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Luminous Zelio 1700 Sine Wave Home UPS

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in Home UPS

Warranty 24 Month

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Product Details

Luminous Zelio 1700 , Home UPS is newly launched Inverter from Luminous. It is India's most intelligent Home UPS with features such as Power back up time display in Hours & Minutes, Hassle Free water level maintenance, MCB protection and is equipped with Bypass Switch which keeps Supplying output from Grid even in case of Inverter faults. 


Key Features

 Key Feature Power Backup display time in Hours & Minutes
Running Load 4 CFL, 4 Tube light, 4 Ceiling Fan, 2 Television, 1 air Cooler.
Color Black
Battery Support 120 Ah – 220 Ah
Battery System Double battery / 24V
Weight 15 Kg.


Technical Details

Wave Type

Pure Sine Wave

Rated Capacity

1500 VA

Output power 

1200 Watt

Input Voltage

110V - 290V

Output Voltage (Ups Mode)

180V – 230 V

Charging Current

17 Amps

Recommended Battery Ah

120 Ah – 220 Ah

Full Battery Recharge Time

10 - 12 Hours


Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity, & Input mains protection through MCB.


Shipping Details


15.0 Kg


37 *37 *21 cm (L*W*H)


  • Mains available - yes
  • Voltage regulation display – yes
  • Fault Indication- yes
  • Battery requires water top up- yes
  • Battery charging & discharging time – yes
  • Low Battery Indication – yes


# Buy 2 numbers of 150 Ah Inverter Battery with this purchase.

# Free Shipping and delivery within 4-5 days. 

Luminous Zelio 1700 Sine Wave Home UPS has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 15 reviews.

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Customer Questions & Answers

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  • I am purchased this ups and 120 ah 2 battery can use half hp water pump motor in this devise

    Zelio 1700 takes a power load upto 1200 Watt, A half HP water pump rated power is 375 Watt but it would have almost 3 times higher starting current. Starting current of water pump depends upon ageing of device, energy efficiency + Make. You can try running on Zelio 1700. it is meeting all theorital parameter. It should run.  

  • Can I connect 12V single battery for now and second battery in future if required or it is must to connect 2 batteries.

    It is not possible with Zelio 1700 inverter, if you want similar system then go for Rapid Charge inverter, you can connect 1 battery today, if required, you can connect another battery in future. 

  • whether it can be connected with solar

    If you want to connect Zelio 1700 with solar panel, then you need to buy Solar Retrofit solution. if you are buying inverter for using from Solar instead of Zelio 1700, Use Solar NXG 1500 Home UPS

  • Do you have a model that can connect 4 220 ah batteries? I was looking at the 2kva model but does not seem to be possible. Long backup power is required supporting the fridge and tv in a 3 bhk independent house. Do recommend which model to use.

    Luminous cruze 3.5 KVA inverter can support 4 Inverter batteries. you can connect 4 - 220 Ah battery for very long back up. Cruze 3.5 KVA can run everything such as 1 HP Water Motor or Refrigrator with your lighting load. 

  • Mere pass 12v ka battery hai,kya main zelio 1700 k sath isko laga sakta hu?

    Luminous Inverter model- Zelio 1700 requires 24 Volt batteries to connect, if you connect 2 numbers of 12 volt batteries, Zelio will run. 

  • What is the change over time of this product ?

    In all Luminous Inverters, the typical changeover time is 10-20 millon seconds. So once light goes off and inverter starts, it will take up to 20 million seconds in swithover, but dont worry, you would never come to know when inverter started + your home appliance such as Computer, Television, wi-fi router will not restart. 

  • I have 08 PC with 15 inch LCD monitor, 2 ceiling fan, 2 printers normal, is it can run all these without any problem. at present I have normal local ups but not pure sine wave so when power cut by automatic solar charger (09am-04pm) fan gives humming sound and fees to change it.

    Sine wave inverters are better in technology over square wave inverters, It does not create humming noise + it does not decrease longevity of appliances. the Load mentioned in your question is quite high. A inverter with 5.2 KVA power would be suitable for you.

  • I have 1samsung smart inverter refrigerator,5 cctv camera system,9ceiling fans,6tubes,10 led 7 vat bulbs ,1 PC So what luminous combo I prefer?

    Luminous Cruze 3.5 KVA / 48volt UPS is capable of running loads suggested by you. With the inverter, you have to buy 4 numbers of 150 Ah Tubular batteries

  • Is it possible to run my printer-900 watt with Zelio 1700 inverter? If yes then how long?

    Zelio 1700 is cabple of taking 1200 watts of Load. this means, A printer of 900 watts can be easily powered from Zelio 1700. For back up time, please refere battery back up time mentioned on battery product page. 

  • I need to connect to 5 fans, 5 led bulbs/tubes, 1 refregirator, 1 water purifier, 2 led TVs, 1 laptop. Which luminous inverter and battery combo do you suggest.

    We would recommend you to buy 2kva inverter with 2 numbers of  150 Ah tall tubular battery. Cruze 2 KVA  will successfully run it. for more product information, you can call to our call center number  at 9711 33 0102. 

  • Good day, I have purchased --Luminous Zelio 1700 VA-- inverter. As far as my knowledge goes. I should minimum buy 2 - 150AH batteries for this. But iam confused which batteries to buy. Though i was thinking of Exide and Amaron batteries, now planning to buy Luminous batteries itself. But iam confused which battery to pick from --- RC 18000, ILTT 18048 , LT550N, EC18036 , ILTT 24048. Other than the Warranty months, what are the difference between these models...i want the best model, bcz these are for my elderly parents purpose and i want to give them the best. i know, Luminous batteries are bit expensive but want to go with same brand. So suggest me the best featured battery.

    It is imporant for a customer to know about the product before buying it, That's a reason, we have written an aritcle for you on "which is the best battery to buy". Click on link Inverter battery buying option. We would recommend you to buy ILTT 18048 -150 AH, 48* months warranty battery. This is the best battery at present in 150 Ah rating. 

  • Does it have auto reset after overload

    Luminous Zelio model is india's best inverter and it comes with many features. In case of overload, the inverter gets reset. 

  • Sir, can i use 2 number of 180 mh batteries with luminour Zelio 1700 va inverter?

    2 number of 180 Ah batteries can be connected in series with Zelio 1700 Inverter.

  • Can it run a refrigerator?

    Zelio 1700 runs refrigrator upto 300 liters. A refrigrator consumes 250 watts of power. Zelio is an inverter which takes load upto 1200 watts.