar, battery and inverter i should buy

    To run your all appliances you can buy  Solar Combo - 850VA Inverter / 150Ah Battery / (150x2) 300 Watt Panel

  • I have 2fan and 4 led lamp of 8w plz suggest me right solar system.

    The Best solar system for your needs will be  Solar Combo - 850VA Inverter / 150Ah Battery / (150x2) 300 Watt Panel

  • Which solar panel is best fot the computer digitel.and which ups and assoriee is bet for it. Giv

    The best product for your needs will be Luminous Solar panel of 250 watts you need to buy two of these to run you computer and all other load.

  • I use 6 fans and 7 led bulb 12 w for 6 hrs. I have a exide 165 amp battery and 150va base inverter. Pps tell me about solar panel rewuiref

    The best solar product for above mention needs is two 150watts solar panel and one solar retrofit.

  • In my house I have to use 2fans 2cfl light and 1tv 250 watt is sufficient for using these things or not

    To use all the load which you mention above the best system for your needs is Luminous Solar panel 250watts 24v-polt crys.

  • What is the price of solar panel per watt?

    Per watts of the Luminous solar panel are 55rupees 

  • I want to use one fan and light how many waat solar panel and inverter is required

    The best product for your usage will be Luminous solar panel 150 watts 12v-poly crys

  • How many watt solar panel for 60 A battery ?

    The best solar panel for your 60ah battery will be luminous solar 150watts panel sir.

  • We can use 2 fan one tv on coller who many solar plate we can buy

    For you load the best product is Solar Solution - 850VA Inverter / 150Ah Battery / (150x2) 300 Watt Panel

  • I want to purchase a solar equipment for my home I use 1 refrigerator, 3 fans, 9 led lights, and 1 air conditioner please suggest. witch equipment I should be used?

    The best product your load will be Solar Solution - 1.5 KVA Inverter / (150x2) 300Ah Battery / (250x4) 1000 Watt Panel

  • I would like to install 250watt of solar panel with its all equipment like inveter+battery. What will be cost?

    We recommend you to buy Solar Combo which consists Solar Inverter, Solar battery and panels, for details click here. The price is already mentioned on the website.

  • I have luminous 2kva + ILTT18048 (2 battery) set . And I want to use it with solar panels please help me for which solar panel should be used with it.

    With 2 KVA inverter, Solar panel upto 1800 watt should be connected. Luminous sells poly crystalline solar panel that comes with 25 years performance warranty. you can buy it online.

  • I want to use 6 cfl of 20 watt each,3 ceiling fan of 80 watt each,a desktop,a led TV, a medium sized refrigerator. Please suggest battery, solar panels and inverter.

    The best system for your load will be Luminous solar combo 1500va which will run your load very easily 

  • What is the difference between mono crysttalin & polycrysttali e solar panels and which one is better?

    Solar Mono crystalline is better solar panel as it has a little higher efficiency compared to Poly Crystalline solar panels.

  • Any inverter available with direct AC output using solar panel without battery - Purpose is to carry the panel in car to charge the laptop. If available then, What is panel configuration [In watts] with what type of inverter available ?

    At present, We do not have any inverter that works without battery. All Inverter have AC output but they work when there is a battery connected with it.