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Solar Solution Combo - Solar Combo - 850VA Inverter / 150Ah Battery / 300 Watt Panel

Solar Combo - 850VA Inverter / 150Ah Battery / 300 Watt Panel


Warranty 2 Years - 25 Years

  • Rs. 48,100
  • Rs. 40,200
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Check COD Availability (upto Rs. 10,000)

Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar 850 Combo is designed to give power supply for 4-5 hours to 2-3 BHK homes in India having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply. It is a Small Power plant which can run a Peak Load upto 650 Watts. 

If you are leaving in a City or  where Electricity is available and Power cuts are frequent, The Solar Combo helps you to save Electricity of almost 1.5 Units per day which is used in battery charging.


Inverter - 850 VA, 24 Months warranty

Battery -150 Ah - Tall Tubular, 60 Months Warranty 

Solar Panel - 2*150 Watt - 25 yeas performance Warranty


Ideal for running - 2 Ceiling Fan + 3 CFL + 3 Tube light + 1 Television + 1 Laptop/Mobile Charging

Backup time*


500 W

400 W

300 W

200 W

100 W


2 hrs 10 mint

3 hrs

4 hrs 30 mints

7 hrs 30 mints

18 hrs 30 mint


 How to install Solar Combo?

Luminous eShop offers hassle free way to go Solar, Pay the product cost today through EMI / Credit Card online, And pay Installation amount after installing your product at your home. 

Solar system Installation

Installation Cost -  If you install 300 Watts panel, Installation cost will be Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 7,000, depends on installations. if you install, 1,000 watt panel - Installation Cost will be Rs. 10,000/- to 11,000/-, Installation cost gets reduced as your panel size goes up.

Why Solar Installation is Costly?

- Installation of Solar Solution needs Mounting of solar panel on the Roof, There will be structure made of anodised Aluminium which does not rust and last for decades.

- UV protected wires and cables are used which are lowest conductor resistance and high mechanical strength for varying weather conditions.

- Solar Certified engineer are required for Installation as Angle and Direction of Solar panel is very important. Any mistake here will directly impact Production of solar energy.

 # Advantage of buying from Luminous eShop, Still need help, Please call us at 9711 33 0102

 *  Back up time is Under Standard Test conditions, may vary depending upon load types, temperature and ageing. 

Solar Combo - 850VA Inverter / 150Ah Battery / 300 Watt Panel has a rating of 3.5 stars based on 2 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Hi team, I have a inverter and battery (old battery), and i want a buy a new battery in luminos, 150AH, so please suggest shall i purchase solar battery 150, for normal inverter, and also confirm anything more i need to buy, because my family member is more than 6 people, my electricity consumption very high for each time, around 6k, so kindly advice and suggest correct product

    We will advise you to buy Solar 150 Ah Tubular battery as it gives mroe backup compared to normal inverter battery + It comes with 5 years replacement warranty. secondly, If you already have inverter then Just buy solar Panel and Retrofit to save your electricity bill. if you wish to do more investment, then, you can buy 1.5 KVA Solar Combo to save 5-6 units of electricity everyday.

  • Will your technical experts install panel and inverters while ordering through online? I want combo offer 850 VA,150 ah,300watt

    Surely, We will get this installed for you if you order online from Luminous eShop. read more about Solar installation by clicking on link

  • Is there any EMI option available or first paying 20000 rupees and balance in installments?

    Yes Sir,

    You can do it.

    Please connect us on 9871000123 (amod).

    Will help you how to do it


  • I have one colour tv 53 Cm or one seling fan cfl 7Watt *2 or one coller can you guide me witch invorter is good for me My Self Rajesh Singh

    Solar 850 VA inverter is good to go for your appliances. 

  • I have three ceiling fans which time period l can run these

    If you buy the combo consisting of Solar 850 VA inverter, 150 Ah battery and 300 watts of solar panel. It will surely run 3 fans. In day time, the fan will run directly from solar power and in night, Inverter will use solar power to run the fans. you can expect to run fans for 6- 8 hours in night if battery is fully charged. 

  • Does this plug and play kind of installation or do I need a electrician to fit this for me?

    Solar Combo which includes Solar inverter, battery and panel requires a solar expert for installation. It is not plug and play first and secondly, most of the electricians are not aware about the installation. 1 KVA solar Combo installation might cost you Rs. 3,000- Rs. 4,000 in installation. 

  • I want to purchase a solar combo with 850VA Solar UPS with DC output, 150AH solar tubular battery with 240-250W Solar Panel (Poly crystalline) please let me if this is available and the pricing please.

    Solar Combo 850 VA inverter price is already mentioned on luminous eShop website. Since, All the proudct are visible on website when they are in stock. You can order online and your product will be delivered within 2-3 working days. 

  • i need to use 6 20watt LED bulbs, 4 40watt tubes, 5 75watt fans for atleast 3 hours..please suggest a combo pack with solar system.

    The power requirement for you is 680 Watts, We would recommend you to buy Solar Combo of 1.5 KVA.

  • Hi Luminous, I have 100 watt luminous panel for dc lighting. But now I want to run 40 watt led TV for 4-5 hours, Kindly suggest me, what I have to do for this?

    We need further details to understand your requirements, Please call at 9711 33 0102 between 9 am to 9 pm.

  • I have a normal inverter and battery. I want to go solar to reduce electricity costs plus uninterrupted power supply as here we have long power cuts but get more than enough sunlight. Now what is the best solution? To change my current inverter to a solar one using solar charge controller and panels or to buy a new solar combo? Also please clarify whether a hybrid inverter charges the battery at a same apeed or is it slow? Lastly,,, does using a solar inverter means that it will not use mains to run electrical appliances during enough sunlight?

    Since, you already have normal Inverter and battery, You just need to buy Solar Retrofit, Solar Retrofit converts normal inverter into Solar Hybrid inverter. The hybrid inverter utilizes maximum solar power and lesser electricity. That's how, you save on Electricity bills. Charging current of both normal inverter and Solar Inverter are same. If sufficient sun light is available, the inverter will not use Electricity to charge the battery. 

  • I have no power supply in my chicken shop.need backup for around 4 hours for two led bulbs(20 w x 2) a fan, and a television.Also need to work tv and fan at daytime directly from panel.What would be the least cost for this.

    You need electricity in an area where there is no power. you should buy Solar 850 Combo which comes with 850VA solar inverter, 5 years warranty battery and 300 watts solar panel. This combo is the best solution for your home. 

  • can a state electricity board , electricity be used on a cloudy or rainy day.? can charing be optional between solar or electricity?

    Solar Combo which consists of Inverter, Battery and solar panel is a hybrid system. In case, there is non shiny days, you can connect the solar inverter with Electrical Mains. if Solar is not available, it will charge the battery from electrical Mains. As a consumer, you can not make Charging optional between Solar and Electricity, The inverter is designed to use maximum solar power and less electricity. 

  • dose this combo include charge controller and all other acessories

    Solar Combo includes Charge controller and it is inbuilt in the inverter. We do not offer any other accessories with this combo, Accessories are sold seperately and it is chargeble. 

  • I have three fans one television and8cfl bulbs,what type of pack suits me

    If you are looking for solar solution, 850 VA combo which consist of 850 VA inverter, 150 AH -5 years warranty battery and 300 watt solar panel is a good solution. if you wish to buy normal inverter battery, Go for Zelio 1100 +ILTT 18048 Combo

  • We have no electric connection and we want to run 4 fans 4 tube lights, led of 9 watts, one TV and 1/2 HP water motor

    We would recommend you to buy Solar NXG 1500 Inverter combo with Battery and Panels. Solar 850 VA inverter is not capable of running 4 fans, 4 tube lights, along with TV and 1/2 HP water Motor.   

  • Does the Solar Combo - 850VA Inverter / 150Ah Battery / 300 Watt Panel charges even in low lights/ Non shiny days If so Can I connect it to Electrical Mains to charge it?

    Solar Combo which consists of Inverter, Battery and solar panel is a hybrid system. In case, there is non shiny days, you can connect the solar inverter with Electrical Mains. if Solar is not available, it will charge the battery from electrical Mains. 

  • I can replace the Inverter - 800VA with a 1.5KVA in the combo ? If so can you quote me the price.

    Inverter requires external battery to start, 800 VA inverter needs single (12V) battery. Inverters > 1 KVA usually requires 2 batteries (24V), if you are willing to upgrade your existing 800 VA inverter into 1.5 KVA, it can be surely done but you should have two batteries for connection. 

  • As you said if battery would be full charged then three fan will run 7 to 8 hours.why should not full charged by solar panels and in which conditions battery will not charged full

    Yes our team told your if the battery is full charged you will get the backup of upto 8 hrs. In some situtation like there is no eletricity and sunlight then the battery will not charge.

  • Emi available yes or no

    EMI is available through Credit Card, if you have valid credit card, use EMI option at the time of making payment. 

  • can i connect this to raw power for winter n rainy season

    Yes, You can connect Grid/Mains with the Inverter. It is a hybrid Inverter which can be connected with both Grid and Solar.

  • Do we run AC and cooler with this solar panel ???

    The inverter can not run Air conditioner but it can run Water cooler.

  • Whether Charge controller is required with these combo products? or this is enough to make a solar project??

    If you are buying Luminous Solar Inverter then Charge controller is not required. Luminous Solar Combo is enough to make a solar project.

  • I want solar combo inverter .my family is home ground floar and first floar.and power use two telivisions and celing fan .sorry i m not ferfectly speak english

    You can go for this combo, Luminous Solar 850 VA inverter with 150 Ah - 5 years waranty solar battery, and 300 Watts of panel. It can run two television and ceiling fans. 

  • If I purchased it how can I install it ?willl luminous team will help me?If so ,how can I contact them for installation?

    Luminous eShop will get installation done if you buy online. The Installation cost will be around Rs. 3,000/- inclusive of everything for installating 300 watt solar panel system. The installation charge needst to be paid at the time of installation in Cash. 

  • Can i add another extra battery in 850 va solar inverter

    Solar 850 VA inverter works with single battery. It is not recommended to add another battery. If you need an inverter that supports 2 number of batteries, Please buy Solar NXG 1500 VA inverter model

  • Hi i am looking for solar UPS for running 3 fans 1 led tv a laptop and gyser Kindly suggest me a product

    If possible, Please exclude the Gyser from your wishlist as it consumes more than 2,000 watts of power. For Running, 3 fans, 1 led tv and Laptop, Solar Combo of 850 VA inverter, 150 Ah battery and 300 watts of solar panel is self sufficient for you.